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Spider-Man is a superhero based out of New York City. Despite his shaky public image he is one of the most well known super heroes on Earth and he lives by his Uncle Ben's motto "With great power comes great responsibility."




Peter Parker was the son of Richard and Mary Parker. Richard and Mary were spies working for the United States government. When Peter was just a child Richard and Mary were sent on a mission to Russia and left Peter in the care of Richard's brother, Ben Parker and his wife, May Parker. However, Richard and Mary died in a plane crash.


At the age of ten Ben signed Peter up for science camp where he met the head of the camp and genius scientist, Otto Octavius. While at the camp Peter did an experiment where he mixed two different chemicals. The end result had the chemicals blowing up in Peter's face and the other children laughed at him. However, Dr. Octavius walked over to Peter and told him that the children's laughter was meaningless and that science was the important thing and that science would justify his actions. From that moment forward Peter began to think of Otto Octavius as a mentor.


However, the biggest influence in Peter's young life was his Uncle Ben. When Ben took Peter fishing for the first time Peter was unable to catch a fish and believed that it was due to his bad luck. However, Ben told Peter that his luck had nothing to do with it and said that he was ready to face any challenge that would be thrown at him in life because he raised him to stand strong in what he believed was right.

Becoming Spider-Man

Great power


Peter later grew up and continued to be ostracized from society, due to his geeky look and interest in science. As a senior in high school Peter had a crush on Liz Allen. When Peter asked Liz on a date to attend a science exhibit on a new form of science called Neogenics, Liz made fun of him and said that she would rather go to a party with the school jock, Flash Thompson. As Flash arrived he pushed Peter into a puddle of water and Flash, Liz, and the other students laughed at him.


Despite Liz Allen's refusal Peter went to the Neogenics demonstration anyway which was being held at Empire State University. At ESU the Neogenics experiment was being conducted by a scientist named Farley Stillwell who was the pioneer of the science of Neogenics. As Dr. Stillwell activated a device it released a beam of radiation. Unknown to everyone a small spider got into the path of the radiation and itself became radioactive. The spider then crawled onto Peter's hand and bit him. The venom from the spider then caused Peter to feel ill and he ran outside as fast as he could.


Peter then began to transform into a spider himself. Peter managed to make his way home and attempted to tell May what happened to him. However, May did not realize that the spider was Peter and washed him down the drain of the kitchen sink.


As Peter awoke sometime later he discovered that he was on the bank of a river. As Peter looked down he saw that he was now a giant spider creature which frightened him. It also frightened the crew of a fishing boat that was floating by. The military soon arrived and fired missiles at Peter.


However, Peter woke up behind the ESU building and discovered that what he had just experienced was all a hallucination, possibly caused by the spider bite, and that he was still human. Peter's head was throbbing so much that as he walked into the street he did not notice a car driving toward him. Peter jumped to avoid the car and as he did this he stuck to the side of a nearby building. As Peter scaled the wall he also discovered that he had enhanced strength and agility. Peter was then able to deduce that the spider that bit him was radioactive and that when he got bit the spider transferred it's power to him.

While the spider bite gave Peter several powers he was unable to naturally create spider webbing. However, when the spider bit Peter it also passed along it's knowledge of what chemicals are used to make webbing. Because of this Peter was able to create a formula that replicated a spiders webbing. Peter also created a device he called Web-Shotters to fire the webbing.


Peter decided that his powers could be used for personal gain so he created a costume and started going by the stage name, Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, Peter went on television and performed stunts using his spider powers.


However, Peter soon met a talent agent that made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Still using the alias Spider-Man, Peter became a wrestler. Peter fought the wrestler, Crusher Hogan, and was easily able to beat him.


The fame eventually went to Peter's head and believed that since he was now a star he only had to look out for himself. One night after Peter was done wrestling he went to his locker. Peter then heard a security guard shouting and as Spider-Man turned around he saw a thief run off with the money that the wrestling arena got that night. As the thief ran past Spider-Man he stood there and let him escape. Peter believed that it was not his job to capture him.

Great responsibility


Later that night Peter returned home and saw two police cars outside his Aunt May's house. As Peter rushed inside he saw May and asked where his Uncle Ben was. Peter was approached by a police officer who told him that his house was broken into and the thief shot and killed Ben Parker when he attempted to stop him. the officer then told Peter that the killer had been chased to an abandoned warehouse and that they were working to capture him. Consumed by rage Peter went to his bedroom and put on his Spider-Man costume and went to the warehouse to capture his uncle's murderer.


