Vanessa Fisk is the ex-wife of Wilson Fisk and the mother of Richard Fisk. She loved Wilson Fisk but did not support his criminal career.


As a young woman Vanessa married Wilson Fisk and the two of them had a son they named Richard.

Vanessa eventually learned of Fisk's criminal career and was outspoken about her dislike of her husband's profession. Even though they were now wealthy Kingpin continued to use crime to enhance his wealth. Vanessa tried to convince Wilson Fisk to give up his life of crime since they now had enough money to last a lifetime. However, Kingpin was consumed by crime and refused to stop.

When Silvermane learned that Kingpin had the Tablet of Time he hired Tombstone to steal it from him. To do this Tombstone abducted Vanessa. Kingpin learned Silvermane had Vanessa after Silvermane sent him a lock of her hair.

Silvermane later contacted Kingpin and set up an exchange. As Alistair Smythe arrived at the meeting place, while controlling the Mega-Slayer, he betrayed Tombstone and captured both Vanessa and the Tablet of Time.

When Vanessa safely returned to Kingpin she told him that she was leaving him because of what she had gone through. Before leaving him for good Vanessa told Wilson that the only thing he loved was being the Kingpin of crime and not her.

In the comics

Vanessa's maiden name is Marianna.

While Vanessa was pregnant with Richard Fisk she took a sewing needle and pressed it against her belly in fear of bringing her baby into a world of violence and crime. However, she ended up giving birth to Richard and when he grew up became a rival to his father and attempted to kill both Kingpin and Vanessa.

Vanessa was later kidnapped by a criminal called King and was taken into the sewer. She was believed dead but was later rescued by Daredevil.

Vanessa once left Wilson Fisk but later returned when she learned her son tried to assassinate him. Vanessa then confronted Richard and killed him. Vanessa later died of a disease that developed from the pain of killing her son.

Years later Vanessa was resurrected by the Hand and sent to kill Kingpin as a test to see if she was worthy of leading the Hand. Kingpin and Vanessa fought. However, Wilson did not want to kill his wife and tried to reason with her. As Vanessa lunged at Kingpin he believed Vanessa was trying to kill him so he broke Vanessa's back killing her instead. However, Kingpin learned Vanessa was only trying to save him from an assassin that was standing behind him. Vanessa died her second death in the arms of her devastated husband who buried himself deeper in crime.

In television

In the Netflix series Marvel's Daredevil, Vanessa was an art dealer.


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