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Wolverine is a mutant and member of the X-Men. Wolverine has three claws that come out of the top of each hand and they are made out of adamantium which is an indestructible metal.


Early life

World War II

During World War II, Logan served in the military for the Allied Forces. Logan was also an agent for the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.), predecessor to the C.I.A. In 1944, Logan was stationed in Paris, France.

Logan and Happy Sawyer

Logan made his way to a bakery where he met a woman named Justine Cocteau. The bakery was secretly being used as a meeting place for O.S.S. agents. In the basement of the bakery, Logan met Captain Samuel "Happy" Sawyer of the U.S. military. Captain Sawyer told Logan that his mission was to rescue a scientist named Andre Cocteau because he was valuable to the Allied Forces. Captain Sawyer told Logan that his backup would meet him on the way there. Logan was not happy that he would be getting backup because he preferred to work alone. However, Sawyer didn't give Logan a choice. Before Logan left on his mission, Justine revealed to Logan that Andre was her father.


At the start of Logan's mission, Logan saved a homeless boy from Nazi soldiers. As the Nazis were about to shoot Logan, a shield flew in front of Logan and protected him. This shield belonged to none other than Captain America. Captain America and Logan then took out the Nazi soldiers.


Logan and Captain America then scaled the side of a mountain so they could get to a Nazi fortress. After getting to the top of the mountain, Logan and Captain America took out two Nazi soldiers and made their way inside the fortress.


Inside the fortress, Logan and Captain America were quickly able to find Andre Cocteau. However, Cocteau refused to go with them. However, Logan used a pressure point on Cocteau's body to make him pass out. Logan then carried Cocteau. However, Logan and Captain America heard an alarm and were quickly surrounded and captured by Nazi soldiers. Captain America and Logan then came face to face with the Red Skull who revealed that Cocteau was the one that sounded the alarm. Logan and Captain America were then taken to the fortress's torture chamber. However, Logan and Captain America were quickly able to escape.


Logan and Captain America then found the Red Skull. While Captain America fought the Red Skull, Logan fought several Nazi soldiers. Red Skull then activated a giant robot that Dr. Cocteau had built for him called the Sleeper. Red Skull controlled the Sleeper and had it attack Logan and Captain America. The Sleeper was a very powerful robot, but Logan and Captain America were able to work together to defeat it. However, Red Skull and Dr. Cocteau were able to escape. From that day forward Logan swore that he would one day find Cocteau and make him pay for betraying the Allied Forces.



In 1973, Logan lived in peace in Japan. Logan was friends with local monks that lived there, mainly a monk named Master Oku. Logan was also in a relationship with a woman named Yuriko Oyama.

Logan was later chosen to be part of a special Canadian black ops unit called Team-X. Logan was contacted by the Canadian government and had to leave Japan and Yuriko. However, Logan promised Yuriko that he would come back for her.

Team X

When Logan returned to Canada the Canadian government placed him in a military black ops team called Team X. Team X consisted of himself, Sabretooth, Silver Fox, and Maverick.


Sometime later Logan and Silver Fox began to date. They moved into a cabin together where they lived happily for a while. The two of them even carved a heart and their names into the side of the cabin. However, Sabretooth tracked Logan and Silver Fox down and attacked them. Sabretooth and Logan fought. However, the Canadian government made them put aside their differences so they could work together on Team X.


Team X was later sent to Russia to stop a Russian super soldier named Omega Red from taking over the country and to retrieve a device called C-Synt. Wolverine managed to get the C-Synt. Wolverine and Sabretooth then got out of the Russian military base. However, Sabretooth forced Logan to leave Maverick and Silver Fox behind and they were killed by Omega Red. Sabretooth forcing Logan to leave behind Silver Fox and Maverick made Logan hate Sabretooth even more.


A short while later Wolverine fought Omega Red a second time. Wolverine was able to stop Omega Red by tricking him into a cryogenic chamber and freezing him. However, according to Wolverine he almost died while fighting Omega Red and was only able to beat him because he got lucky.

Weapon X


After some time with Team-X, Logan was chosen to be part of a top secret Canadian government project called Weapon X. As part of his training for the Weapon X program, Logan was made to wear an electronic headset and do battle simulations. After these simulations were complete the headset would be activated and would erase Logan's memories. This was meant to make Logan the ultimate assassin. An assassin that could be programed to kill a certain target then could remember nothing about what they did in the event the assassin was ever captured.


Logan was then taken against his will to the Weapon X facility and placed in a large glass tube filled with liquid. A man known only as the Professor oversaw the Weapon X program. While Logan was in the glass tube filled with liquid a man made metal called adamantium was bonded to his skeleton.

When Logan awoke the Professor explained to Logan that his skeleton had been fused with an indestructible metal called adamantium. Logan's adamantium claws then emerged from his hands for the very first time causing him great pain. Logan became angry and broke free from the glass tube. Logan then tried to kill the Professor but he managed to escape. Logan then left the Weapon X facility.

Alpha Flight


Shortly after escaping the Weapon X facility, Logan came across a man and a woman named James and Heather Hudson who were hunting deer. Logan at this time was in a feral rage induced state, possibly as a result of the trauma he had just endured from the Weapon X adamantium bonding process. Logan then attacked James. However, Heather was able to shoot Logan with a tranquilizer and he passed out.


James and Heather then took Logan to their cabin to help him. When Logan awoke he found himself tied to a bed. However, Logan used his new adamantium claws to cut through the rope. Logan then went after Heather. However, Heather was able to convince Logan she was only trying to help him. Logan then broke down crying asking why he was put through the Weapon X program. Heather then hugged Logan and told him that everything would be alright.

James Hudson (A.K.A. Vindicator) and Logan talking to General Chasen

Over the next several weeks James and Heather helped Logan regain his human nature instead of the feral beast Weapon X had turned him into. James and Heather then introduced Logan to a man named General Chasen. General Chasen was the director of a Canadian organization called Department H which monitored all superhuman activity in Canada. Department H and General Chasen also were the commanding officers of Alpha Flight, a team of Canadian superheroes. James Hudson was the leader of Alpha Flight and used the code name Vindicator. Logan agreed to join Alpha Flight on the condition that Department H would find out who forced him to go through the Weapon X process. Vindicator then gave Logan a costume and he took the Wolverine.

Not much is known about Wolverine's time with Alpha Flight. It could be assumed that he helped Alpha Flight on several missions.

At some point Logan returned to Japan to find Yuriko but she had left her home and Logan did not know where she was.

Joining the X-Men

Wolverine's original costume. Nearly identical to his current costume except the wings on his mask are smaller.

