The Parker house was where May, Ben and Peter Parker lived. The house is located in central Queens, New York City in the neighborhood Forest Hills.


This house is where Ben and May raised Peter Parker.

Sometime ago while Peter was out a burglar intruded and shot and killed Uncle Ben.

Sometime later Venom came to May's house and knocked over a tree in the front yard. Peter was able to catch the tree before it could destroy the house and kill May.

Wanting to capture Spider-Man the Insidious Six knew that Peter took photos of Spider-Man for the Daily Bugle and planned to use him to lure Spider-Man into a trap. Doctor Octopus then went to Peter's house. However, Peter was not there and instead May answered the door. Doctor Octopus tricked May into thinking that Peter had collapsed in front of his clinic and convinced May to go with him. Peter in fact was just fine and Doctor Octopus just wanted Peter to help him lure Spider-Man into a trap.

Later on Spider-Man began to mutate even further into an inhuman creature. Dr. Mariah Crawford developed a cure for him but she warned Spider-Man that the serum could have unforeseen side effects. Spider-Man then took the formula with him and returned home. In his bedroom Peter used the formula on himself but instead of curing him it accelerated his mutation which caused him to grow four extra arms.

Spider-Man later caught Michael Morbius in his bedroom looking for a sample of his neogenic blood so that he could create an army of vampires. When Morbius did not find any blood he flew out of Peter's room. Morbius later returned and confronted Peter and demanded that he give him the Neogenic blood. Peter tricked Morbius into looking in the van parked in front of his house. As Morbius opened the van doors he was attacked by Blade. When May heard noises oming from her front yard she went to see what was going on. As May stepped outside Morbius grabbed her and held her hostage in exchange for Peter's blood.

Tombstone once broke into the house to find incriminating photos Peter took of his boss, Alisa Silvermane. At the time Peter was not home but May was. May was terrified by Tombstone. Tombstone nearly harmed May. However, Tombstone found the photos of Alisa and left the house.

Green Goblin later used the Time Dilation Accelerator to go into May Parker's room while she was sleeping. However, Green Goblin decided to leave her alone and instead went after Mary Jane Watson.

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