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The X-Men are a group of mutants that were brought together by Charles Xavier. Their mission is to establish peace between mutants and normal humans. The X-Men often fight threats to the planet, most of them being evil mutants such as Magneto, Apocalypse, or Mister Sinister.




Charles Xavier went to Cairo, Egypt. While there a very young Ororo Munroe stole Xavier's wallet. Xavier saw Ororo and chased after her and was able to get his wallet back.

At that moment Xavier was mentally contacted by another telepathic mutant named the Shadow King. Shadow King told Xavier to go into the restaurant behind him which he did. Xavier learned that Shadow King was using Ororo to steal for him and voiced his disgust at what Shadow King was forcing children to do.


Xavier then took Shadow King into the astral plane and battled him to save Ororo and all the children of Cairo from him. Xavier ended up defeating the Shadow King and trapped him in the astral plane.

After meeting the Shadow King, Xavier realized that humanity had to be protected from evil mutants such as him. Because of this Xavier formed the X-Men to fight such threats. Xavier also started a special school to teach them how to use their powers wisely.

The original five

Xavier's first two students were Scott Summers and Jean Grey. A short while later Xavier also recruited Beast, Iceman, and Angel into the X-Men. These five mutants made up the X-Men's original roster. The X-Men were later joined by Polaris.

Later on Iceman, Angel, and Polaris left the X-Men. After this Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, and Morph joined the ranks of the X-Men.

First run in with Sentinels


When the Sentinels attacked a mall to capture Jubilee, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, and Cyclops just so happened to be there and managed to defeat the Sentinel. They then took Jubilee to the Xavier Mansion.


When Jubilee awoke she met the X-Men and Storm explained to her what mutants were and that the X-Men fight for equality between mutants and normal humans. However, Jubilee returned home and ended up being captured by a Sentinel anyway.

Professor X studied the Sentinel's head and learned that it was built by the Mutant Control Agency. Professor X also learned that the Mutant Control Agency had files on all registered mutants and they were using the files to hunt down mutants.

When the X-Men arrived at the Mutant Control Agency they were able to sneak inside. However, the X-Men were eventually discovered and had to fight off the guards. As the X-Men got to the file room they destroyed all files on mutants while Beast erased all mutant files from their computers.


The X-Men later fought the guards at the Mutant Control Agency and were able to escape the facility. However, the X-Men were followed by several Sentinels. One Sentinel nearly blasted Wolverine. However, Morph pushed Wolverine out of the the way and took the full force of the blast which killed him. Beast had also been captured by the M.C.A.'s security and subsequently placed under arrest.


The X-Men were later able to track down where Jubilee was being held. The X-Men fought through several Sentinels and then freed Jubilee. Jubilee then joined the X-Men.

Magneto & Sabretooth

When Magneto attempted to break Beast out of prison Professor X learned that his his old friend turned enemy had returned.

Sabretooth later attacked Beast's trial and was almost killed by the guards. However, Sabretooth was saved by Cyclops. Wolverine, however, refused to help Sabretooth and would have been glad to see him die. The X-Men then saved Sabretooth and took him to the infirmary at the Xavier Mansion.

A short while later Magneto attacked a U.S. missile base and the X-Men responded to the threat. Magneto used his powers to activate the missile launch countdown. Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine went to the missile base to stop Magneto and left Jubilee at the mansion to watch Sabretooth.


When Wolverine, Storm, and Cyclops arrived at the missile base Magneto believed they were there to join him, but soon learned that they were there to stop him. Magneto managed to subdue the three X-Men and was able to launch one of the missiles. However, Storm was able to use her powers to to create lightning and used the lightning to short circuit the missiles which caused them to crash into the ocean. During this time Magneto was able to escape.

Professor X then started telepathic therapy session with Sabretooth to try and sooth his savage nature.

Shortly after his attack on the missile base, Magneto attacked a chemical plant with the intent to draw Xavier to him. Xavier and the X-Men went to Metro Chemical and Xavier ordered Jubilee to stay behind to watch Sabretooth.


As Cyclops, Storm, and Rogue arrived at Metro Chemical they went inside and faced Magneto. Magneto managed to subdue the three X-Men and Professor X arrived himself to face Magneto.


Magneto attempted to get Xavier to join him but Xavier refused. Magneto then attempted to kill Xavier but before he could Xavier used his telepathic powers on Magneto and forced him to see his memories of his childhood while in a concentration camp during World War II. The pain of these memories was too much for Magneto to bear and he fled Metro Chemical.


Back at the mansion Sabretooth attacked Jubilee. Sabretooth revealed to her that he was actually working for Magneto and that Magneto had ordered him to take control of the mansion. Wolverine nearly killed Sabretooth but he was stopped by Professor X who had just arrived from Metro Chemical. Xavier berated Wolverine and told him not to take revenge. However, Jubilee revealed to Professor X that Wolverine saved him from being killed by Sabretooth and that Sabretooth was sent by Magneto. However, Sabretooth managed to escape.

Professor X then realized that he was wrong about Sabretooth and that he let his dream to peace between mutants and humans blind him.



Gambit heard from a friend about an island named Genosha which was an island resort that welcomed mutants. Cyclops believed Gambit was spreading a false rumor and berated him for it. When Professor X heard of this he decided to send Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee to Genosha to investigate.


When the three X-Men arrived at Genosha everything seemed fine and it looked as if mutants really were welcome there. However, their room at the resort was attacked by an army and a Sentinel. Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee were then taken prisoner.


Special collars were placed on all the mutant's necks. These collars negated their mutant powers. The mutants were informed by the guards that the collars would be turned off while they worked on the dam, but if they tried to escape the collars would be re-activated. The instant the collars were turned off Storm attacked the guards. However, her collar was quickly re-activated. Bolivar Trask, designer of the Sentinels, ordered one of his Sentinels to kill Storm. However, Gambit spoke up and said that with her power storm could create a rain storm that could fill the man made lake with water in minutes. After hearing this Trask decided to spare Storm and locked her away until she was needed.

Jubilee later came up with a plan to escape but none of the other mutant prisoners wanted to help her.

When Professor X was unable to contact Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee at the resort he sent Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Rogue to Genosha to investigate.


When the mutants got up the next morning to work Jubilee rushed the guard and grabbed his control for the collars. However, when Jubilee attempted to turn the collars off she realized that the control she grabbed was a fake. Jubilee was then captured by a Sentinel. Jubilee was then placed in a small cell called the Box next to Storm.

It was later revealed that Gambit was the one that betrayed Jubilee and the other mutants.


As Gambit was being taken back to his cell he was able to escape. The guards attempted to recapture Gambit. However, they were attacked by a mercenary named Cable. Cable revealed to Gambit that he was looking for a man known only as the Leader, who was the ruler of Genosha. Cable then gave Gambit a key to unlock the collar and he got it off his neck.

With his power restored Gambit went back to the dam construction site and freed Jubilee and Storm from the box.


Cable later attacked the dam and was able to shut down all the power to Master Mold so no more Sentinels could be created. Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee then attacked the Sentinels that were located around the dam. Jubilee was also able to get the control from one of the guards and used it to deactivate the collars around the mutants necks which allowed them to use their powers. All the mutants then attacked the guards and the Sentinels.

Storm then used her power to create a giant storm which destroyed the dam. All of the mutants were then able to escape Genosha. Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee then left Genosha.

First run in with Apocalypse

An ancient mutant known as Apocalypse had planned to destroy most of humanity on Earth. To accomplish this Apocalypse gathered four followers that he called the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Rogue was almost turned into one of these Horsemen. The Horsemen included Pestilence, Famine, War, and the former X-Men, Angel was turned into the Horseman known as Death.

Apocalypse and his Horsemen later attacked a peace conference in Paris, France.


The X-Men quickly learned about Apocalypse's attack on Paris. Professor X warned the X-Men that Apocalypse could not be reasoned with unlike other enemies they faced such as Magneto and the creators of the Sentinels. Xavier warned them that Apocalypse was a powerful mutant that had been driven insane by his own powers. The X-Men then left in the Blackbird for Paris.


While the X-Men went to Paris to fight Apocalypse, Professor X ordered Rogue to go to Muir Island to talk to Dr. Gottfried Adler because he remembered that Angle was one of his patients. Professor X told Rogue to find anything in Adler's laboratory they could use against Apocalypse.

Apocalypse then had his Horsemen attack various location around the planet, booth civilian and military.