Sometime in the 1980s Professor X approached Wolverine and asked him to join his X-Men. Wolverine accepted Xavier's invitation and left Alpha Flight to join the X-Men.

When Logan first joined the X-Men he was acted out of control despite James and Heather's attempts to help him. However, Professor X and Jean Grey were able to use their telepathic powers to help calm him. Eventually, Logan began to think of the X-Men as his family.

Later life

Loss of Morph

In the early 1990s Wolverine became very good friends with his teammate, Morph. According to Wolverine, Morph was the only one that could make him laugh.


When Professor X learned that the Mutant Control Agency was using giant robots called Sentinels to hunt down mutants he ordered the X-Men to break into the Mutant Control Agency and destroy all files they had on mutants. The X-Men were able to destroy the files but were confronted by several Sentinels when they tried to escape. One Sentinel almost shot shot Wolverine with a laser. However, Morph pushed Wolverine out of the way and took the full force of the blast. The X-Men then left leaving Morph behind. As they got back to the Xavier Mansion, Wolverine punched Cyclops in the stomach for abandoning Morph. Wolverine and Cyclops nearly got into a fight but they were stopped by Jean Grey.


Shortly afterwards Scott Summers approached Logan and asked if he wanted to find the Sentinel's home base. Cyclops was able to find a Sentinel and used his optic blast to damage it. As the Sentinel flew back to its base the X-Men tracked it.


As the X-Men arrived at the Sentinels base Wolverine and the X-Men began to fight and destroy the Sentinels. While Wolverine sliced up a Sentinel with his claws he shouted that he was doing it for Morph.

After this Wolverine formed a close friendship with the newest X-Men member, Jubilee. A friendship similar to the one he had with Morph.


Wolverine later learned that Morph had actually survived the Sentinel attack and was now working for Mister Sinister because he had been brainwashed. However, Morph was later able to overcome Sinister's brainwashing and betrayed him to save the X-Men. Morph feared that he would harm the X-Men so instead of going back to the Xavier Mansion, he ran away. However, Wolverine was determined to find Morph and bring him home.


Logan later managed to track Morph to the Amazon jungle in Brazil. However, Morph did not want to return to the Xavier Mansion. To get away from Logan, Morph shapeshifted into Jean Grey. As Jean, Morph said that she would never love him. As Logan began to break down Morph was able to escape. However, Logan followed after him.


A short while later Logan caught up with Morph in a mine shaft. Morph attacked Logan. While they fought Logan told Morph that the X-Men could help him. However, Morph picked Logan up and threw him against the wall and injured him. As Morph ran off he shouted that he had to get over what Mister Sinister did to him by himself. Logan then said that when he was ready the X-Men would be there for him.

Xavier helping Sabretooth


Sabretooth later attacked Beast's trial and was almost killed by the guards. However, Scott Summers saved him. Unaware of the history between Logan and Sabretooth, Scott ordered Logan to help save Sabretooth or else he would be killed. However, Logan refused to help and even liked the idea of Sabretooth dying.


The X-Men then took Sabretooth to the infirmary at the Xavier Mansion. As Logan stood over Sabretooth he said that if it wasn't for Xavier he would kill him. When Magneto attacked a missile base Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm went to the base to stop him, leaving Jubilee at the mansion to watch Sabretooth.

On several occasions Wolverine attempted to kill Sabretooth but was stopped by the other X-Men. Wolverine tried to explain that Sabretooth had killed his friends in Team X when he worked for the Canadian government. However, no one listened to him.

IMG 2124.png

It was later revealed that Sabretooth was really working for Magneto and that that he had been sent to the Xavier Mansion to take it over. Sabretooth nearly killed Jubilee but she was saved by Wolverine. Wolverine then fought Sabretooth. As Wolverine was about to kill Sabretooth, Professor X entered the room and ordered Wolverine to stop and also told him that he must not take revenge. However, Jubilee revealed to Professor X that Sabretooth was going to kill her and she was saved by Wolverine. Seconds later Sabretooth managed to escape the mansion.

Sabretooth in the Canadian Arctic


Logan became angry when he realized that Jean loved Scott and not him. Because of this Logan went to the Canadian Arctic to clear his head. However, Logan was being tracked by Sabretooth. Logan was then attacked by Sabretooth. However, when the ice broke Logan fell into the ocean. Logan was still alive and grabbed onto a big chunk of ice floating in the ocean. As Logan floated away Sabretooth swore he would track Logan down and kill him.

Logan was later found by an Inuit Tribe and they took him to their village so they could provide medical assistance to him. Sabretooth saw the Inuit rescue Logan and he started tracking him again.


Sometime later Logan awoke in the camp and offered to work around the camp as thanks for saving his life. Everyone in the tribe liked Logan. This made Pooyetah's (the tribe elder) son, Kiyoek jealous and he began to try and outdo Logan with no success. Logan even began to feel at peace in the tribe.

Kiyoek later wondered away from the tribe and came across Sabretooth. Sabretooth could smell Logan's scent on Kiyoek and believed that he was Logan's friend. Because of this Sabretooth almost killed Kiyoek. However, Kiyoek told Sabretooth that Logan was not his friend and that Logan had made him look like a fool in front of his own people. Sabretooth then told Kiyoek that if he wanted Wolverine gone he would do as he says.


Kiyoek and Logan then went fishing on a boat in the ocean. Kiyoek believed that Sabretooth was going to attack Logan. However, Logan and Kiyoek heard an explosion at the Inuit camp and hurried back there. Kiyoek revealed to Logan that he though he was leading Logan into a trap but didn't know that Sabretooth would attack the village. Logan nearly killed Kiyoek with his claws but stopped himself.


Wolverine and Kiyoek eventually found Sabretooth. Sabretooth showed Wolverine that he had the members of the tribe tied to a bridge made of ice and they were surrounded by explosives. Sabretooth then told Wolverine that he only had one minute to save them but to do that he would have to defeat Sabretooth.


As Sabretooth and Wolverine fought Sabretooth nearly killed Wolverine. However, Kiyoek tackled Sabretooth giving Wolverine enough time to get back onto his feet. As Sabretooth lunged at Wolverine, Wolverine moved out of the way and Sabretooth dove over the side of a cliff. Wolverine and Kiyoek then saved the villagers.

Wolverine offered to help the Inuit rebuild their village. However, Pooyetah revealed that they were moving to the city. Pooyetah called Wolverine his friend which he was glad to hear.

Return of Omega Red

While the X-Men were away Jubilee was left alone at the Xavier Mansion. Colossus arrived shortly afterwards and told Jubilee that she needed the X-Men's help to free his country from a mutant named Omega Red. With the other X-Men gone Jubilee agreed to accompany Colossus back to Russia by herself. She left a note on the fridge in the kitchen telling the X-Men what she was doing and went to Russia with Colossus.

