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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Stilt-Man is a thief that uses large mechanical stilts.


Little is known about Stilt-Man's early life.

At some point he acquired technology that was stolen from Stark Enterprises. He used the technology to build a robotic suit where the legs could extend several stories.

While Stilt-Man was robbing a building Iron Man arrived and used his drill armor to drill through one of the legs on the suit. Iron Man then placed a Negator Pack on the armor which caused it malfunction. Stilt-Man was presumably arrested after this.


Stilt-Man utilizes a suit of armor. The legs of the armor can extend up to sixty feet in length. 

In the comics[]

Wilbur Day was a scientist who was employed by Carl Kaxton, who invented a hydraulic ram device. Wilbur stole Kaxton's designs and used them to engineer a pair of extremely long, telescopic metal legs, which allowed him to tower high over the ground as the super villain called Stilt-Man.

In his first criminal outing Stilt-Man battled Daredevil which resulted in him accidentally being hit by an experimental molecular condenser ray which shrunk him into near nothingness. Stilt-Man was later be reverted to his normal size and continued his criminal life.


Iron Man: The Animated Series[]

  • Armor Wars, Part I
  • Empowered