Rogue went to visit Dr. Adler and learned that she was really Mystique. Mystique then told Rogue that Apocalypse had a secret base located beneath Stonehenge.

When the X-Men arrived in Paris they fought Apocalypse's Horsemen. The Horsemen retreated and the X-Men followed them so they could find Apocalypse.


Rogue then went to Stonehenge and confronted Apocalypse herself. However, the Horsemen arrived soon after with the X-Men right behind them. As the X-Men arrived at Stonehenge they attacked the Four Horsemen. Rogue used her absorbing powers on Archangel and this caused Apocalypse's brainwashing to be undone. Apocalypse realized he was defeated and was able to get away by using an air ship he had hidden beneath Stonehenge.

Days of Future Past

Because of Senator Robert Kelly's strong anti-mutant stance he was targeted for assassination by Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mystique shapeshifted into Gambit and assassinated him in that form. Even though Senator Kelly's death was the result of one mutant all mutants were blamed. After Senator Kelly's death a mutant control law was passed and the U.S. government built an army of Sentinels. The Sentinels then began to hunt down mutants all over the country. Some mutants attempted to fight back. However, the survivors were placed in detention camps where the mutants were killed. However, the Sentinels went out of control and began to target normal humans as well.

Sentinels ruled the future where they would either kill mutants on the spot or capture them and take them to detention camps to be killed.


Wolverine was the last surviving member of the X-Men in this timeline due to his healing factor. Wolverine helped fight against the Sentinels.

Wolverine ended up being captured by Bishop, one of the few mutants that worked for the Sentinels as a hunter. When Bishop delivered Wolverine to the Sentinels, the Sentinels turned against Bishop and tried to kill him.


As Wolverine walked through the detention camp he saw the gravestones of his fallen X-Men teammates.  Wolverine and Bishop were lead through the detention camp, Wolverine attacked the Sentinels. They were then attacked by a highly advanced future Sentinel called Nimrod. However, Wolverine and Bishop were able to get to safety.


Wolverine took Bishop to a safe house where he introduced him to a mutant named Forge. Bishop saw that Wolverine and Forge had a working time machine. Forge then explained that he believed that if Senator Kelly's assassination were to be stopped it could change the future for the better.

As Wolverine was about to go through the time machine he was stopped by Bishop. Bishop told Wolverine that he was too old and slow and that if he could last in a fight against him that was no way he could kill a member of the X-Men that was in their prime.

Bishop then went back in time before Senator Kelly's assassination. However, Bishop had amnesia and could not remember who his target was. However, after a while Bishop remembered that the assassin was one of the X-Men but still could not remember which one.


Bishop then went to the Xavier Mansion and attempted to kill all of the X-Men but he was captured. Professor X read Bishop's mind and learned of his mission to kill Gambit before he could kill Senator Kelly which will lead to the terrible future.

Storm fighting Nimrod

Nimrod followed Bishop to the past to stop him from carrying out his mission. Nimrod proved to be an extremely tough challenge for the X-Men and Bishop. However, Storm was able to drop the temperature and the cold air actually froze Nimrod. Bishop and Cyclops then fired at Nimrod and he fell apart.

Bishop holding Gambit at gunpoint

Back at the mansion Gambit entered the War Room. When Bishop saw Gambit he remembered he was the one he was sent to kill. Bishop attempted to kill Gambit but was stopped by the X-Men. Nobody trusted Gambit so he decided to leave for Washington D.C. to stop the real assassin himself. However, the X-Men agreed that it was too risky to let Gambit leave. Because of this Wolverine stayed at the mansion and watched Gambit and Bishop while the other X-Men went to Washington D.C. However, Gambit was able to escape and headed for Washington D.C. to stop the real assassin.


When the X-Men arrived in Washington they fought Mystique's Brotherhood of Mutants who were the ones that were really trying to assassinate Senator Kelly.

Mystique attempted to assassinate Senator Kelly while disguised as Gambit. The real Gambit was then able to get to Mystique before she could kill Senator Kelly and rescued him.

However, despite stopping Mystique, Magneto arrived shortly afterwards and abducted Senator Kelly.

Saving Senator Kelly from the Sentinels


When Professor X learned where Magneto was holding Senator Kelly, he sent the X-Men to rescue him. However, when the X-Men arrived they discovered that Kelly had already been rescued by the Sentinels and Magneto was near death. The X-Men then took Magneto to the infirmary at the X-Mansion.

At the Sentinels base Senator Kelly and the Sentinels creator, Bolivar Trask, learned that Master Mold had gained a mind of its own. Master Mold then ordered Trask to remove Kelly's brain and replace it with a computer. Master Mold also revealed that he had sent Sentinels all over the world to abduct other world leaders so he could do the same thing to them.

With the Sentinels back the X-Men knew they had to find the Sentinels first before the Sentinels found them.


The X-Men eventually discovered Master Mold's plan to replace Senator Kelly and other world leader's brains with computers. Desperate to stop the Sentinels, the X-Men got the location of the Sentinel base from a government agent named Henry Peter Gyrich.


When the X-Men arrived at the base, Master Mold sent and army of Sentinels to kill them. However, the X-Men were able to hold their own. While Storm and Rogue handled the Sentinels the other X-Men went inside the base to look for Senator Kelly.

Bolivar Trask realized he made a grave mistake and attempted to destroy Master Mold by causing an explosion. Cyclops and Jean then managed to get Senator Kelly to safety.


Master Mold actually survived the explosion and came to the surface to challenge the X-Men. However, Professor X flew the Blackbird toward Master Mold and ejected at is hit him. Professor X had filled the Blackbird with explosives so as it stuck Master Mold there was a giant explosion. Master Mold was then destroyed.

After being saved by the X-Men, Senator Kelly realized that not all mutants were bad and he started to fight for mutant rights. Senator Kelly even pardoned Beast and he was released from prison.

Sinister plans


An evil mutate known as Mister Sinister found Morph shortly after he was attacked by the Sentinels. Sinister revived Morph and twisted his mind to make him believe the X-Men abandoned him. Sinister then began to control Morph. He had Morph take the appearance of a priest and conduct Scott and Jean's wedding.

Sometime after the wedding Morph disguised himself as Magneto and contacted Professor X. Morph, as Magneto, pretended to be in danger and asked for Xavier's help. Morph then sent Professor X coordinates to his location.


Morph later broke into the Xavier Mansion and disguised himself as different X-Men to injure the X-Men. However, Wolverine was able to discover Morph was still alive when he was able to smell his scent. However, Morph was able to escape the X-Mansion.


While Jean and Scott were on their honeymoon that were attacked by a group of mutants working for Mister Sinister called the Nasty Boys. The Nasty Boys were able to get power negating collars, just like the ones Bolivar Trask used on Genosha, around Jean and Scott's necks.


The Nasty Boys then took Scott and Jean to Mister Sinister. Sinister revealed that he had been studying them for a long time and believed that with their DNA he could create a powerful mutant army that would be under his control.


Morph later went to the island and confronted Scott and Jean. Morph revealed that he was actually the priest that wed them and Scott and Jean learned that they weren't actually married. Morph also revealed to Scott that he blamed him for leaving him to die at the hands of the Sentinels. Morph almost killed Scott and Jean but he was stopped by Mister Sinister.


The X-Men were able to track Morph and ended up at Mister Sinister's lair. As the X-Men arrived they fought the Nasty Boys. After the X-Men defeated the Nasty Boys they fought Mister Sinister himself. However, Scott was able to convince Morph that he was still his friend and Morph attacked Mister Sinister. However, Sinister was too powerful for Morph to defeat. Scott was able to free himself from his shackles and fired his optic blast at Sinister. The optic blast severely injured Sinister and he ran off.

Legacy Virus

In the year 3999 A.D., Apocalypse ruled Earth. However, he was opposed by Cable and his Clan Chosen. During one of Clan Chosen's battles with Apocalypse a temporal storm started. Cable thought that Apocalypse was responsible. However, Cable learned from his A.I. computer that the temporal storm was actually caused by something in the past being changed and the future was changing to match events in the new timeline.

This new timeline also affected Bishop's future in the year 2055 A.D. The timeline was changed so that the Sentinels no longer ruled Earth. However, a new timeline was created where a virus was released and several humans and mutants were killed. Bishop learned that when the virus was first released mutants were blamed but they were innocent. Bishop then traveled to the past to stop the plague from being released.