Logan after learning Omega Red had returned

When Logan arrived back at the Xavier Mansion he found Jubilee's note and realized that his old enemy had returned. Logan then got on a jet and flew to Russia.


As Wolverine arrived in Russia and found Jubilee and Colossus fighting Omega Red at a prison while Colossus was trying to free his countrymen. Wolverine then attacked Omega Red. Omega Red nearly killed Wolverine but Colossus threw a tank on top of him. This gave Wolverine, Jubilee, Colossus, and Jubilee enough time to escape.

A short time later Storm, Gambit, and Rogue arrived to help Wolverine, Jubilee, and Colossus fight Omega Red. They were also aided by a mutant that worked for the Russian government named Darkstar. Storm was able to use her powers to create an ice storm which froze Omega Red trapping him in ice once more.

Return of Alpha Flight


Sometime later Wolverine received a message from Heather Hudson and went to the Canadian wilderness to meet her. However, when Wolverine arrived he learned that Vindicator was the one that sent him the message to lure Wolverine into a trap. Vindicator told Wolverine that he belonged with Alpha Flight and he was going to take him back, by force if necessary. The other members of Alpha Flight, Shaman, Puck, Snowbird, Northstar, Aurora, and Sasquatch also showed up to help Vindicator. Wolverine fought Alpha Flight and managed to get away. Alpha Flight managed to track down Wolverine. Wolverine put up a fight but was captured by Alpha Flight.


Logan later awoke strapped to an operating table with Vindicator in front of him. Logan shouted at Vindicator to release him. However, Vindicator told Logan he wasn't the one giving the order. When Logan asked who was in charge Heather Hudson walked in and told Logan that she was. Logan felt as if Heather had betrayed him. However, Heather told Logan that what she was doing was for Canada's security. General Chasen then waled in and revealed to Logan that Department H had been trying to recreate the Weapon X program but all of their test subjects had died. Chasen then revealed that Logan had been brought back to Department H so he could find out how he survived the adamantium bonding process.


Heather was put in charge of scanning Logan's body to find out how he survived the adamantium bonding process. Heather actually cared for Logan and agreed to lead this project because she wanted it to be as painless as possible for him. However, the scanning process was still extremely painful for Logan. When Heather saw that Logan was in pain she turned off the probe. However, Chasen ordered her to resume scanning Logan's body. Heather denied to run any further tests because she had already performed the scan and learned nothing about how Wolverine survived the Weapon X process. General Chasen then ordered Heather to surgically remove Logan's adamantium skeleton. Heather knew that that would kill him and not wanting to be a murderer resigned from Department H and told Chasen to do it himself.


The members of Alpha Flight overheard what Chasen talk about what he wanted to do to Logan and they rushed in to protect him. Logan was able to break free from his restraints and tried to escape but was stopped by Vindicator. Vindicator had been blindly following orders and was there alongside Chasen when he attempted to kill Logan. Logan and Vindicator fought. However, the fight was quick and Logan was able to subdue Vindicator. Logan almost kill Vindicator. However, Heather convinced him not to. Before leaving Department H, Logan warned Alpha Flight that if they ever came after him again they would regret it.

Legacy Virus

In the year 2055 A.D., the time Bishop hailed from, a plague created by Apocalypse killed thousands of people. Bishop went back in time to help the X-Men stop the release of the virus. However, this event also affected Cable's time period of 3999 A.D. Because the plague was never released in the past anti-bodies that were key to the stabilization of the mutant x-gene were never created. Over time uncontrolled mutations developed and the virus Apocalypse created began to naturally occur in mutants. This nearly wiped out all mutants on Earth. Cable then realized that to save his time he would have to help Apocalypse destroy a past one.

Wolverine's healing factor fighting off Apocalypse's virus and creating anti-bodies

However, after learning about the X-Men's powers Cable came up with a plan that he hoped would save both his timeline and Bishop's timeline. While the X-Men and Bishop were fighting Apocalypse at his laboratory were the virus was created, Cable made sure that Wolverine was exposed to the virus. Wolverine's healing power created the anti-bodies needed to cure the virus. Because of this both Bishop and Cable's time's were never infected by the virus.

Infiltrating the Friends of Humanity


After the Friends of Humanity attacked a hospital Beast worked at Logan became angry and went undercover and infiltrated the Friends of Humanity using the alias, John Logan. When Logan first joined the Friends of Humanity he was interviewed by their leader, Graydon Creed. During the interview Logan realized that Graydon Creed looked like Sabretooth and began to suspect that Graydon was Sabretooth's son. Logan then contacted the X-Men and asked them to come to the FoH headquarters to find a woman they had kidnapped. Logan also asked Cyclops to bring Cerebro's 3-D projector and a video file on Sabretooth.


When the X-Men arrived Logan was able to rescue Carly and in the process revealed to Graydon Creed that he was a mutant. Cyclops then activated the 3-D projector and projected an image of Sabretooth which frightened Graydon Creed. During this time the Friends of Humanity learned that Graydon Creed was the son of Sabretooth, a mutant. Creed then lost his cool and began to shoot at the hologram of Sabretooth and repeatedly shouted that Sabretooth wasn't his father. With Creed distracted Logan was able to get Beast and Carly to safety.

Lady Deathstrike

Logan's former girlfriend, Yuriko Oyama, developed a hatred for Logan. Her father, Professor Oyama, was one of the scientist that worked for the Weapon X program. When Wolverine went on a rampage through the Weapon X facility he killed Professor Oyama. When Yuriko learned that Logan was responsible for her father's death she looked for a way to get revenge. Yuriko eventually found a group of cyborgs living in New York City called the Reavers. The Reavers then transformed Yuriko into a cyborg. Yuriko's cybernetics gave her ten adamantium claws, one on the tip of each finger. Yuriko then took the name Lady Deathstrike and began to plot her revenge on Logan.


Several years later Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers invaded the Morlock tunnels below New York City. Fearing for his life the Morlock, Leech, showed Lady Deathstrike a giant alien ship in the Morlock tunnels that had crashed on Earth thousands of years ago. When Lady Deathstrike tried to get inside the ship the force field around it reacted with her cybernetics and electrocuted her. However, Lady Deathstrikes adamantium claws were able to cut the ship. Lady Deathstrike then decided that they needed a human with a pair of adamantium claws and she had Leech call Wolverine to lure him into the Morlock tunnels.