As Spider-Man arrived at the warehouse he was able to sneak up behind his uncle's killer and grabbed him. As Spider-Man lifted the killer into the air he removed his mask and saw that it was the same thief that he had allowed to escape at the wrestling arena. As Spider-Man turned the thief over to the police he realized that because he had ignored his responsibilities Ben Parker died. At that moment Ben Parker's lesson, with great powers comes great responsibility, sunk in and Peter decided to use his new spider powers to help people as Spider-Man.

Personal life

As Spider-Man made his presence known in New York City he also attracted the attention of of the local media. However, Spider-Man was a target of J. Jonah Jameson who was the owner of the Daily Bugle. Jameson hated Spider-Man and would use the Daily Bugle to try and discredit him in the publics eye.

To support his Aunt May, Peter eventually took a job at the Daily Bugle as a photographer and would take pictures of himself as Spider-Man and sell them to J. Jonah Jameson.

Peter later started taking classes at Empire State University where he was a science major. He was in the same class as Debra Whitman. He was also classmates with ESU's star football player, Flash Thompson. ESU is also where Peter met Felicia Hardy whom he had a crush on.

Crime fighter

Friend in need

During Peter's first year as Spider-Man he fought several super villains.


One of the first villains that Spider-Man fought was his ESU science teacher, Curt Connors who used the Neogenic Recombinator to try and regrow his missing arm. However, the Recombinator's radiation reacted the the reptile DNA he injected himself with which turned him into a giant lizard. However, Peter did not know this at the time. When the Lizard began to terrorize the city J. Jonah James tasked his reporters and photographers to het a picture of the Lizard.

Peter at first did not believe the Lizard existed. However, Peter spotted the Lizard at ESU and saved Debra Whitman from him. The fact that Curt Connors was really the Lizard was unknown to Peter at this time and believed that the Lizard had abducted Dr. Connors.


Peter, as Spider-Man, later went to Connors' house and asked Margaret Connors where her husband was. At that moment Spider-Man heard a yell coming from outside. As Spider-Man arrived on the scene he saw that his rival at the Daily Bugle, Eddie Brock was being attacked by the Lizard. As Spider-Man saved Eddie Brock he was attacked by Lizard and almost killed. However, Curt Connors son, Billy Connors came outside and shouted "No daddy, stop!" After hearing this the Lizard ran off. Spider-Man then learned by Margaret that the Lizard was in fact Curt Connors who was transformed into the Lizard by the Neogenic Recombinator. The Lizard then abducted Margaret and took her into the sewer and Spider-Man went after them.


As Spider-Man caught up to Lizard he learned that he had kidnapped Margaret so that she could operate the Neogenic Recombinator which Lizard was planning on using to turn all the people in New York City into lizard creatures like him. Spider-Man fought the Lizard and was able to use the Neogenic Recombinator to turn Curt Connors back into a human.

The Spider Slayers


Norman Osborn later hired Spencer Smythe to build a robot he called a spider slayer to hunt down Spider-Man. This spider slayer was named the Black Widow and it was able to track Peter to a charity event that was being hosted by Felicia Hardy. Black Widow was able to track Peter to the party but accidentally took Flash Thompson who had dressed as Spider-Man to threaten Peter. Spider-Man managed to track the Black Widow to OsCorp. Spencer Smythe controlled the Black Widow to to attack Spider-Man but during their fight the Black Widow fell into a vat of acid which started a chain reaction and exploded.


Several months later Alistair Smythe, under the command of the Kingpin, rebuilt the Black Widow and also created the Tarantula and Scorpion spider slayers. The spider slayers abducted Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson and brought them to Crime Central where Alistair Smythe attached a bomb to their wrist. However, Spider-Man was able to free them from the bomb. Alistair then sent the spider slayers after Eddie Brock, Norman Osborn, and Flash Thompson whom he believed to be responsible for his father's death. However, Spider-Man was able to save all of them and defeat the spider slayers.

