Spider-Man: Chase for the Blue Tiger is a children's book that was written and illustrated by Ricky Geary.


As the story begins Peter Parker gets called into the Daily Bugle to see J. Jonah Jameson and Joseph Robertson. Jonah tells Peter that a crazy billionaire named Knox has captured a rare blue tiger. Jameson tells Peter that he and Robertson are off to cover the story and he wants Peter to get photographs.

Meanwhile, Kraven the Hunter learns of the blue tiger and wants to steal it so that he can hunt the blue tiger on his estate. To help him steal the tiger Kraven calls Chameleon for help.

At Knox's headquarters, Knox shows up in a helicopter and demands that the blue tiger be loaded onto the helicopter immediately. When the helicopter takes off, Jonah tries to come too, but Peter webs his shoes to the ground. Peter then changes into his Spider-Man costume and sticks to the side of the helicopter as it takes off.

As Spider-Man gets inside the helicopter he finds Knox tied up and realizes that the Knox that got into the helicopter was the Chameleon. The helicopter then lands at Kraven's estate. As Kraven and Chameleon open the crate containing the blue tiger they are surprised to see that the tiger is orange. Kraven then learns from Knox that it was a normal tiger painted blue and that he did this for publicity. Spider-Man then jumps out of the helicopter and defeats Kraven and Chameleon.

Spider-Man and Knox then take all of Kraven's captured animals and release them into the wild. Spider-Man and Knox then go to a warehouse and was orange paint off of the tiger revealing his blue fur. Knox had the tiger painted orange to fool thieves. As Knox returns the blue tiger to the wild Peter Parker gives J. Jonah Jameson of the orange painted tiger.


  • Green Goblin makes a brief appearance in the story.
  • In the comics Kraven and Chameleon were step brothers. However, in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Kraven and Chameleon had no relation and never even met each other.
  • It has been reported that there is a species of tiger with blue fur known as the maltese tiger. However, these reports have never been proven.
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