Wolverine then went into the Morlock tunnel but was followed by Gambit and Jubilee. A short while later Wolverine was attacked by the Reavers. However, Wolverine was easily able to defeat the Reavers. Lady Deathstrike then showed herself to Wolverine. Wolverine saw that the woman he once loved was now a hideous cyborg. Lady Deathstrike then revealed that she wanted revenge on Wolverine for killing her father, Professor Oyama. Wolverine then remembered that Professor Oyamam was the scientist that developed the adamantium bonding process and that he was killed when Wolverine went on a rampage in the Weapon X facility. Lady Deathstrike then attacked Wolverine and was then captured by the Reavers. Lady Deathstrike tried to kill Wolverine but she was stopped by the Reavers. The Reavers told Lady Deathstrike that they first needed Wolverine to open the alien ship and then she could kill him.


Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers brought Wolverine to the alien ship and told him to use his claws to open it. However, Wolverine refused and attacked the Reavers. Jubilee and Gambit arrived a few seconds later helped Wolverine fight the Reavers. While Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike fought, Lady Deathstrike got thrown into the force field which reacted to her cybernetic body parts and electrocuted her. Wolverine then used his claws to slice open the ship to save Lady Deathstrike but in the process freed a creature called a Spirit Drinker from the alien ship. The Spirit Drinker wrapped its tendril around several members of the Reavers and Jubilee and drained them of their souls which also placed them in a catatonic state. Wolverine then grabbed Jubilee and he, Gambit, and Lady Deathstrike ran away. Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike then fought the Spirit Drinker. However, the Spirit Drinker managed to drain Lady Deathstrike of her soul also placing her in a catatonic state. Shortly afterwards the rest of the X-Men arrived to help Wolverine.


A short while later Wolverine and the X-Men found the Spirit Drinker and attacked it. While Wolverine fought the Spirit Drinker he learned that it could also be harmed by electricity. Gambit then threw his metal staff into the Spirit Drinker. The staff also touched a subway rail that was electrified. The electricity was then conducted into the staff and destroyed the Spirit Drinker. With the Spirit Drinker destroyed all the souls it had taken were returned to the rightful bodies which in turn brought everyone out of their catatonic state, including Lady Deathstrike and Jubilee. Lady Deathstrike then approached Wolverine and told him that for now she would leave him alone as thanks for saving her life. However, Lady Deathstrike also swore that one day she would return to get her revenge.



When Spider-Man arrived at the Xavier Mansion he sought the help of Professor X to find a cure for his furthering mutation. However, Spider-Man fell through a trap door and into the lower levels of the mansion. There he was confronted by the X-Men and Wolverine. Wolverine threatened to kill him if he made one wrong move. However, Spider-Man was able to get away and Wolverine and the X-Men chased after him. Spider-Man ran into the Danger Room and was confronted by deadly holographic images of the Sentinels. The X-Men managed to save Spider-Man and after the Danger Room was shut down Wolverine threatened to kill him. However, Professor X arrived stopped them. Spider-Man then told Xavier that he was mutating into some kind of monster and asked Xavier for a cure. However, Xavier answered that his work was not to cure mutants but to help them accept what they are. As Spider-Man shouted at Xavier that he didn't want to turn into a freak Wolverine replied that being a mutant was a gift and not a curse. Spider-Man then took off and Beast followed him and told him that Brand Corporation was doing research on his specific type of mutation. As soon as Spider-Man left Beast was attacked by a security team working for Herbert Landon (CEO of the Brand Corporation) and was taken hostage.


The next morning Wolverine realized that Beast had not slept in his bed and went searching for him. As Wolverine used his senses to track Beast down Wolverine also picked up the scent of Spider-Man and the guards that abducted Beast. Wolverine believed that Spider-Man had set up the trap and captured Beast and was determined to track him down. Wolverine eventually tracked Spider-Man to the Brand Corporation and demanded to know where Beast was. Spider-Man answered that he didn't know but Wolverine didn't believe him. Wolverine then extended his claws and lunged at Spider-Man. As the two of them fought Hobgoblin (who was blackmailing Landon) threw a pumpkin bomb at them and flies off on his glider. Unknown to Hobgoblin both Spider-Man and Wolverine survived the explosion. Spider-Man then convinced Wolverine that he didn't kidnap Beast and he and Wolverine started to work together to find Beast. However, Wolverine still did not trust Spider-Man.


As Wolverine and Spider-Man fought their way into the laboratory of the Brand Corporation, Herbert Landon ordered his guards to kill the two of them. However, Wolverine was easily able to take down the guards. As Wolverine looked around the room he saw Beast hanging in a cage above a pool of chemicals designed to kill mutants. Wolverine leaped up to the cage. However, the bars were electrified and as Wolverine touched them he was electrocuted and passed out. Beast was able to grab Wolverine's shirt before he could fall into the chemicals and die. At that moment Landon attempted to kill Hobgoblin and fell into the chemicals himself. Wolverine then regained consciousness and was able to get himself and Beast to safety. As they looked at the vat of chemicals Herbert Landon emerged and mutated into a giant green reptilian monster. When the other X-Men learned of the giant monster they met up with Wolverine, Beast, and Spider-Man and came up with a plan to defeat it. The X-Men were able to drain Landon of electrical energy and he transformed back into a human. The X-Men then told Spider-Man that it was an honor working with him. Wolverine then approached Spider-Man and said that no matter what problems he is going through he doesn't have to go through it alone and tells him that if he needs a friend he can always turn to the X-Men for help. Wolverine and the X-Men then left Spider-Man and returned to the mansion.

Omega Red hijacking a nuclear submarine

When the U.S. military discovered an abandoned Soviet Union nuclear submarine they knew it posed a danger. Because of this the U.S. military found Omega Red's frozen body and thawed him out. Omega Red at first refused to help them. However, the U.S. promised Omega Red that in return for his help they would make him human again. Omega Red agreed to help but only if Wolverine and Storm went with him.


When Wolverine learned that Omega Red wanted him to go along on the mission he was furious that the U.S. military had freed Omega Red. However, Wolverine agreed to go along so he could stop Omega Red when he inevitably betrayed them.


Wolverine, Storm, and Omega Red then took a small under water sea craft to the abandoned submarine. However, Omega Red betrayed them and hijacked the submarine. Omega Red then captured Wolverine and Storm. Omega Red then contacted the U.S. military and informed them that he had programed the nuclear missiles on the submarine to fire at the fifteen largest cities in the world. When the military asked Omega Red what his demands were Omega Red answered that he wanted to watch the cities burn.


Omega Red was able to launch the nuclear missiles from the submarine but Rogue and Beast were able to destroy them with the Blackbird's weapons. Rogue then attacked the submarine and damaged it so bad that it couldn't launch anymore missiles. As Wolverine and Storm escaped, the submarine sank to the bottom of the ocean with Omega Red trapped inside. However, Wolverine was sure that he hadn't seen the last of Omega Red.

