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Spider-Man is a 2000 action/adventure video game that was developed by Neversoft and published by Activision for the PlayStation. The game was later ported to the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64.


While attending a scientific demonstration hosted by the supposedly reformed Dr. Otto Octavius, Peter Parker witnesses the appearance of a Spider-Man imposter who steals Doctor Octavius' experiment. Eddie Brock mistakes this for the real Spider-Man and tries to take pictures, but his camera is shattered by the Spider-Man imposter. Angry, Brock worries that J. Jonah Jameson will fire him from his new job at the Daily Bugle; all of his rage causes the Venom symbiote to surface, and he swears revenge. Everyone present at the demonstration believes that Spider-Man took the experiment, causing the police to begin a manhunt for Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is told by Black Cat that the Jade Syndicate is robbing a bank and have taken hostages. After foiling the bank robbery, Spider-Man fights Scorpion in order to keep him from killing J. Jonah Jameson. After defeating Scorpion, Spider-Man is forced to flee from the police. Spider-Man encounters Daredevil, who questions Spider-Man but is eventually convinced of his innocence, then states that he will spread the word about Spider-Man's innocence. Immediately after Daredevil leaves, Spider-Man is ambushed by a police chopper and is chased across the city. Upon ditching the helicopter, Spider-Man reunites with Black Cat, who alerts him to two new problems: Rhino is attacking a power plant and Venom has kidnapped Mary Jane Watson in order to lure Spider-Man. Spider-Man defeats Rhino at the power plant, but Black Cat is injured and kidnapped by unknown parties posing as paramedics.

Human Torch encounters him, but Spider-Man cannot locate Venom until the villain appears and leads Spider-Man on an elaborate chase into the sewer. Spider-Man comes across the imprisoned Lizard, who explains that Venom has locked him up and taken control of his lizard men, but points him in the direction of Venom's lair, where he is keeping Mary Jane. After battling Venom and rescuing Mary Jane, Spider-Man convinces Venom that someone has framed him and that they have deliberately been turned against each other. To make amends, Venom decides to aid Spider-Man in clearing his name, and they head for the Daily Bugle's office to search through Jameson's files for clues of the imposter's identity.

During the search, however, Venom senses the presence of Carnage, his symbiote offspring, and leaves to find him and keep him away from Spider-Man, who deals with an infestation of symbiotes thrughout the building. He finally locates the identity of the Spider-Man imposter: Mysterio. After being defeated by Spider-Man, Mysterio reveals that his bosses plan to infest New York with symbiotes, and that the fog that blankets the city acts as a beacon for the symbiotes that will prepare the citizens for symbiosis.

Mysterio's information leads Spider-Man to a warehouse that hides an enormous underground base in which the symbiotes that are cloned from Carnage's symbiote are being manufactured. Spider-Man learns that Mysterio was right when he runs into the Punisher at Warehouse 65. With the Punisher's hep, Spider-Man finds a path leading into an undersea base. After rescuing Black Cat, Spider-Man discovers that the mastermind behind the plan is actually Otto Octavius himself, aided by Carnage. Taking up his Doctor Octopus persona once again, he explains that he faked his reform and is planning to rule the new world by bonding everyone on Earth with a symbiote, and kill those who oppose him. As Venom appears and takes on Carnage, Spider-Man battles Doctor Octopus, who is protected behind a force field but still defeated, Carnage knocks Venom out cold, forcing Spider-Man to fight the symbiote himself. He manages to defeat Carnage with sonics, but the Carnage symbiote fuses with Doctor Octopus to produce an enormous, out-of-control monster, called "Monster Ock." After a long chase, Monster Ock accidentally destroys the base, and Spider-Man barley escapes to the surface with the unconscious Doctor Octopus, where he is rescued by Captain America, who was called by Black Cat and Venom, while the Carnage symbiote escapes.

In the epilogue, Spider-Man is shown playing cards with  Captain America, Daredevil and the Punisher, while Black Cat and the Human Torch are dancing. In prison, Mysterio, Rhino, Scorpion and a Jade Syndicate thug are also playing cards as Doctor Octopus is banging his head on the cell bars. Scorpion openly mocks them from failing to defeat Spider-Man despite all working together.

Alternative costumes

Various costumes can be used by putting in cheat codes and each suit has it's own unique ability.