Dangerous Doctor Octopus


At first Felicia Hardy was angry at Peter for abandoning her when the Black Widow attacked. However, she gave Peter a second chance and decided to let him take her on a date. As Peter arrived at the Hardy Mansion, Felicia went to her room to grab her coat. However, Felicia was abducted by Doctor Octopus. Peter attempted to save her but failed. Peter then discovered that the man who kidnapped her was his science teacher from childhood, Otto Octavius. J. Jonah Jameson was ordered by Doctor Octopus to deliver the ransom money. However, Spider-Man followed Jameson and attempted to rescue Felicia. However, Spider-Man's rescue attempt failed and Doctor Octopus captured Jameson. Peter then realized that if Spider-Man could not save Felicia and Jameson, Peter could. Peter then talked to the F.B.I. and convinced them to let him deliver the ransom.


As Peter arrived at a abandoned rocket assembly plant he was confronted by Doctor Octopus who took the ransom money from him. Doc Ock then showed Peter his cold fusion battery and was very impressed by it. When Peter demanded that Felicia and Jameson be released Doctor Octopus became angered and grabbed Peter with his mechanical arms and threw him out a window. Peter quickly changed into his Spider-Man costume and went back into the warehouse and confronted Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man was able to trap Dock Ock's arms in an electro-magnet but in the process accidentally started a rock which Jameson and Felicia were beneath. Spider-Man freed Doctor Octopus and threatened to destroy his cold fusion battery. As Spider-Man threw the battery he trapped Ock in another magnet and was able to save Jameson and Felicia.

The Menace of Mysterio


Later on Spider-Man was framed by a man named Quentin Beck. Beck was a former special effects expert and was able to simulate Spider-Man's spider powers. Beck then dressed as Spider-Man and robbed the Metropolitan Museum and framed the wall crawler. When Peter was sent to the museum to take photos a man calling himself Mysterio arrived and said that he would publicly challenge Spider-Man and defeat him.


Mysterio then lured Spider-Man to the Brooklyn Bridge and was easily able to defeat him. During this time Peter began to lose faith in himself but was reminded by NYPD detective Terri Lee of why he became a superhero in the first place. Spider-Man then discovered that Mysterio was really Quentin Beck, a special effects whom he captured and sent to prison for making an explosion on the Brooklyn Bridge much bigger then it was suppose to be which endangered the lives of the film crew. After discovering this Spider-Man was able to track Mysterio to an abandoned movie studio. Mysterio had set several traps for Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man was able to capture Mysterio and clear his name.



J. Jonah Jameson later hired a private investigator named Mac Gargan to follow Peter Parker so that he could find out who he got his photos of Spider-Man. However, Peter's spider sense alerted him to Gargan's presence and tracked him back to Jameson's office at the Daily Bugle. There he webbed Gargan to the wall and told Jameson to stay out of his way. However, Jameson had Farley Stillwell use the Neogenic Recombinator to combine Gargan's DNA with that of a Scorpion. As the Scorpion, Gargan tracked Spider-Man down and fought him. However, Scorpion began to mutate further and abducted Jameson and brought him to OsCorp where he intended to use OsCorp's nuclear reactor to turn him back into a normal human. However, Spider-Man knew that if Scorpion breached the nuclear reactor it would cause an explosion that would destroy New York City.

Hunter and the hunted


Peter Parker later went to the Hardy Foundation to interview for the position of a research assistant for Dr. Mariah Crawford. As Peter arrived he heard shouting coming form Dr. Crawford's office. Mariah was able to make her way to the roof and was followed by a man. However, Peter, dressed as Spider-Man, went to the rooftop and confronted the man that was chasing her. Spider-Man was able to protect Mariah but the man got away. Mariah then explained to Spider-Man that his name was Sergei Kravinoff and that he was a guide in Africa that she fell in love with. Mariah also told Spider-Man that Sergei was attacked by hyenas and badly wounded and to save his life she had to expose him to a wonder drug which saved his life but made him feral. Spider-Man then took Mariah to Joseph Robertson's home to keep her safe. However, when Robbie returned home Mariah fled believing that Kraven had found her. Kraven later tracked Mariah to the apartment but when he couldn't find her he took Robbie hostage. Kraven then found Spider-Man and told him to bring Mariah to him if he ever wanted to see Robbie again. Spider-Man was able to track them to the Central Park Zoo where he fought Kraven and managed to save Robbie. Mariah later arrived and injected Kraven with the cure for the wonder drug.

Threat of the Hobgoblin


Peter Parker was later assigned to take photographs of the groundbreaking of the future site of a criminology school which was located in Empire State University. It was hosted by Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin. As Peter took pictures his spider sense tingled. Hobgoblin flew overhead on his glider and was about to assassinate Fisk. However, Peter rushed up and pushed Fisk out of the way. Spider-Man chased after Hobgoblin. However, Hobgoblin was able to get away.