In the present, Bishop fought off a mob that was trying to harm mutants that were believed to be carrying the plague. However, the X-Men arrived and was able to put an end to the violence. Bishop then explained to the X-Men that in his future mutants and humans were killed because of the virus. Bishop continued to tell the X-Men that all mutants were blamed for spreading the virus, however, the virus was really created in a laboratory as a plot against mutants.


Bishop and the X-Men eventually learned that the virus was created by Graydon Creed, leader of the Friends of Humanity, as a way to get the public to turn against mutants. The X-Men and Bishop then attacked the factory where the virus was manufactured. During this attack the X-Men discovered that Apocalypse was the true mastermind behind the creation of the virus. The X-Men managed to destroy the factory and in the process also destroyed the virus.

Despite the X-Men's apparent success the year 3999 A.D. was still in danger. Because the virus never infected mutants, millions of lives were spared. However, because the virus was never released, anti-bodies that were key to the stabilization of the mutant x-gene were never created. Over time uncontrolled mutations developed and the virus Apocalypse created began to naturally occur in mutants. This nearly wiped out all mutants on Earth. Cable then realized that to save his time he would have to help Apocalypse destroy a past one.


Cable then traveled to the past to stop the X-Men and Bishop from destroying the virus. Cable attempted to kill Bishop. However, Bishop was saved by the X-Men. After their fight Cable realized that the X-Men weren't the wimps he thought they were so he went threw files he had on them to try and find a way he could beat them in the event they got in his way. When Cable learned that Wolverine had an amazing healing power he figured that if Wolverine were exposed to the virus his healing factor would create the anti-bodies needed to cure the virus and in the process save both his and Bishop's timeline from the plague.

Wolverine's healing factor fighting off Apocalypse's virus and creating anti-bodies

Cable then time traveled to the time when the X-Men and Bishop fought Apocalypse at the Friends of Humanity headquarters. Cable made sure that Wolverine was exposed to the virus. When Wolverine was exposed to the virus his healing factor created the anti-bodies necessary to create the cure just as Cable had figured. This event saved both Bishop and Cable's times.

Savage Land


While Morph was still under Mister Sinister's control Sinister had Morph disguise himself as Magneto and send Professor X a fake distress message leading him to the Savage Land in Antarctica. The Savage Land was a tropical island where dinosaurs still lived as well as primitive mutates. When Professor X arrived at the Savage Land he met up with Magneto. when Xavier saw that Magneto was fine and vice versa they began to suspect that someone had lured them to the Savage Land. Professor X and Magneto also discovered that for some reason their mutant powers were not working. Xavier also discovered that for some reason he could now walk.


For the next several weeks Professor X and Magneto spent their time trying to survive in the Savage Land without their powers. They had to fight off the mutates living on the island and the dinosaurs.


Eventually Mister Sinister revealed himself and attacked the X-Men with the Nasty Boys. After a brief fight the Nasty Boys were able to capture Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey. Sinister was also helped by Morph who was still under Sinister's control. Wolverine and Cyclops were able to escape. However, Mister Sinister still had Jean hostage and returned to the Savage Land with her.


Mister Sinister also managed to capture Professor X and Magneto. Mister Sinister then had Sauron use his mind control powers to make Professor X use his telepathic powers to contact the X-Men and have them come to the Savage Land. The X-Men then got into the Blackbird and flew to Antarctica. However, the X-Men suspected that they were walking into a trap because of Professor Xavier's lack of emotions when he contacted them. They believed that Xavier's lack of emotions was due to someone controlling his mind.


Mister Sinister later locked Professor X, Jean Gery, and Magneto in a cell and revealed to them that he was planning on using their DNA to create an army of super mutants.


When the X-Men finally arrived at the Savage Land they learned that their powers were not working. The X-Men were then attacked by the Nasty Boys and the Savage Land mutates. While the other X-Men were captured Wolverine managed to escape. Wolverine later met a Savage Land native named Ka-Zar and joined forces with him to defeat Mister Sinister.


Wolverine and Ka-Zar were able to rescue the X-Men and Magneto and in the process destroyed the machine that was negating their mutant powers. With their powers returned the X-Men, Magneto, and Morph, who was able to break free from Sinister's control, attacked the Nasty Boys. Cyclops then fired his optic blast at Mister Sinister which shattered his body into several tiny pieces. With Mister Sinister defeated the X-Men returned home.

M'Kraan Crystal


One night Professor X had a dream about a battle being fought deep in space. In this dream a woman asked Professor X for his help. Professor X then summoned the X-Men to the War Room. Professor X then told the X-Men to sneak aboard the space shuttle, Starcore and go to the Eagle 1 space station. Professor X told the X-Men that if they did not do this the crew of the space shuttle would die.


After the X-Men got into the base they subdued the shuttle crew and put on their space suits. Jean Grey also used her telepathic powers to make it appear to the shuttle's captain, Peter Corbeau, that they were his crew.


After the shuttle launched into space, with the X-Men on board, they arrived at the Eagle 1 space station. However, as soon as they arrived knockout gas flooded the ship and they passed out. The X-Men were then captured by an alien named Erik the Red.


Erik the Red later revealed that he planned to use a laser gun that was on the space station to destroy the space craft of Lilandra, an enemy to the Shi'ar empire, his home world. However, the X-Men managed to escape and were able to stop Erik the Red from destroying Lilandra's space ship.


The X-Men and Peter Corbeau then got into a space ship and escaped the space station before it was destroyed. However, Dr. Corbeau saw that they were headed into a radiation trail. To protect themselves from the radiation Jean Grey used her telepathy to absorb Dr. Corbeau's flight training and the X-Men entered a room that was radiation proof. Jean then flew the shuttle straight through the radiation trail. Jean was then able to fly the shuttle back to Earth and crashed in a river in New York City. As the X-Men got out of the shuttle they witnessed Jean Grey fly out of the river and into the sky and say "I am Phoenix!". However, Jean fainted and fell back into the water. Jean was then taken to a hospital.


Erik the Red later probed Xavier's mind and unleashed his dark side which attacked the X-Men. When Xavier regained control he realized he was a danger to the X-Men and went to a research center on Muir Island, Scotland which was run by his old friend, Dr. Moira MacTaggert.


While at the Muir Island Research Center, Xavier was visited by an alien named Lilandra. Lilandra revealed that she was responsible for the nightmares he was having. Lilandra revealed that she was giving him those telepathic nightmares as a warning. Lilandra told Xavier that she was the princess of an alien race known as the Shi'ar. Her brother, D'Ken, the Shi'ar emperor was looking for an object known as the M'Kraan Crystal to use as a weapon. Lilandra continued to explain that if D'Ken were to get the M'Kraan Crystal it could destroy both of their universes.


Shortly after Lilandra arrived both her an Xavier were attacked by the Juggernaut. However, Lilandra was able to use her laser gun to shoot Juggernaut's helmet off of his head. Xavier was then able to use his telepathic powers to attack Juggernaut's mind. However, Juggernaut's partner, Black Tom, sneaked up behind Xavier and shot him with a stun ray. Juggernaut then threw Xavier out of the window and over a cliff. However, before Xavier could hit the ground he was rescued by Banshee, Moira's boyfriend. Juggernaut was then able to escape with Lilandra.


Professor X later contacted the X-Men and told them to come to Muir Island to rescue Lilandra. When the X-Men arrived in Scotland they were able to track Lilandra to Cassidy Keep, the family home of Banshee and his brother, Black Tom. When the X-Men arrived they fought Juggernaut, Black Tom, and Erik the Red. However, a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard named Gladiator arrived and scolded Erik the Red for his failure at obtaining the M'Kraan Crystal. Back in New York City, the Phoenix Force sensed that Lilandra was in danger and took control of Jean's body and instantaneously traveled to Cassidy Keep and was easily able to defeat Gladiator.


Phoenix then used her powers to transport herself, the X-Men, and Lilandra to Lilandra's star ship that was orbiting Earth which was where the M'Kraan Crystal was. However, the ship was boarded by a group of space pirates called the Starjammers who intended to steal the M'Kraan Crystal. The Starjammers were able to defeat the X-Men by using a stun ray on then. The Starjammers then escaped with the M'Kraan Crystal and Cyclops as their hostage.


