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Spider-Man: Unlimited is an endless runner video game developed and published by Gameloft based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. In the game, the player controls the title character and his alternate versions on his fight against the members of the Sinister Six and their multiverse counterparts. Although an endless runner, the main mode features difinitive goals in constrat to the traditional aim of running as far as possible. 


After Spider-Man defeats a figure known as the Golden Goblin, Nick Fury tells him that the Green Goblin assembled a multiverse Sinister Six by a portal and plans to take over Spider-Man's dimension. S.H.I.E.L.D. then used the portal to bring alternative versions of Spider-Man to aide the battle. Spider-Man goes after the Goblin and his alternate versions (Gold Goblin, Grey Goblin, Menace, House of M Goblin) After he defeats his archenemy's alternative versions, he fights various Vultures (Classic Vulture, Ultimate Vulture, Red Vulture, Dark Vulture). Electro and his alternatives versions (Classic Electro, Ultimate Electro, Modern Electro, Pure Energy Electro), Sandman and his alternate versions (Classic Sandman, Noir Sandman, Dark Sandman, and Pure Sand Sandman), Doctor Octopus (Classic Doctor Octopus, Chapter One Doctor Octopus, Noir Doctor Octopus, and Ultimate Doctor Octopus), and Mysterio (Classic Mysterio, Superior Mysterio, and Mysterion), as well as the Sinister Soldiers (armored soldiers working for the Multiverse Sinister Six).


Actor Role
Yuri Lowenthal Spider-Man
Tara Strong Mary Jane Watson
Black Cat
John Eric Bentley Nick Fury
Christopher Daniel Barnes Electro
Nolan North Green Goblin
Laura Bailey Spider-Woman
Travis Willingham Jack O'Lantern
Neil Kaplan Jennix
Kyle Hebert Solus
Doctor Octopus
J. Jonah Jameson
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Silver Sable
Matthew Mercer Hydro-Man