Spider-Man's Spider-Tracers could be used to track enemies.


Spider-Tracers were small tracking device created by Spider-Man that he can secretly place on his enemies and track their movements by GPS.

Spider-Man once placed a Spider-Tracer on Rhino's leg. However, when Rhino entered Crime Central, Spider-Man lost the tracers signal because Crime Central was built like a fortress.

When Spider-Man fought the Mega-Slayer he learned that the Mega-Slayer's surface was slick and not even he or his Spider-Tracers could stick to it. To track the Mega-Slayer, Peter Parker then created a special adhesive that he put on his Spider-Tracer which allowed it to stick to the Mega-Slayer.

To track down the Spot, Spider-Man adjusted his GPS to track Spot's time dilation portals.

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