While on the Starjammer's ship the Starjammer's captain, Corsair, revealed to Cyclops that he was planning to meet D'Ken to exchange the M'Kraan Crystal for half the Shi'ar Royal Treasury. Cyclops told Corsair that if D'Ken got his hands of the M'Kraan Crystal the entire galaxy would be in danger. However, Corsair told Cyclops that during the exchange he would use his optic blast to kill D'Ken. At first Cyclops refused to take a life but realized that the only way to keep the galaxy safe was to kill D'Ken.


At the exchange Cyclops and Corsair gave D'Ken the M'Kraan Crystal. As Cyclops was preparing to kill D'Ken, Phoenix and the X-Men arrived. The X-Men and Lilandra then fought the Imperial Guard. However, they were too late. D'Ken was able to unleash the power of the M'Kraan Crystal which threatened to pull the entire galaxy into it and destroy it in the process.


D'Ken then went inside the M'Kraan Crystal where he intended to create his own universe. In the process the X-Men, Lilandra, the Imperial Guard, and the Starjammers were also sucked into the M'Kraan Crystal. D'Ken was now given the power of the M'Kraan Crystal which made him extremely powerful. However, Phoenix entered the M'Kraan Crystal and rescued everyone before they could be killed by D'Ken


Phoenix then used her powers to contain the power of the M'Krann Crystal and in the process trapped D'Ken inside. Phoenix then took the M'Krann Crystal into the heart of the sun so no one would every be able to use its power again.

Dark Phoenix


Jean, still bonded to the Phoenix Force, later returned to Earth and her presence was detected by the computers in the Xavier Mansion. Professor X then took Jean to Muir Island so that he and Dr. Moira MacTaggert could try and find a way to separate the Phoenix from Jean. After running several tests Dr. MacTaggert said there was nothing she could do for Jean.

Around this time a group of elite, high society mutants called the Inner Circle learned of Jean Grey and her Phoenix Force powers and began planning a way for them to control her.


Professor X then read Jean's mind and learned that through Jean's body the Phoenix was experiencing new feelings and sensations that it had not known in its energy form. Professor X then began to suspect that was why the Phoenix had not left Jean's body.

Jean and Jason Wyngarde in an illusion created by Wyngarde

Emma Frost, a member of the Inner Circle Club, later used her telepathic powers to allow Jason Wyngarde, another member of the Inner Circle Club, to enter Jean's mind and use his mutant power to create illusions to fool Jean into thinking they were in love. However, Wyngarde's powers were not strong enough and was unable to control Jean. However, Wyngarde swore that he would keep trying. Jean later tracked Scott to a night club and saw him with another woman. However, Scott was only there to protect the woman from the Inner Circle. This made Jean jealous and she left with Wyngarde.


The X-Men were later able to track Jean to the Inner Circle Club. The X-Men then entered the Circle Club and fought the Inner Circle. However, the X-Men were shocked to learn that Jean, still possessed by the Phoenix, was helping the Inner Circle Club. The Inner Circle then captured the X-Men, except for Wolverine, and placed negator collars around their necks which suppressed their mutant powers.


Cyclops later attempted to use his psychic link with Jean to mentally communicate with her. However, Emma Frost caught Cyclops and used her power to send Wyngarde into Jean's mind. While in Jean's mind Wyngarde and Cyclops has a sword fight. However, Wyngarde won their fight.

Wyngarde then ordered Jean to kill the X-Men and Sebastian Shaw. However, the Phoenix regained control of her mind and flew out of the Circle club. the X-Men then got free and were able to defeat the Inner Circle.


Wyngarde followed Jean to the roof of the Circle Club. Wyngarde once again tried to use his illusion casting power to try and fool Jean. However, the Phoenix was able to see through wyngarde's tricks and attacked him. Phoenix then used Jean's telepathic powers to attack Wyngarde's mind putting him in a comatose state. The Phoenix then dubbed itself the Dark Phoenix.

The Dark Phoenix then attacked the X-Men. Dark Phoenix was easily able to defeat the X-Men and then she flew into space. Dark Phoenix traveled thousands of light years to another galaxy and flew into the heart of a sun and absorbed the suns energy. A Shi'ar ship was nearby and witnessed the whole thing. The nearby planet was not inhabited. However, the Shi'ar knew that if the planet had been inhabited all life on the planet would have ended with the suns disappearance. The Shi'ar then attacked the Dark Phoenix. However, the Dark Phoenix was easily able to damage their ship. The Shi'ar then contacted Lilandra and told her of what the Dark Phoenix had done.

Dark Phoenix then returned to Earth. During this time the X-Men began to search for a way to defeat Dark Phoenix without harming Jean. Beast then developed a headset capable of scrambling brainwaves so that the Dark Phoenix could not form coherent thoughts and would cause the Phoenix Force to separate from Jean.


Jean eventually went to her parents home. However, the X-Men were there waiting for her. The X-Men were able to get the headset onto Jean. However, Jean was too powerful and was able to overload the headset. Wolverine then attacked. Jean begged Wolverine to kill her to stop the Dark Phoenix. However, Wolverine couldn't bring himself to do it. Dark Phoenix nearly succeeded in killing the X-Men. However, Professor X arrived and fought Dark Phoenix inside Jean's mind. There Professor X was able to trap the Dark Phoenix.


Shortly after Professor X trapped the Dark Phoenix, Lilandra arrived on Earth and told the X-Men that the Shi'ar had sentenced Jean Grey and the Phoenix to death to keep her from killing any planet inhabited with intelligent life. However, as the Imperial Guard were about to take Jean with them Xavier read Lilandra's mind and learned of a Shi'ar custom where they could fight for Jean's freedom.


The X-Men and the Imperial Guard were then teleported to a place on Earth's moon known as the Blur Area of the Moon which had breathable oxygen in it. There the X-Men and the Imperial Guard fought.


During the battle Cyclops was injured. This made Jean angry and her anger forced the Phoenix out of the prison in her mind once again turning Jean into the Dark Phoenix. Professor X then realized that Lilandra was right and telepathically communicated with Cyclops and ordered him to kill Jean and the Phoenix. However, Cyclops could not kill the woman he loved.


Jean then used her telekinesis to take control of Lilandra's ship and used its weapon system to fire on herself. At first the X-Men and Lilandra believed that Jean and the Phoenix had perished. However, the Phoenix Force, now separated from Jean, appeared before them. The Phoenix Force told the X-Men that it had lost its way but now wanted to make things right. Jean Grey at this point had actually died from their battle. However, the Phoenix Force told the X-Men that it could take a small portion of each of their life forces and put it into Jean. The Phoenix Force did this and Jean was resurrected. The Phoenix Force then vanished in a blinding flash of light and the X-Men found themselves teleported back to the mansion.



When Spider-Man learned that he was mutating into something that wouldn't be human he sought the help of Professor X in hopes that he could cure him. As Spider-Man arrives at the Xavier Mansion he was confronted by the X-Men who captured him because he was trespassing. However, Spider-Man was able to get away from the X-Men and ran into the Danger Room. Gambit had accidentally left the Danger Room on and it was running the Deadly Sentinels program. Spider-Man was able to fight some of them off but not all of them. The X-Men were then able to enter the Danger Room and help Spider-Man fight the Sentinels. At that moment Jean Grey ran to the control room and turned the Danger Room off. Professor X then began to talk to Spider-Man. Spider-Man told Xavier of his furthering mutation and asked if he could cure him. However, Professor X answered that his work was not to cure mutants but to help them accept who and what they are. Angered by this Spider-Man left and he was followed by Beast. Beast told Spider-Man that the Brand Corporation was working on a cure for his type of mutation. After Spider-Man leaves Beast is captured by men working for Herbert Landon.


As Beast awoke he discovered that Herbert Landon was planning on using a chemical to kill all mutants on Earth. As soon as Wolverine discovered that Beast was missing he found the scent of Spider-Man and believed that he was responsible for Beast's disappearance. Wolverine was later able to track Spider-Man to the Brand Corporation and they began to fight and Wolverine questioned Spider-Man about Beast. At that moment Hobgoblin (who was blackmailing Landon) threw a pumpkin bomb at them. However, both Spider-Man and Wolverine survived the explosion. Spider-Man and Wolverine then went into the Brand Corporation and found Beast and saved him. However, Herbert Landon accidentally fell into a vat of chemicals that turned him into a giant mutant monster. As soon as the other X-Men learned of this they met up with Spider-Man, Beast, and Wolverine and devised a plan to defeat Landon. By working together Spider-Man and the X-Men were able to drain Landon of his energy and turn him back into a human.

