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After the season five finale, John Semper Jr. hoped that the Spider-Man: The Animated Series would be picked up for another season. However, when executive producer Avi Arad and the head of Fox Kids, Margaret Loesch got into an argument Loesch had the series canceled. John Semper Jr. had ideas for episodes that would have been produced had the series gotten renewed.

Proposed ideas for season six

Ghost Rider as he appeared in The Incredible Hulk series

  • Mysterio would have been revealed to be alive and in possession of the Time Dilation Accelerator. Mysterio would have used the Time Dilation Accelerator to rob banks. However, one of the portals would have accidentally taken Mysterio to the another dimension where he would have met Dormammu. Mysterio would have then become Dormammu’s new servant and would try to bring him into our world. Spider-Man would have then teamed up with Ghost Rider to defeat both Dormammu and Mysterio.[2]
  • The villain Beetle might have appeared in an episode.
  • Norman Osborn would have returned from limbo and taken back the role of the Green Goblin from his son, Harry.

The Rose

  • Richard Fisk would have returned as a masked criminal called the Rose and was going to frame the Daily Bugle reporter Ned Leeds.
  • Since James Cameron's Spider-Man film was canceled it is possible that Sandman would have appeared in season six.
  • Betty Brandt would have been introduced as Joe "Robbie" Robertson's assistant and she would have had a crush on Peter Parker. Character designs were created but she was never introduced. Her name was also spelled Betty Brandt instead of Betty Brant.


  • An episode involving the villain Puma would have been made. According to online rumors a script involving Puma was actually written.
  • The Hulk might have also made a guest appearance in the series.
  • The villain, Jack O'Lantern might have appeared.
  • Miles Warren might have returned as the Jackal.
  • According to John Semper Jr. on his Spider-Man: TAS Facebook page he would have done an updated version of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends as a more serious version. The episode would have guest starred Iceman and Firestar, and he would have tried to get Frank Welker and Kathy Garver to reprise their roles from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. According to John Semper Jr. at the end of the episode, after the villain was beat, Spider-Man, Iceman, and Firestar would have all looked at one another and said, "Hey, maybe we should all hang out together and be FRIENDS. Wouldn't that be AMAZING?" Then, after a short silence, they would all shake their heads and go, "Nahhhhhhhhh" and take off on their own separate ways.[3]