Meeting Nightcrawler


When Logan, Gambit, and Rogue took a skying vacation to Germany, Logan heard rumors of a demon that had been terrorizing the small village of Neuherzl. Logan needed a little action so he decided to hunt the demon down and kill him. As Logan, Gambit, and Rogue were making their way to Neuherzl they were caught in an avalanche. They were then taken to a local monastery to receive medical treatment.


While at the monastery one of the monks, Brother Reinhart, attempted to poison Gambit who was recovering from his injuries. Rogue managed to stop Reinhart from killing Gambit and chased after him. However, Rogue had fallen out a door on the upper level of the monastery but was caught by Nightcrawler, who was unaware that she could fly. Nightcrawler was then attacked by Logan and nearly killed him. However, Logan was stopped by one of the monks who told him that Nightcrawler was a member of their monastery. Nightcrawler later explained to Logan, Rogue, and Gambit that he was once a circus performer but when the circus shut down people thought of him as a freak. It was then that Nightcrawler turned his life to God and joined the monastery. Nightcrawler told Logan that God would be there for him in his times of need if he lets him. This made Logan angry and said that he tried to find peace through God but it didn't work.


Nightcrawler later found Logan in the monastery's sanctuary. Nightcrawler told Logan that they were similar because they were both angry at the world. However, Nightcrawler also told Logan that his pain brought him closer to God while Logan's pain drove him away from God. Logan then showed Nightcrawler his adamantium claws and asked what kind of a God would let men do that to him. Nightcrawler answered by saying that human's ability to understand God is limited but they take comfort in the fact that his love is limitless. At that moment one of the monks entered the sanctuary and told Nightcrawler that the people of Neuherzl had found out that he was there and they were coming for him. Nightcrawler then said that he would have to go away so no one would be hurt. However, Logan sarcastically asked Nightcrawler if he had lost his faith.


Logan, Rogue, and Gambit later fought off the villagers when they invaded the monastery to kill Nightcrawler. During this time Nightcrawler had confronted Brother Reinhart. Reinhart attempted to kill Nightcrawler but instead caused the monastery's library to catch on fire. Nightcrawler then showed Reinhart the damage he caused and asked him how he thought God would judge him. At that moment Reinhart realized he was wrong about Nightcrawler and prayed to God for forgiveness.


As the son rose the fire department arrived and put out the fire to the monastery. Nightcrawler then approached the X-Men and told them that their presence was a great blessing. However, Logan pointed to the monastery and asked how they were a blessing when they were partly responsible for the monastery catching on fire. Nightcrawler then explained to Logan that the towns people no longer though of him as a monster and that Brother Reinhart had repented. Nightcrawler then gave Logan a Bible and told him he had marked a few passages he might like.


Logan, Rogue, and Gambit then went to Paris after leaving Germany. While there Logan went to a church and read from the Bible that Nightcrawler had given him. Logan at last felt like he was at peace.

Return to Weapon X


Logan was later driven mad by torturous memories he had while working with Team X. Logan later returned to Canada where he was drawn to the Weapon X facility. Beast followed Wolverine to the facility and he was attacked by Wolverine. However, Wolverine snapped out of his delusion and stopped attacking Beast.


Shortly afterwards Sabretooth arrived and he and Wolverine fought. However, Maverick and Silver Fox arrive and put an end to their fighting. Wolverine was surprised to see both of them alive. Silver Fox then revealed to Wolverine that she had been having nightmares and suspected that he was too. Silver Fox also said that whatever was happening to them wouldn't stop until they got some answers from the files in the Weapon X facility.


Silver Fox then showed the others a giant room in the Weapon X facility with what looked like movie sets. Wolverine and the others then learned that several of their memories were fake and that what they do remember was just video recording made on the movie sets that were then implanted into their brains.


Wolverine and Silver Fox then came across the cabin they spent time at while on Team X. Wolverine and Silver Fox then began to believe that their relationship might have just been fake memories implanted by the Weapon X program.


Beast, who had followed Wolverine to the Weapon X facility, found a video diary of a man known only as the Professor, who was the head of the Weapon X program. In the video the Professor explained that all members of Team X were brainwashed to be assassins. They would be re-integrated into society with no memory of their training, and when their services were needed they would assassinate their target and then their memory would be wiped so that they would remember nothing about what they had done. This was done to make the members of Team X more controllable.


Silver Fox then told the others about a door in the Weapon X facility that was locked. As they examined the door the four of them discovered that it could only be opened by scanning each or their DNA. Beast had concerns and asked why they would make a door only the four of them could open if they were trying to hide the truth. Wolverine told Beast that he didn't like it either but he had to know the truth about what happened to him. Wolverine, Sabretooth, Silver Fox, and Maverick then put their hand on the DNA scanner and the door opened. Inside the room was nothing but a computer monitor. As the monitor turned on it played a video recording of the Professor. The Professor said that if they found that room it meant that their memories were returning. The Professor also said that a robot named Talos would capture them and see to it that their memories were erased once more.


At that moment the Talos robot entered the room and tried to recapture the former members of Team X. Wolverine and the others then fought Talos. However, its armor was too strong. Wolverine managed to pry loose one of Talos's armored plates and Maverick dropped a bomb down the opening. The bomb then exploded which destroyed the Talos robot. However, the head of the Talos robot activated a mnemonic trauma trigger which caused Wolverine, Silver Fox, Maverick, and Sabretooth to pass out. Beast then put everyone on a truck and drove them out of the Weapon X facility. The second Talos robot tried to fire missiles at them. However, the missiles instead hit the building causing it to blow up. Beast managed to get everyone out just in time.


As everyone went their separate ways Wolverine told Silver Fox that the memories of their relationship must have been real because in his memories he carved their names into the cabin but their names weren't on the fake cabin in the Weapon X facility. Silver Fox replied that even if it did happen it was a whole lifetime ago and she walked away. Wolverine then turned to Beast and told him that he went to the Weapon X facility to get answers about his past but now he knew even less than he did before. Beast reassured Wolverine that the X-Men would be there for him and that the memories he had with the X-Men were real. Wolverine and Beast then got on the Blackbird to return home. Little did Wolverine of Silver Fox know their names inside of a heart was carved into the side of a tree meaning that their relationship must have been real just as Wolverine suspected.


Kevin MacTaggert a.k.a. Proteus was the son of Charles Xavier's friend, Moira MacTaggert. He was a young teenage mutant with the power to possess people's bodies and to temporarily warp reality. Proteus never really matured and acted like a child. Because of his child like attitude and his dangerous mutant powers, Moira kept him lock in the Muir Island Mutant Research Center so he couldn't hurt anybody.


