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The Tarantula was one of many Spider Slayers created by Alistair Smythe to kill Spider-Man.



When Alistair Smythe started working for the Kingpin he designed three new Spider Slayers which were the Black Widow, the Scorpion, and the Tarantula. Smythe then sent the Tarantula and Black Widow (the Scorpion was not yet completed) to kill Spider-Man. While Spider-Man was fighting the Black Widow on a rooftop the Tarantula came up behind him and took Spider-Man by surprise. Their battle then went down to the streets of New York City and Spider-Man was caught in between the Black Widow and the Tarantula. The Tarantula then froze Spider-Man with his freeze ray and the Black Widow captures him with it's grapples.

The Tarantula and Black Widow then take Spider-Man to Crime Central where Smythe places a bomb on his and J. Jonah Jameson's wrist. The Spider Slayers then take Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson far away from Crime Central. Spider-Man was then able to free Jameson from the bomb and after defeating the Black Widow went after the Tarantula.


The Tarantula then tracked down Eddie Brock (whom Alistair blamed for his father's disappearance) and attempted to kill him. Spider-Man then arrived and saved Brock. When the Tarantula attempted to crush Spider-Man with it's leg Spider-Man grabbed the Tarantula' leg in shoved it into a fuse box. The electricity then caused the Tarantula to malfunction.


Minutes later Smythe reactivated the Tarantula and it combined with the Black Widow and Scorpion to create the Tri-Spider Slayer. Smythe then controled the Tri-Spider slayer to attack OsCorp. As Norman Osborn escaped OsCorp the Tri-Spider Slayer followed him onto the George Washington Bridge. When Spider-Man arrives at the bridge he jumps on top of the Tri-Spider Slayer and places a bomb on it. Spider-Man then jumps away and the bomb explodes destroying the Trantula and the other Spider Slayers.


The Tarantula could fire missiles. Some missiles were explosives and others could release knock out gas. The Tarantula could also fire lasers. The Tarantula also has a freeze ray built onto it. Jets on the Tarantula allowed it to fly. The Tarantula's immense size also mad it incredibly strong.

In the comics

In the comics the Tarantula was the Mark 16 Spider Slayer and when combined with the Black Widow and the Scorpion Spider Slayers became the Mark 18 Spider Slayer.