Asteroid M

Magneto ended up growing weary of the constant battle between mutants and humans. Because of this Magneto abducted several scientists, that were also mutants, and had them construct a space station located on an asteroid. Magneto called this space station, Asteroid M. Magneto then entered the United Nations and told them of his plan to use Asteroid M as a safe haven away from Earth for any mutant that was tired of the constant struggle between humans and mutants.


The X-Men were curious about Magneto's intentions and went with him. Profess X tried to explain that separating mutants from normal humans wouldn't solve their problems. However, Magneto did not listen to Xavier.

Magneto later freed the slave mutants of Genosha and took all the mutants, including Professor X, Beast, and Gambit, to Asteroid M.


While on Asteroid M the U.S. government launched several missiles at the base but Magneto was able to destroy them. Magneto later learned that the U.S. was only defending itself because Fabian Cortez, one of Magneto's followers, had launched missiles at the U.S. first. Magneto then attacked Cortez for endangering the lives of everyone on Asteroid M. However, Cortez was able to drain Magneto of his power and sent him into space. Cortez then blamed the X-Men for killing Magneto in front of the citizens of Asteroid M. As the mutants tried to capture the X-Men, Gambit fought them off which gave Beast and Professor X enough time to escape in a space shuttle and they flew back to Earth.


Rogue, Wolverine, Beast, and Professor X later returned to Asteroid M to save Gambit and to stop Cortez. Beast was able to sneak into the launch bay of Asteroid M and began to disarm all 250 nuclear missiles. While Beast did that Wolverine and Rogue found Cortez and fought him and his Acolytes. However, the X-Men were captured.


Sometime later Cortez was about to execute Wolverine and Rogue in front of the residents of Asteroid M. However, before Cortez could do this Amelia Voght, and old girlfriend of Xavier's, found security footage of Cortez murdering Magneto and showed it to everyone on Asteroid M. This caused the Acolytes and everyone on Asteroid M to turn against Fabian Cortez.


Cortez managed to get away and went to the missile control room. There he discovered that Beast was able to disarm 16% of the missiles. Cortez then launched the remaining nuclear missiles at Earth. The X-Men were able to destroy some of the missiles with the Blackbird's lasers. However, there were too many missile for them to take out. At that moment Magneto arrived and used his magnetic powers to destroy the remaining missiles. Asteroid M then crashed into one of Earth's oceans.

Kidnapped psychics

In the year 3999 A.D. in Cairo, Egypt, Cable and his Clan Chosen attacked Apocalypse's pyramid in an effort to kill him and put an end to his evil once and for all. However, while in the pyramid, Cable got separated from the Clan Chosen and came face to face with Apocalypse. Apocalypse was able to subdue Cable and stole his time machine. As they fought Cable told Apocalypse that even if he died others would stand against him. What Cable said made Apocalypse think he might be right, for in all his thousands of years of life Apocalypse still had not accomplished his goal of world domination. Apocalypse then used Cable's time machine to escape. Apocalypse then used the time machine to find a place called the Axis of Time, which was a place located outside of the space time continuum where all points of time intersect. Bishop also got stuck in the Axis of Time while trying to time travel from 1955 to 2055 A.D.


In the present, Jean and Scott were having their wedding at the Xavier Mansion with all the X-Men and their friends attending. Shortly after the wedding the X-Men were attacked by the Nasty Boys who kidnapped Jean and Cyclops. The Nasty Boys then opened a portal to the Axis of Time and sent Jean through it. The Nasty Boys then went through the portal themselves.


Shortly after Jean's abduction, Mister Sinister entered the X-Mansion and tried to kidnap Professor X. Sinister nearly got away with Xavier. However, Shard, Bishop's sister, traveled back in time and was able to prevent Mister Sinister from taking Xavier, with the help of the X-Men. Sinister was then able to escape through a time portal, but Rogue was able to grab Professor X before he went through.


Apocalypse later abducted a telepath called Oracle from the Shi'ar Empire. Lilandra then sent Professor X a telepathic message and informed him of what had happened. That was when Professor X realized that Apocalypse and Mister Sinister were specifically targeting telepaths and psychics. Cyclops then came up with the idea to use Cerebro to find other telepaths so the X-Men would be ready the next time Apocalypse of Mister Sinister struck.

Back in the year 3999 A.D. Cable was able to steal a time machine from the U.S. government and planned on using it to go back in time to when Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber was first built so he couldn't use it to regenerate himself and keep himself alive for thousands of years. However, Apocalypse knew of Cable's plan and caused the time machine to take Cable to the X-Men's time.


Cable then explained to the X-Men that he was planning on going back in time to when Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber was first built and destroy it. The X-Men and Archangel joined Cable on his journey. When they arrived in ancient Egypt (1200 B.C.) they found Apocalypse's pyramid and were attacked by his four horsemen. While Archangel, Cyclops, Storm, and Gambit fought the Horsemen, Professor X, Wolverine, Beast, and Cable entered the pyramid to find the Lazarus Chamber. As they reached the Lazarus Chamber they realized that Apocalypse had set a trap for them. Mystique was posing as Apocalypse and signaled the real Apocalypse when the X-Men entered the chamber. Apocalypse then hit the X-Men with a flash of light and in the process teleported Professor X to the Axis of Time where he added him to his collection of captured psychics. However, Beast revealed to the others that Xavier was wearing a tracking device and they could use it to find him and the other captured psychics.

Apocalypse later explained his plan to Magneto. Apocalypse told Magneto that the destruction of all the psychics he had captured, within the Axis of Time, would release all their psychic energy and would stop time. In the process all existence would end which would allow Apocalypse to recreate the universe in his own image. In this new universe Apocalypse would rule unchallenged.

The X-Men then arrived at the Axis of Time. However, they were too late. Apocalypse had already started to drain all the psychic energy from the telepaths he had captured and everyone in the universe in the past, present, and future began to vanish because they were being wiped out of existence. However, Bishop, who was still stuck in the Axis of Time, began to shoot at the glass tubes Apocalypse had the psychics in and freed them. This stopped the flow of psychic energy and time began to revert back to normal.


Wolverine, Magneto, Cable, and Mystique then worked together to fight Apocalypse. However, the freed psychics, led by Charles Xavier, appeared and used their combined telepathic powers to fight Apocalypse. Everyone, along with Apocalypse, left the Axis of Time. Now back in the real world Apocalypse perished without his Lazarus Chamber to rejuvenate him.

Phalanx invasion


One day while at the mansion, Xavier received a distress message from Mister Sinister who was begging for his help. Sinister frantically told Xavier that his base was being attacked by a creature that consumes matter and has the power to disguise itself as anyone. However, Xavier himself was attacked by the creature. Beast was also attacked by one of these creatures which he learned was a living computer virus. Beast then witnessed as the creature captured all of the X-Men. However, Beast was able to escape the mansion before he could be captured himself.

Beast and Warlock

As Beast drove off in a jeep the creature followed after him. However, Beast met someone named Warlock who was similar in appearance to the creature that was following him. Beast and Warlock were able to get away. Warlock then explained to Beast that the creature that attacked him was a member of an alien race known as the Phalanx. Warlock was from the same planet but refused to merge with the Phalanx's hive mind because he did not wish to conquer other planets. Warlock fled his home planet but his space ship ended up crashing on Earth. Warlock then told Beast that the Phalanx followed him to Earth and if not stopped they would destroy the planet.

Beast later contacted President Kelly to tell him of the danger that the Phalanx posed. However, Beast and Warlock discovered that President Kelly was being controlled by the Phalanx. With the X-Men captured Beast turned to Forge for help.


Beast and Warlock later met with Forge and explained to him what was going on. Forge also brought Quicksilver with him. However, the Phalanx was able to track down Beast and Warlock and attacked them along with Forge and Quicksilver. As they ran off the Phalanx managed to capture Quicksilver. However, Mister Sinister arrived and helped Beast, Warlock, and Forge escape.

Beast later ran some tests and discovered that if the Phalanx was not defeated within four days it would assimilate 76% of the world's population in three days.