However, Proteus did end up escaping and Moira called Xavier for his help. The X-Men soon arrived to capture Proteus. As Wolverine attacked Proteus, Proteus used his reality warping powers to literally tear Wolverine apart. As Proteus left the area everything went back to normal. This event was so traumatizing to Wolverine that he actually knelled down and cried into his hands, something Wolverine never did. Rogue then ran up to Wolverine and asked if he was alright. However, Wolverine told Rogue that he never wanted to talk about what Proteus did to him.

Proteus later went after his father, Joe MacTaggert, who was a politician. While the X-Men fought Proteus, Wolverine was no where to be found. Professor X called for Wolverine over a walkie-talkie. However, Wolverine shouted at Xavier that he couldn't face Proteus again and ran out of the building.


Professor X was later able to reason with Proteus and convinced him to go back to the Muir Island Mutant Research Center. Logan later told Rogue that he wasn't sure how Xavier was able to face Proteus and not be shook up. Rogue told Logan that what happened to him happens to all the X-Men. However, Logan replied that it doesn't happen to him and walked away.

Christmas miracle


Logan didn't care for celebrating the holidays. He was such a pessimist that all the good cheer and holidays spirit around Christmas time upset him. Despite this Jubilee was able to convince Logan to go Christmas shopping with her on Christmas eve.


Later on Logan, Ororo, and Jubilee went ice skating at Rockefeller Center where they caught two of the Morlocks stealing an ambulance. However, Annalee, one of the Morlocks, informed the X-Men that they only stole the ambulance to get medical supplies for Leech who was very sick. Annalee then took Logan, Storm, and Jubilee into the Morlock tunnels below New York City.


When Logan examined Leech, he told Storm and Callisto that Leech would not survive a trip to the hospital. However, Jubilee thought of an idea that could save Leech's life. Jubilee asked Logan if a blood transfusion from him to Leech would save Leech's life, because of Logan's healing factor. However, Logan became saddened and told the others that he tried to use his blood to save at least twenty other people before and each time it failed, except for twice. Logan also said that the last person that died because his blood didn't heal him was a child younger than Leech.

Storm then contacted Professor X and told him of what was going on. Professor X then told Beast to go to the Morlock tunnels to preform the blood transfusion. The other X-Men also went with him.


Beast gave some of Logan's blood to Leech. However, Leech was unresponsive and Logan believed that the transfusion didn't work. However, Leech woke up and was feeling better. Everyone then had a wonderful Christmas including Logan whos Christmas spirit had been renewed.

Return to Japan


Later on Logan began to lose control of his temper and started to revert back to his bestial state that he was in after escaping the Weapon X program. Things got so bad that Logan wanted to kill a teenager just because he cut him off in traffic. When Jubilee attempted to pull Logan away, Logan threw her into the street without thinking and she was almost hit by a car.


Later that night Logan talked to Professor X about how he was losing control. During their conversation Logan told Professor X that he was leaving the X-Men to return to Japan because he remembered it was the one place he was ever happy.


As Logan was about to leave Jubilee entered his room and asked Logan why he had to go. Logan answered that it was because he didn't care about what happened to that teenager he almost killed or her. Jubilee became sad because her friend was leaving and told Logan that Professor X could help him again. However, Logan told Jubilee that right now he wasn't fit to be one of the X-Men.

Logan and Master Oku

Logan then got on a plane and several hours later arrived in Japan. Shortly after arriving in Japan, Logan went to the construction site of a new temple and reunited with Master Oku. Logan then started to help build the temple and lived peacefully with the Oku and the other monks.

Logan and Kisara

Oku later introduced Logan to a man named Yoshida who was a village elder. Logan also met a woman named Kisara and her brother, Soichi. When Yoshida berated Soichi for not helping the fishermen, Soichi yelled at Yoshida that he was training the few brave men in the village that were willing to fight their enemies. However, Yoshida told Soichi that what he was doing was forbidden and they would pay the local gang their protection money. Soichi became furious at Yoshida and grabbed him. However, Logan pulled Soichi away. Logan nearly got into a fight with Soichi but decided to walk away instead.


Logan then went into the forest to cut down trees and there he met a teleporting mutant known as Silver Samurai. Silver Samurai informed Logan that the people of the local village knew to fear him. Silver Samurai told Logan to stay out of matters that didn't concern him and then teleported away.


Silver Samurai teleported into the village and warned the villagers that their protection money was due in two days. Silver Samurai then had his men set fire to the temple. From a distance Logan spotted the smoke and ran toward the temple. Logan then went in to the burning temple and rescued Master Oku who was trapped inside. Kisara then revealed to Logan that the temple was set on fire by Silver Samurai and his men. Kisara also told Logan that every year Silver Samurai demands protection money from all of the villagers. Kisara continued to tell Logan that this time they had no money to pay Silver Samurai and he would destroy their village.


Kisara later approached Logan and told him that Soichi was rallying the villagers together to fight Silver Samurai and his gang. However, Kisara warned Logan that the villagers were farmers and fisherman, not trained fighters. However, Logan replied that he came back to Japan to find himself, not to fight. Despite this Kisara was able to convince Logan to help the villagers by sharing with him words of wisdom told to her by Master Oku. Logan then helped Soichi and the villagers prepare for the arrival of Silver Samurai and his gang by setting traps around the village.


Later that night Logan talked to Master Oku and told him that he came back to Japan to get away from all the fighting and to live in peace. Oku replied by saying that peace comes with purpose and that his faith gave him his purpose. Logan told Oku that killing people was no purpose. However, Oku said that protecting and caring for people is. Oku then told Logan to look at himself through "new eyes" which was similar advice Logan had gotten from Nightcrawler.

The next day Silver Samurai's gang attacked the village but quickly fell into the traps that the villagers had set. Master Oku was nearly killed by the gang but was saved by Logan.


Silver Samurai then attacked the village himself and fought Logan. However, Logan was quickly able to defeat Silver Samurai. Soichi told Logan to kill Silver Samurai, but Logan said there was no need to do that because the villagers had stood up to Silver Samurai and he would no longer terrorize their village or any other.

Logan then realized that his place was fighting with the X-Men and returned to America.

Mutated by the High Evolutionary

When Magneto visited Professor X, Magneto informed him that he received a letter from Magda, his wife whom he believed had been dead for several years. Magneto went to meet Magda in Europe and Xavier had Wolverine follow him because he thought Magneto was walking into a trap.

