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As War Machine, James Rhodes wore an armored suit equipped with heavy artillery.


The War Machine armor was presumably built by Tony Stark.

It was later given to James Rhodes and he used it to fight crime alongside Iron Man using the name War Machine.

When War Machine flew into a simulated attack to demonstrate a new weapons system called Goliath to the U.S. Army, Goliath went out of control and began firing at War Machine. Goliath's laser system fired at War Machine which drained the suit's power. War Machine then fell into the ocean below and as he began to sink he remembered watching his childhood friend, Joey, drowned. War Machine himself nearly drowned. However, he was saved by Iron Man.

After his near death experience Jim Rhodes stopped wearing the War Machine armor. However, there were a few occasions where Rhodey was forced to wear the armor to help Iron Man.

Eventually, James Rhodes was able to conquer his fears and start wearing the War Machine armor again.


This armor is equipped with heavy artillery. A machine gun is mounted on the armors right shoulder and a rocket launcher is mounted on the left shoulder.

The armor is also capable of firing repulsor beams from the palms of palms of the armor's gloves.

The boots of the armor have jets built into them which allows War Machine to fly through the air.

In the comics

The War Machine armor was built by Tony Stark before he faked his death. Stark specifically built the War Machine armor for James Rhodes so he could become the new Iron Man.

The armors official name is the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, Model XVI, Mark I.

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