Beast, Warlock, Forge, and Mister Sinister then went to Muir Island to use the mutant research laboratory there to try and find a way to stop the Phalanx. Beast and Forge used the laboratory to created a virus to destroy the Phalanx. However, the Phalanx was able to track the four of them to Muir Island. Mister Sinister told Forge to use the virus on the Phalanx creature that was attacking them. However, Forge replied that they had a small amount of the virus and had to use it on the Phalanx's brain that linked to all members of the Phalanx race. Beast, Warlock, Forge, Mister Sinister, and Amelia Voght were able to escape on a plane.


Amelia had Sinister pilot the plane to the Arctic Circle. In the arctic the Beast and the others make their way to a fortress belonging to Magneto and ask him for help in stopping the Phalanx. Magneto agreed to help them. Magneto managed to get a sample of the Phalanx so Beast could test his virus on it. During this time they learned that Cameron Hodge, former ambassador of Genosha, had been assimilated by the Phalanx and was working for them. Magneto then exposed Hodge to the virus and it worked in destroying him. However, this was not the real Cameron Hodge but a copy created by the Phalanx. Knowing that the cure worked Beast decided they had to expose the virus to the Phalanx core which was located at the Empire State Building.


When they arrived at the Empire State Building, Forge, Amelia, and Mister Sinister freed the captured mutants while Beast, Forge, and Warlock made their way to the Phalanx core to implant the virus. They were successful in exposing the Phalanx core to the virus which was able to destroy the Phalanx and returned all assimilated humans to normal. With the Phalanx defeated Professor X told his X-Men and Magneto that he was glad to see them working together. However, Magneto told Professor X that he only helped Beast because the planet was in danger and he was trying to save himself. However, Professor X told Magneto that even if he had given up hope for himself that there are reasons to work for a better future. Quicksilver then walked up to Magneto and hugged him.

Everyone's favorite version of the X-Men from the '90s is back!

The information in the following section or sections was not present in X-Men: The Animated Series. However, it was part of the canonical comic book series X-Men '92.

Westchester Wars


Magneto was eventually successful in starting a war between humans and mutants. This war became known as the Westchester Wars.

The X-Men sided with the human army and helped them fight Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. Cyclops ended up being promoted to the rank of captain in the human army.

The U.S. government created new Sentinels to fight against Magneto and his army.

During the Westchester Wars, Magneto constructed a new Asteroid M and used it as his base.

During the Westchester Wars, Magneto once again allied himself with Fabian Cortez so that Cortez could increase Magneto's powers. However, Cortez once again betrayed Magneto and planned to take his place as leader of the mutant army. However, Cortez was apparently stopped.

The Westcheater Wars lasted for five years. The Westchester Wars ended with the death of Magneto. With the Westchester Wars over the public began to see the X-Men as heros instead of freaks.

Sometime after the Westchester Wars ended, Asteroid M crashed into Earth and was turned into a museum that datailed the history of the Westchester Wars and the X-Men's battle against Magneto.

Shortly after the Westchester Wars ended Baron Kelly started the Bureau of Super-Powers with Casandra Nova as its director.

Clear Mountain Institute


Six months after the Westchester Wars ended the Bureau of Super-Powers established the Clear Mountain Institute which was a safe haven for mutants that wanted to find a new path in life. When the X-Men learned of the Clear Mountain Institute they told Professor X. However, Professor X was concerned knowing that similar programs in the past, such as the Mutant Control Agency or the Genosha resort which welcomed mutants, was actually a cover to hunt down mutants or to turn them into slaves. Because of this Professor X sent the X-Men to investigate the Clear Mountain Institute.


When the X-Men later arrived at the Clear Mountain Institute they were greeted by the institute's director, Cassandra Nova. Cassandra Nova gave the X-Men a tour of the facility. Not only was Clear Mountain a safe have for mutants, Cassandra Nova also rehabilitated "evil mutants" so they could become productive members of society.


After several hours gone by without hearing from the X-Men, Professor X became worried and decided to use Cerebro to find out what was going on. As Professor X used Cerebro he discovered that Cassandra Nova was controlling the astral plane. Cassandra Nova then attacked Professor X. Cassandra Nova then revealed to Professor X that she was actually the Shadow King who had possessed the body of a female clone of Charles Xavier that had been created by Apocalypse. Shadow King then attacked Professor X's mind and put him in a comatose state. However, before this happened, Xavier was able to send a telepathic distress signal to Cable. Cable and his team, X-Force, then headed for the X-Mansion.


Cassandra Nova then went back to the X-Men and told them about a device called the Mind Field which she said could cure the X-Men and any mutant of anti-social behavior. The X-Men then agreed to enter the Mind Field. The X-Men, except for Jubilee, sat in these chairs with big domes covering their heads. However, the X-Men were unwillingly strapped to the chairs and realized that Cassandra Nova had set a trap for them. Cassandra Nova used the Mind Field to brainwash the X-Men. During this time Storm learned that Cassandra Nova was really the Shadow King.


Meanwhile, Jubilee and Beast discovered a group of mutants called the Rej-X that were being held prisoner by Cassandra Nova. Jubilee and Beast learned that Cassandra Nova was forcing the Rej-X to strip destroyed Sentinels for parts for a project called X-Sentinel.


At that moment X-Force arrived at the X-Mansion to discover Professor X dead. However, Psylocke read Xavier's mind to learn that he wasn't dead, just in a comatose state due to a psychic attack. Cable sensed psychic energy in the room and was able to deduce that Apocalypse was somehow involved. Upon looking at a computer, X-Force discovered that the X-Men were at the Clear Mountain Institute. While Cable, Archangel, Bishop, Deadpool, and Domino teleported to the Clear Mountain Institute, Psylocke stayed behind to try and use her telepathic powers to pull Xavier out of his coma.


Hours later when X-Force arrived at the Clear Mountain Institute they attacked the mutants there. Meanwhile, Psylocke was successful in bringing Xavier out of his coma. Xavier then told Psylocke that when he was in Nova's mind he saw that she planned to brainwash mutants to serve her and then assassinate Baron Kelly so she could take control of Westchester.

Nova and her New X-Men

Cassandra Nova used the Mind Field to brainwash Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue into serving her. However, Storm used her power to control lightning to destroy the Mind Field machine and free herself and the other X-Men. Nova then revealed to X-Force that she planned to send her X-Sentinel to kill Baron Kelly and she would blame X-Force for the attack. Nova then had the Rej-X attack the X-Men and X-Force.


When Cassandra Nova sent the X-Sentinel after Baron Kelly, Storm led the X-Men along with other mutants that were at the Clear Mountain Institute on an attack on the X-Sentinel. Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue were also able to break free from Nova's control and helped the X-Men fight the X-Sentinel.


Minutes later Cassandra Nova tried to kill Kelly herself. However, Jean unleashed the Phoenix Force and fought Cassandra. However, Cassandra was able to defeat Jean. Cassandra was then approached by Professor X. Professor X focused his telepathic energy to create a being called Onslaught. Onslaught attacked Cassandra Nova and was able to separate Shadow King from the clone body. Professor X, as Onslaught, fought Shadow King on the astral plane. The battle was nearly lost. However, Jean, Cable, and Psylocke were able to use their telepathic powers to enhance Xavier's powers. Xavier was then able to banish Shadow King to the astral plane once again.


Baron Kelly gave the shutdown code to Jubilee. Jubilee programmed the shutdown code into a giant laser gun and fired it at the X-Sentinel. Jubilee was successful in shutting down the X-Sentinel. Wolverine then used his adamantium claws to shred the X-Sentinel into a thousand little pieces.

Xavier later re-opened his school and several new students enrolled there. Cyclops and Jean decided to leave the X-Men. Because of this Bishop and Psylocke stayed at the Xavier Mansion to help with the new students.

Alpha Red

RCO018 1469325240.jpg

When Andrea and Andreas von Strucker learned of a Soviet super soldier and vampire known as Alpha Red they hired Maverick, a teammate of Wolverine's during his Team X days, to investigate. When Maverick found Alpha Red, Andrea and Andreas betrayed Maverick. However, Maverick was able to escape and warn the X-Men. The Strucker twins then sent Alpha Red after Jubilee. This is because the Struckers along with Fabian Cortez, Shinobi Shaw, and Trevor Fitzroy were playing a game that had been orchestrated by the Gamesmaster to see who could kill the X-Men first.