When Magneto arrived in Europe he went to Magda's grave where he was attacked by Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. The three of them were then attacked by some animal/human hybrids called bestials. Wolverine joined the fight to try and help them but all four of them were captured by the bestials.


The bestials then took the four of them to a laboratory where they met the High Evolutionary. High Evolutionary planned on using Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch's DNA to speed up the process of creating genetic beings. The High Evolutionary then experimented on Wolverine which turned him into an unthinking werewolf-like creature. In this state Wolverine attacked Professor X and Beast when they came to High Evolutionary's citadel. However, High Evolutionary ended up retreating and when he left Wolverine reverted to his normal human state.

Visiting France


Nearly fifty years after World War II, Logan returned to France and visited the grave of Andre Cocteau. Logan was angry at Cocteau because he died before he was able to get his revenge.

Logan then remembered back to 1944 when he went with Captain America on a mission to rescue Cocteau from the Red Skull. Logan also remembered how Dr. Cocteau betrayed the Allied Forces and defected to to Nazi Germany.


However, Logan was approached by Justine, Andre Cocteau's daughter. It was then that Justine revealed to Logan that her father was not a traitor, but instead was a spy for the Allied Forces. Justine told Logan that their rescue mission was planned to fail to make Andre's defection to the Nazis look convincing. Justine continued to tell Logan that because of their failed rescue mission her father was able to work behind enemy lines delaying completion of the Nazi's V-2 rockets and was able to stop their development of atomic weapons. Justine said that because of her father the Allies were able to win the war. Logan and Justine then went to a restaurant to catch up. However, before leaving the cemetery, Logan used his claws to carve the word "Hero" on Andre Cocteau's headstone.

Everyone's favorite version of the X-Men from the '90s is back!

The information in the following section or sections was not present in X-Men: The Animated Series. However, it was part of the canonical comic book series X-Men '92.

New X-Men


When the X-Men went to the Clear Mountain Institute to investigate they met the director of the institute, Cassandra Nova. Nova told the X-Men that her job was to help mutants re-enter society and live with normal humans in peace. Nova told the X-Men that she could soothe a mutants savage nature by using a machine called the Mind Field. At first the X-Men didn't believe it. Shortly afterwards Wolverine saw Sabretooth at the institute and attacked him. However, Sabretooth was now very calm and peaceful. After seeing what the Mind Field did for Sabretooth, Wolverine and the X-Men agreed to go into the Mind Field.


As the X-Men sat in the Mind Field machine Cassandra Nova pressed a button which shackled their wrists to the machine against their will. The X-Men realized that Cassandra Nova had set a trap for them.


The Mind Field took Wolverine deep within his own mind. There Nova made Wolverine fight other versions of himself until he couldn't fight anymore. As Wolverine broke down the other Wolverines within his mind comforted him. Wolverine then began to show emotions other than anger, such as happiness. This was all part of Nova's plan, place Wolverine under her mental control by manipulating his mind and emotions. Wolverine was now a good natured and polite person.

Nova's New X-Men

Nova was also able to control Rogue and Gambit with the Mind Field. Nova used Wolverine, Rogue, and Gambit as her personal team of "New X-Men".

Nova's master plan was to use her X-Sentinel to assassinate Baron Kelly so she could become ruler of Westchester. Nova would then have Wolverine and the other New X-Men defeat the X-Sentinel and save the day.

RCO009 1461961748.jpg

As the X-Sentinel attacked the X-Museum, Wolverine, Rogue, and Gambit rescued the people that were nearby except to Baron Kelly despite his pleas for help. Baron Kelly ended up being saved by Psylocke.


During the battle with the X-Sentinel, Wolverine found a woman inside a car that had been flipped upside down. Wolverine reached for the woman but his arms were not long enough. The woman told Wolverine to use his claws. However, because of Nova's brainwashing he thought his claws were "too dangerous". The woman got frustrated at Wolverine and told him that if he wasn't going to help her she wanted Cyclops to save her instead. Hearing that the woman wanted Cyclop's help instead of his made Wolverine angry which was enough to break Nova's mind control. Wolverine then used his claws to cut the woman out of the car. Wolverine and the X-Men were then able to defeat the X-Sentinel.

Alternate timeline

Days of Future Past

Because of Senator Robert Kelly's strong anti-mutant stance he was targeted for assassination by Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mystique shapeshifted into Gambit and assassinated him in that form. Even though Senator Kelly's death was the result of one mutant all mutants were blamed. After Senator Kelly's death a mutant control law was passed and the U.S. government built an army of Sentinels. The Sentinels then began to hunt down mutants all over the country. Some mutants attempted to fight back. However, the survivors were placed in detention camps where the mutants were killed. However, the Sentinels went out of control and began to target normal humans as well.

Sentinels ruled the future where they would either kill mutants on the spot or capture them and take them to detention camps to be killed.

Wolverine was the last surviving member of the X-Men in this timeline, possibly due to his healing factor.

Wolverine helped fight against the Sentinels in this timeline.


In the year 2055, Wolverine ended up getting captured by a mutant hunter working for the Sentinels called Bishop. Bishop took Wolverine to a detention camp so he could be executed. As Wolverine was lead through the detention camp he saw tombstones for his fallen allies in the X-Men who had all been killed by the Sentinels. As Wolverine and Bishop were lead through the detention camp, Wolverine attacked the Sentinels. They were then attacked by a highly advanced future Sentinel called Nimrod. However, Wolverine and Bishop were able to get to safety.

Wolverine took Bishop to a safe house where he introduced him to a mutant named Forge. Bishop saw that Wolverine and Forge had a working time machine. Forge then explained that he believed that if Senator Kelly's assassination were to be stopped it could change the future for the better.


As Wolverine was about to go through the time machine he was stopped by Bishop. Bishop told Wolverine that he was too old and slow and that if he couldn’t last in a fight against him that was no way he could kill a member of the X-Men that was in their prime.


Wolverine was later attacked by a Sentinel. The Sentinel shot Wolverine with a laser. The heat from the laser was so powerful that only Wolverine's adamantium skeleton was left.

This timeline was erased when Bishop went back in time and worked with the X-Men to save Senator Kelly's life from Mystique.

Age of Apocalypse

In the year 2055 A.D., Master Mold was rebuilt. Master Mold then had a mutant criminal named Fitzroy travel back in time to the year 1959 to assassinate a young Charles Xavier. Fitzroy was able to accomplish this and because Xavier was killed at such a young age he was never able to form the X-Men.

Because the X-Men were never formed in this new timeline, mutants and humans were at war with each other. This war devastated the entire planet. In this timeline, Magneto lead the mutant resistance against the human army, which also included meta-humans.


In this alternate timeline, Storm and Wolverine were married and they helped the resistance fight the humans.

