Western Technologies was a video game company the developed the video game, Spider-Man.


Western Technologies, Inc. was an early pioneer in development tools for gaming systems. It was founded by Jay Smith who also owned Smith Engineering as a sole proprietorship. (Smith Engineering was Mr. Smith's private company under which he could patent his own designs, projects or inventions, such as the Macrovision, one of the earliest hand-held game consoles.)

Western Technologies developed the Vectrex console system, licensed and distributed first by General Consumer Electric (GCE), and then by Milton Braadely Company after their purchase of GCE. In addition, the company developed sound applications and algorithms for speech in game and other software.

Initially the company developed games for the Atari, Genisis and Nintendo, and later for the Game Gear, PlayStation, DOS and Windows released under the Adrenaline Entertainment, Inc. division, also founded by Smith.

Western Technologies was acquired by Wanderlust Interactive in February 1997.

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