RCO010 1469325407.jpg

After Alpha Red attacked Jubilee, Chamber took her to the Xavier Mansion where she was examined by Beast. Beast tried to help Jubilee but was too late. Jubilee apparently died in the mansions medical bay. Storm then deduced that Alpha Red, whom Maverick warned them about, was behind the attack. Beast also said that something was wrong with Jubilee's blood cells and that he had never seen anything like it before. However, Storm said that she had seen this before. Storm then sent Rogue and Gambit after Alpha Red while she and Beast went to U-Go Girl for help.


At that moment Wolverine caught up with Maverick who was at a warehouse. Maverick told Wolverine about a book called the Darkhold that might be the key to defeating Alpha Red. However, Wolverine and Maverick were attacked by Alpha Red and the People's Protectorate who had been turned into vampires by Alpha Red. Alpha Red attacked Maverick and demanded to know where the Darkhold was. However, Rogue and Gambit quickly arrived to help Wolverine and Maverick. Rogue saw how powerful Alpha Red was and got herself, Wolverine, Gambit, and Maverick out of there. However, Maverick had been bitten by Alpha Red and turned into a vampire and attacked the three X-Men.

RCO007 1469346072.jpg

Shortly after Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, and Maverick escaped Alpha Red, Storm had U-Go Girl teleport herself, Bishop, and Psylocke to Transylvania. There the X-Men met the king of the vampires, Count Dracula. Storm revealed that Dracula had the power to cure Jubilee of her vampirism. Dracula agreed to help the X-Men but only on the condition that Storm become his bride again. However, Storm used her power to create a devastating lightning storm and threatened to destroy Dracula's castle unless he helped them. Dracula then agreed to Storm's terms.

RCO013 1469346072.jpg

At that moment Jubilee had gotten free and began turning the students into vampires, then those students started going after students that had not been turned into vampires yet. Alpha Red then attacked the X-Mansion along with Rogue, Wolverine, Jubilee, Gambit, Maverick, and the People's Protectorate whom he had all turned into vampires.

RCO005 1464789828.jpg

Back in Transylvania, Storm told Dracula that the vampire that attacked them was called Alpha Red. Dracula then revealed to the X-Men that Alpha Red was his son. Dracula told the X-Men that over a century ago he fell in love with a mortal woman and they had a son named Janus. As Janus got older he sought to dethrone his father as king of the vampires. However, Dracula was far too powerful and was able to defeat his son. Janus later met Russian scientists that were trying to replicate the super soldier serum that created Captain America. The Soviets combined their science with dark magic which increased Janus's power. Janus took the name Alpha Red and because of his cruelty the Soviet Union had him locked away. U-Go Girl then teleported herself, Storm, Bishop, Psylocke, and Dracula back to the mansion. Everyone saw that the mansion was in ruins. When Alpha Red confronted Dracula and the X-Men, Storm used her powers to shine sun light down upon him. However, Storm and the others learned that Alpha Red, unlike other vampires, was immune to sun light. Wolverine then attacked Alpha Red and revealed that his healing factor was fighting off the vampirism. Dracula and the X-Men then started to fight Alpha Red and his vampires.

RCO018 w 1464789828.jpg

Beast then had Deadgirl put on Cerebro. This allowed Deadgirl to communicate with an elf known as Darkhold. The Darkhold elf was an extremely powerful magic user. The Darkhold elf then gave Deadgirl the opportunity to use his powers to destroy all vampires on Earth. Deadgirl accepted and the Darkhold elf released a wave of energy that spread across Earth. This caused all the vampires on Earth to be turned into normal humans, including Dracula and Alpha Red. However, this process also caused Alpha Red to perish.


RCO015 w 1472658028.jpg

When intergalatic pop star, Lila Cheney put on a concert called Lilaplooza for human/mutant unity in Westchester, the X-Men acted as security for the event. Right before Lila went on stage to perform she revealed to Storm that there was an intergalactic bounty on her head. While Lila was performing on stage a star ship landed in the crowd and out walked the X-Men's old enemy, Fabian Cortez and the bounty hunter that was after Lila, a robot named Death's Dead. While Death's Head and the X-Men were fighting, Abigail Brand, the director of S.W.O.R.D., showed up and told Death's Head that if he took Lila he would be violating multiple interstellar laws. While everyone was paying attention to Abigail Brand, Fabian Cortez sneaked up behind Lila and used his powers to enhance Lila's powers. Lila was unable to control her upgraded power and unwillingly teleported herself, the X-Men, Abigail Brand, and Death's Head to an unknown planet.

RCO017 w 1475123613.jpg

While on this planet the X-Men, Brand, and Death's Head were attacked by a group of Brood known as the X-Brood. However, Psylocke read the X-Brood's minds and learned that they were only attacking them in self defense. The X-Brood member named Openmind then used his telepathy to communicate with the X-Men. Openmind told them that the X-Brood were born with mutant powers and because of this they were considered outcasts to their own species. Openmind then revealed to the X-Men that he was actually the one responsible for bring the X-Men to their planet so that could protect the X-Brood from the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Bishop, Psylocke, Abigail Brand, and Death's Head all agreed to protect the X-Brood.

RCO012 1476908031.jpg

A short wile later Gladiator, leader of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, teleported to the planet and met with the X-Men. Gladiator revealed to Storm that he had personally been charged by Empress Lilandra to hunt down and kill the X-Brood. While Gladiator and Storm were talking, Rogue sneaked up behind Gladiator and absorbed his strength and used it to fight him. The X-Men, X-Brood, and Abigail Brand then surrounded the other members of the Imperial Guard. Gladiator was able to severly beat Rogue. However, Rogue revealed to Gladiator that she was just distracting him while Gambit stole his ship. Death's Head, who was on the ship with Gambit, fired the ship's laser canon at Gladiator. Beast then used the ship's teleporter to teleport the X-Men, Abigail Brand, and the X-Brood onto the ship.

RCO015 1479920503.jpg

As the X-Men arrived back on Earth they were approached by Baron Kelly. Kelly told the X-Men that despite all of their fighting they never actually solved any problems. Baron Kelly then revealed that he had allied himself with Apocalypse. Apocalypse and his mutant followers then teleported to them. The X-Men and X-Force started to fight Apocalypse and his followers. While the X-Men fought Apocalypse's followers, Apocalypse approached Professor X. Apocalypse told Xavier that he was not there to fight them. However, Apocalypse knew that Xavier would not believe him so Apocalypse gave Xavier permission to read his mind. As Xavier looked inside Apocalypse's mind he saw that Apocalypse was preparing the Earth from total annihilation from a being known as Xodus, the Forgotten.

RCO009 1482950145.jpg

In ancient times an alien race known as the M'Kraan became the first mutants in the galaxy. However, the M'Kraan evolved one step beyond mutants and became celestials. Xodus was the most Fearsome of the celestials. Xodus believed that the rise of mutants on other worlds would cause the celestials to go extinct. Because of this whenever mutants flourished, Xodus would arrive on their planet and destroy them. The other celestials disagreed with what Xodus was doing and fought him in a fierce battle. The battle ended with the celestials banishing Xodus to another dimension. Through billions of years Xodus was eventually forgotten and mutants became the next stage of human evolution on Earth. However, Xodus, the Forgotten was almost free from his prison after billions of years and was coming to Earth to destroy it. Professor X then ordered the X-Men to stand down. Both Professor X and Apocalypse agreed that Apocalypse would lead the X-Men in the coming battle against Xodus. At that moment X-Force arrived and Cable shot Apocalypse in the back with a giant laser gun. However, Apocalypse survived the attack. Cable and X-Force were determined to kill Apocalypse. However, the X-Men and X-Factor knew that Apocalypse was Earth's only hope for survival so they protected him from X-Force.


A little while later Cyclops and Jean went to where the X-Men, X-Force, and X-Factor were fighting. Jean then walked up to Cable and revealed that she knew he was hers and Scott's son. Everyone then stopped fighting and listened to Apocalypse's plan on how to defeat Xodus. Apocalypse's plan was to turn everyone human on Earth into a mutant and create one giant army to fight Xodus. However, Professor X did not want to oppose their will on everyone on Earth and turn them into mutants against their will. Because of this Professor X sent out a telepathic message to everyone on Earth telling them about the impending threat of Xodus and to defeat him everyone on Earth would need to be turned into a mutant. Xavier then told everyone that it would be their choice if they wanted to be turned into mutants or not.