Bishop and Shard then traveled back in time to ask the X-Men for their help in stopping the assassination of Charles Xavier. However, when they got to the X-Men's time period they realized they were already too late.


Bishop and Shard then found Wolverine and Storm and explained to them that because Professor X was assassinated he was never able to fight for basic mutant rights which led to the mutant/human war. Wolverine, Storm, Bishop, and Shard then traveled back in time to 1959 to prevent the assassination of Xavier. Despite their efforts Xavier was caught in an explosion set by Fitzroy and killed. Bishop, Shard, Wolverine, and Storm then traveled to 2055 A.D. hoping that the time machine still existed.

In 2055 A.D. Wolverine, Storm, Shard, and Bishop found Forge and got him to repair the time machine. They then used it to travel back to 1959 and this time were able to prevent Xavier from getting blown up.

After destroying Nimrod they were attacked by Fitzroy. However, Bishop was able to show Fitzroy that Master Mold was going to betray him. Because of this Fitzroy chose not to kill Xavier which restored the timeline to normal.


Wolverine's skeleton includes six retractable one-foot-long claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. Wolverine can, at will, release these slightly curved claws through his skin beneath the knuckles on each hand. Wolverine's claws are made out of adamantium which can slice through everything and is totally indestructible. According to Wolverine his adamantium claws come from going through the Weapon X process and are not mutant powers.

Wolverine's primary mutant power is an accelerated healing process that enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater efficiency than an ordinary human. The full extent and speed of Wolverine's healing factor isn't known. Wolverine’s healing factor also keeps him from aging. Wolverine did not physically age in the decades after World War II.

Wolverine’s other mutant power is that he possesses superhumanly acute senses that are comparable to those of certain animals. He is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. He can track a target by scent, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an extraordinary degree of success. Wolverine's hearing is also greatly enhanced.

In the comics

Around the end of the 19th century in Alberta, Canada, lived a boy named James Howlett. As a boy, James was frail and sickly, frightened by the horrific events that befell him. The wealthy Howletts took in a red-haired orphan, Rose, to be his campanion. James father John subsequently fired the groundskeeper, Thomas Logan, who bore a suspicious resemblance to the adult Wolverine. When James witnessed Logan and his son Dog murder John, Jame's bone claws emerged for the first time, and he killed Thomas Logan.

Rejected by his family as a freak, James fled with Rose to Canada's northern frontier, where they worked at a quarry. Needing an alias for James, Rose dubbed him Logan. At the quarry Logan grew strong and self-reliant. Dog tracked down Logan and they fought, but when Rose tried to stop Logan from killing Dog, she fell onto his claws and died. Having lost the woman he loved, Logan turned his back on civilization to roam the wilderness.

In northern Canada the other, wilder side of Jame's personality grew stronger. He spent days running and hunting with wolves. After Rose's death, James - now Logan - went off with and lived with a wolf pack.

Eventually, the traumatic events James went through combined with his healing factor caused James Howlett to develop amnesia and forget his past including his name. The only thing James could remember was the name Rose dubbed him, Logan, and began to go by that name.

Logan survived into the present day and in the 1960s became an agent for the C.I.A. as part of a strike force called Team X. The other members of Team X included Sabretooth, David North, John Wraith, and Silver Fox. On one of Wolverine's final missions with Team X he and the others were sent to defeat a Russian super soldier named Omega Red.

Sometime later the C.I.A. and the Canadian government set up a program to create super soldiers called Weapon X and Logan was chosen to be a test subject for Weapon X.

Experiment X was overseen by a ruthless scientist named Professor Thorton. Little is known about Thorton, except that he was working for some higher power and used dubious means to acquire his staff. One of these was Dr. Abraham Cornelius, who was wanted by the F.B.I. for questioning regarding so-called "mercy killings." The Professor blackmailed Cornelius into joining the Experiment X staff and overseeing the adamantium bonding process. Their meek assistant, Carol Hines, came from NASA. She proved to have a conscience and was appalled by what her superiors did to Logan.

Logan was captured by three agents, who needed stun guns to subdue him. Unconscious and his body shaved of hair (which, thanks to his mutant powers, began to grow back rapidly), Logan was immersed in a tank of unknown fluids. There the project scientists infused adamantium molecules into his body, binding them to the organic molecules which made up his bones. It was during this process that Professor Thorton and the other scientists discovered that Logan was, in fact, a mutant.

The bonding process proved a success, and Logan's skeleton was infused with molecules of adamantium. However, the process affected Logan's psyche, unleashing the bestial side of his character and turning him into a feral, ferocious killer.

Removed from the tank once the bonding process was complete, the deeply sedated Logan was hooked up to machines that controlled his every movement.

The Professor and Dr. Cornelius subjected their new "Weapon X" to a series of trials by combat, pitting him against wolves, a bear, and even a tiger. Each time, naked and unarmed save for his claws and his sheer ferocity, Logan triumphed. As a way to control Wolverine, Professor Thorton wiped out his memory. However, Logan was able to escape the Weapon X compound and began to roam the wilderness.

A short while later Logan was found by James and Heather Hudson (also known as the heroes Guardian and Vindicator) and he attacked them. James then shot Logan and wounded him but survived due to his healing factor. James and Heather then nursed Logan's wounds and helped him regain his sanity. James and Heather then invited Logan to join a Canadian superhero team named Alpha Flight which was part of the Canadian governments Department H agency. Logan was then given the code name Wolverine. After several successful missions with Alpha Flight, Wolverine was approached by Professor X who told him that he was looking for mutants to rescue the X-Men from Krakoa. Wolverine accepted Xavier's offer and resigned from Alpha Flight and helped rescue the X-Men. After this Wolverine became a full time member of the X-Men. 


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  • While casting Wolverine in X-Men: The Animated Series the creators of the series had in mind a voice that sounded like Clint Eastwood (but deeper, lower register) and Robert Mitchum.
  • According to Wolverine in X-Men: The Animated Series, Morph was the only one that could make him laugh.
  • In Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas, Storm states that Wolverine has experience in field medicine. This is possibly something Logan learned during his time in the military.
  • Wolverine's nickname for everyone is Bub.
  • It has been rumored that Wolverine was planned to appear in UPN's The Incredible Hulk episode, And The Wind Cries. . . Wendigo, but his appearance had to be cut because of X-Men: The Animated Series was airing on Fox and UPN did not want to advertise a show on rival network.
  • The part of Wolverine's backstory where he was born in the 19th century and had bone claws was not revealed until 2001 (four years after X-Men: The Animated Series ended). Up until this point it was believed that Wolverine gained his claws because of the Weapon X process.