  • Spider-Man 2099: Enhanced strength
  • Symbiote Spider-Man: Unlimited webbing
  • Captain Universe: Invulnerable, Enhanced strength, Unlimited webbing
  • Sidey Unlimited: Stealth
  • Amazing Bag Man: No Spidey Belt
  • Quick Change Spidey: No Spidey Bely
  • Peter Parker: No Spidey Belt


Actor Role
Rino Romano Spider-Man / Peter Parker
Bank Thug #1
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius
Jennifer Hale Black Cat / Felicia Hardy
Mary Jane Watson-Parker
Dee Bradley Baker Carnage / Cletus Kasady
J. Jonah Jameson
Daran Norris Venom
Human Torch
Captain America
Chad Findley Bank Thug #2
Eagle-One Pilot
Christopher Corey Smith Health Club Trainer
Police Pilot
Stan Lee Narrator
Julie Bennett Old Woman
Kathryn Fiore Female Work Instructor
Young Woman Screaming
Female Police Pilot
David Koseruba Eddie Brock
Marcus Shirock Monster-Ock
Police Pilot #1
Henchman #1
Lizard Men
Security Guard
Patrick Warburton Hostage
Lawrence Fishburne Uatu, the Watcher

Other characters

  • Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider can briefly be seen riding his motorcycle up the side of a building.
  • Thor: When Spider-Man asks Venom who he thinks could have stolen Otto Octavius' technology, Venom randomly says names trying to guess. One name Venom mentions is The Mighty Thor.
  • Galactus: Venom also mentions Galactus while trying to guess who stole Otto Octavius' technology.
  • Namor, the Sub-Mariner: In What If? mode Namor can be seen in the ocean while you fight Carnage.
  • Fantastic Four: The Baxter Building can briefly be seen at the start of the game.
  • Green Goblin: A trove of Green Goblin's weapons can be seen during the helicopter chase.
  • Uatu the Watcher: The Watcher hosts What If? mode, replacing Stan Lee as the narrator. He is voiced by Laurence Fishburne.
  • Silver Surfer: Appears briefly in What If? mode flying past a blimp.
  • Mole Man: When Spider-Man runs into the Human Torch, Human Torch tells Spider-Man that he can't help him stop Doctor Octopus because he and the Fantastic Four have to fight Mole Man.
  • Wolverine: In What If? mode a picture of Wolverine appears on a billboard.
  • Hulk: In What If? mode a picture of Hulk appears on a billboard.
  • Iron Man: During the Venom chase level Spider-Man swings past a building with the name Stark on it. This is a Stark Enterprise building which is lead by Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man.
  • Hellfire Club: A sign for the Hellfire Club can be seen in an alley during the Venom chase level.
  • Chameleon: Spider-Man mentioned to Venom that the Spider-Man imposter either had to be Mysterio or Chameleon.
  • Microchip: Microchip could be heard talking to Punisher over a microphone but he never physically appears in the game.

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Comic Collection

A number of classic Spider-Man comics book covers can be collected through the game.

Game covers

References to popular culture

  • When Venom tells Spider-Man "Spider-Wuss, come out and play" this a refrence to a famous scene from the 1979 cult fim The Warriors.
  • In one level where Spider-Man has to chase after Venom, Venom says "Watch that first step, Parker! It's a doozy!", when Spider-Man falls down a flight of stairs. This is a reference to the movie Groundhog Day.
  • In What If? mode, Scorpion yells "Here's Johnny!" after breaking down the door during his boss battle. This is a reference to the famous line from The Shining.
  • In the cutscene where Spider-Man meets with the Punisher and finds the secret location of Doc Ock's operation, after Punisher suggests they team up, Spider-Man says "No thanks, Mr. Death Wish." This references the movie Death Wish, which inspired The Punisher's character and concept.
  • In What If? Mode while Spider-Man is crawling up the side of a building he sees a billboard which says that Captain America will appear on the Jefry Swinger Show. After seeing this Spider-Man shouts Jefry over and over. This is a reference to The Jerry Springer Show.

Wat If? mode


  • Rhino Romano previously voiced Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Unlimited. The costume, Spidey Unlimited, is based on Spider-Man's nano-tech costume in Spider-Man: Unlimited.
  • In the cheats menu, if you enter in curse words, Spider-Man will pop up and change the words into nice words.
  • Throughout the game, there are billboards on buildings advertising Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Neversoft, this game's developer, also developed the Tony Hawk series. There's even one part in the helicopter chase level where if you climb the Tony Hawk billboard, Spider-Man will mention that he once skated with Tony Hawk. This is actually a reference to Spider-Man being a playable character in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2."
  • The reason why there is a "fog" below the buildings is because the developers did not have the technology or time to render an entire city.
  • In this game Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms have two claws instead of three.
  • A sequel called Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro was released in 2001.


Spider-Man PS1 trailer

Spider-Man PS1 trailer