Left: Xodus, the Forgotten approaching Westchester County
Right: The X-Men and Earth's mutants going into battle with Xodus

Two hours later thousands of humans gathered outside the X-Mansion and told the X-Men that they wanted to help. Xavier then telepathically linked to Dead Girl's mind as she read from the Darkhold. However, the energy from the spell was too great and was killing Dead Girl. However, since Xavier was linked to her mind he was able to take the full force of the psychic backlash. This saved Dead Girl's life but the energy was too great for Xavier and it killed him. As Xodus neared the mansion the X-Men along with thousands of mutants rushed into battle to fight Xodus.

X-Men '92 ends with all the mutants on Earth rushing into battle with Xodus. The actual battle is not shown. It could be assumed that Xodus was defeated.


Current members

  • Storm: Storm has the power to control the weather. She was formerly Cyclops' second in command. However, Storm became leader of the X-Men when Cyclops left the team.
  • Wolverine: Wolverine has six claws, three on the top of each hand, that are made out of an indestructible metal called adamantium. Wolverine's adamantium claws are able to cut through almost any substance on Earth. Wolverine also has an animal-like sense of smell.
  • Rogue: Rogue can absorb a person's memories and skills through skin contact. If super-human, Rogue can absorb their super powers. However, Rogue can only keep a person's abilities for a short amount of time. Rogue can also fly and has super strength. These abilities were absorbed from Ms. Marvel. Rogue was able to keep Ms. Marvel's strength and flight permanently due to how long she had hold of Ms. Marvel.
  • Beast: Beast has enhanced speed, strength, and agility as well as razor sharp claws and teeth. Beast temporarily left the X-Men to join the Avengers. However, Beast ended up returning to the X-Men.
  • Gambit: Gambit can charge an object with bio-kinetic energy which turns said object into a mini-explosive that explodes on impact. Gambit also has a "hypnotic charm" that makes anyone believe or agree with anything he says.
  • Jubilee: Jubilee can produce beams of energy which she calls fireworks. Jubilee can use this energy to temporarily blind enemies or it can be focused like a laser.
  • Bishop: Bishop can absorb energy and fire it back through his hands like a laser.
  • Psylocke: Psylocke is telepathic and can create knives out of telepathic energy. Psylocke can also read the minds of others.

Former members

  • Iceman: Iceman has the power to flash freeze objects. When Polaris, who Iceman was dating at the time, was injured during one of their missions, he and Polaris left the X-Men.
  • Polaris: Polaris has the power to manipulate magnetic fields and use it to control metal. While on a mission with the X-Men, Polaris was nearly killed. Afterward Polaris left the X-Men along wither boyfriend, Bobby Drake A.K.A. Iceman.
  • Angel: Angel's mutation gave him giant bird-like wings that sprouted out of his back which allow him to fly. Angel left the X-Men for unknown reasons. However, according to the time traveler named Shard, Angel rejoins the X-Men sometime in the future.
  • Morph: Morph has the power to shape-shift into any humanoid form and can copy any person's voice. Morph was believed to have been killed in battle but several months later was revealed to be alive. Morph ended up re-joining the X-Men. However, Morph later left the X-Men for unknown reasons.
  • Cyclops: Cyclops was the field leader of the X-Men. Cyclops can fire optic blasts from his eyes which are powerful enough to punch a hole through a mountain. Cyclops and Jean left the X-Men to lead a normal life. He returned to help the X-Men fight Xodus, the Forgotten. However, it is unknown if Cyclops ended up re-joining the X-Men.
  • Jean Grey: Jean Grey has the power of telepathy allowing her to read people's minds and telekinesis which allows her to move objects with her mind. Jean and Cyclops left the X-Men to lead a normal life. She returned to help the X-Men fight Xodus, the Forgotten. However, it is unknown if Jean ended up re-joining the X-Men.
  • Professor X: Professor X was the founder of the X-Men. Xavier could read minds, create mental illusions, project blasts of psychic energy, control the minds of others, and cause amnesia. Professor X later died while protecting Dead Girl.

Non-canon history

The X-Men appeared in The Adventures of the X-Men #3 and Adventures of Spider-Man #3.

When a boy at an orphanage named Adam was revealed to be a mutant the head of the orphanage, Philip, contacted Professor X. The Friends of Humanity also learned of Adam and gathered outside the orphanage to kill him. When Beast and Gambit arrived at the orphanage they attempt to save Adam from the Friends of Humanity. In the process Adam accidentally fell off a ledge. However, before he could hit the ground Adam was saved by Spider-Man. Beast, Gambit, and Spider-Man then fought off the Friends of Humanity.

The X-Men and Spider-Man then took Adam to Empire State University where Dr. Curt Connors ran test on him to figure out how his pyrokinetic powers worked so they could help him control it. Connors was also helped by a colleague of his named Dr. Essex. However, Essex was revealed to be Mister Sinister who ended up kidnapping Adam and Spider-Man.

A few hours later Beast and Gambit were able to track Mister Sinister to his laboratory. Mister Sinister then ordered the Nasty Boys to attack the X-Men and Spider-Man. However, when the Nasty Boys were unable to defeat the heroes Sinister decided to fight them himself. Mister Sinister fought the three heroes but fled the laboratory when his machines were done collecting Adam's DNA.

Adam then began to lose control of his power. However, Spider-Man was able to calm Adam down. The X-Men then returned Adam to the orphanage.

In the comics

Much of the X-Men's comic book origin was shown in X-Men: The Animated Series such as how Professor X decided to form the X-Men after his first battle with Shadow King.

After starting the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, Professor X met an F.B.I. agent named Fredrick Duncan who was tasked by the F.B.I. to investigate mutant activities. Fred Duncan became the X-Men's F.B.I. liaison and he alerted them to when the U.S. government needed their assistance.

The first four members that Charles Xavier recruited into the X-Men were Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman. Jean Grey joined the team shortly afterwards. At the beginning of her career Jean went by the name Marvel Girl.

Years later the original X-Men were captured by a living island named Krakoa. To save them Professor X recruited other mutants into the X-Men. These mutants included Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Thunderbird.

In movies

In the X-Men movies the X-Men were formed in 1962 and started out as a department of the C.I.A. called Division X.

A C.I.A. agent named Moira MacTaggert approached Charles Xavier and told him that a group of mutants called the Hellfire Club were planning to start the Cuban Missile Crisis which in turn would start World War III. The Hellfire Club's full plan was to have a nuclear war cripple humanity so that mutants could rise up and take over the world.

To stop the the Hellfire Club, Xavier recruited the mutants Mystique, Magneto, Beast, Havok, Banshee, Angel Salvadore, and Darwin into Division X.

Xavier later left the C.I.A. after stopping the Hellfire Club and set up a school in his mansion where he taught mutants how to control their powers. Some of Xavier's students formed a team to stop mutant threats which the students dubbed the X-Men.


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Thunderbird in the X-Men episode, Slave Island

  • Thunderbird was going to be a member of the X-Men and was going to be killed off at the beginning of Night of the Sentinels, Part II. However, it was eventually decided that it would have been in bad taste to kill off the shows only prominent Native American character on the second episode so Thunderbird was dropped from the X-Men's roster. However, Thunderbird did make a few brief appearances throughout X-Men: The Animated Series.
  • After it was decided that Thunderbird wasn't going to be used, Larry Houston planned on replacing him with a character from the comics called Changeling who had the power to shape-shift. However, Larry Houston learned that the name Changeling had been trademarked by DC Comics and was being used as the alias of Garfield Logan, more commonly known as Beast Boy. A similar character with shape-shifting powers called Morph was then created for the series. Morph was the X-Man that ended up being killed by the Sentinels.
  • Angel was planned to join the X-Men in the shows second season, but ultimately those plans were scrapped.
  • Originally all of the X-Men were planned to appear in a fourth part of the Secret Wars [1] [2] [3]. In this episode, Spider-Man and the X-Men would have fought Mister Sinister. However, since almost all of the cast of X-Men: The Animated Series lived in Canada it would have cost Marvel Films Animation too much money to fly all of the cast from Canada to Los Angeles where Spider-Man: The Animated Series was produced, as they did when they produced The Mutant Agenda and Mutants' Revenge. Because of this the fourth part of Secret Wars was scrapped. However, Iona Morris appeared as Storm in the Secret Wars because she was the only actor from X-Men: The Animated Series that lived in Los Angeles.
  • The X-Men were planned to appear in a season two episode of Avengers: United They Stand called X-Treme. In the episode the X-Men would have teamed up with the Avengers to fight Mister Sinister. However, Avengers: United They Stand was canceled after its first season.