Hobgoblin then betrayed Norman and went to work for Kingpin. When Kingpin learned that Norman Osborn was the one that hired him to kill him Kingpin had Hobgoblin kidnap Harry Osborn as payback. At that time Peter had moved into an apartment and Harry was his roommate. May later went to the apartment to visit Peter but the apartment was attacked by Hobgoblin and kidnapped Harry. As Peter turned around he saw May laying on the floor unconscious and took her to the hospital. May's attending physician then told Peter that May was in a coma. After hearing this Peter was infuriated and wanted to take down the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man later confronted the Hobgoblin and was able to defeat him. Spider-Man was also able to rescue Harry. However, as Peter returned to the hospital May awoke from her coma. However, Peter learned that from May that she went into a coma not because of Hobgoblin's attack but instead for seeing his dirty apartment. Peter then moved back into May's house.



Eventually two warring countries put their differences aside and decided to sign a peace treaty at the United Nations in New York City. However, terrorist who did not want the treaty signed hired an international terrorist known as the Chameleon to sabotage the treaty signing. The secret espionage organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. learned that Chameleon would sabotage the treaty signing and brought J. Jonah Jameson to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier where he met with Nick Fury. Fury told Jameson that the Chameleon was hired to assassinate the delegates and asked him to report any suspicious activate he was at a party he was throwing at the Daily Bugle. At this moment Peter was secretly listening to their conversation and learned of Chameleon's plan. The night of the party Spider-Man chased after the Chameleon. Chameleon almost got away by disguising himself as Nick Fury. However, Spider-Man outed him although Chameleon was able to escape. The next day Peter Parker went to the UN to take pictures of the treaty signing. However, Peter was attacked by Spider-Man. Spider-Man then revealed that Peter was really Chameleon in disguise. After this Chameleon was taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury thanked Spider-Man for his help. Spider-Man was shocked but at the same time grateful that someone actually thanked him for his help.

The jackpot

Eventually the niece of May's friend, Anna Watson, moved next into her home which was next door to Peter and May's house. When May learned that Anna's niece, Mary Jane Watson, would be moving in with her she intended to set Peter up on a date with her.

Peter, as Spider-Man, made a call to Aunt May and told her that he would not be able to make it home in time for lunch. May replied that she had invited Mary Jane and that she wanted him to meet her. However, Spider-Man spotted Scorpion with J. Jonah Jameson as his hostage and had to hang up to follow them.

Peter believed that being set up on a blind date was like winning the lottery because the odds are so stacked against you.

Peter later attended a charity ball hosted by the Hardy Foundation. Peter took May as his date. However, May told Peter that he should have taken Mary Jane instead.


May eventually got tired of Peter making excuses as to why he couldn't meet Mary Jane. So May invited Mary Jane over and forced Peter to meet her. At first Peter was dreading his blind date with Mary Jane. However, when Mary Jane arrived at their house Peter saw how beautiful Mary Jane was. Mary Jane then told Peter "Face it tiger. You just hit the jackpot."

Peter and Mary Jane dated for several months. However, Peter could not make time for Mary Jane because of his duties as Spider-Man. This drove a wedge between Peter and Mary Jane. Eventually Mary Jane broke up with Peter and started dating his best friend, Harry Osborn.

Alien costume



While on a mission to space John Jameson discovered a new element called Promethium X. When Jameson brought the Promethium X a symbiote emerged from the Promethium X and oozed over Jameson. This caused Jameson to crash his shuttle on the George Washington Bridge. As Peter learned of this he went to the George Washington Bridge to help. However, Kingpin also learned of this and sent Rhino to retrieve the Promethium X. As Spider-Man arrived at the crash site he fought Rhino but failed to stop him from stealing the Promethium X. Spider-Man then accidentally fell into the Hudson River and when he got to the surface he discovered that a black slime, which he believed was pollution from the river, on his costume.


However, as Peter returned home he discovered that J. Jonah Jameson was blaming Spider-Man for the theft of the shuttle. This was because Eddie Brock, who as on the George Washington Bridge at the time, had taken pictures of Spider-Man coming out of the shuttle and showed them to Jameson. However, Brock had failed to tell Jameson about the Rhino. The incident on the bridge sent John Jameson to the hospital and because of this J. Jonah Jameson put a bounty on Spider-Man's head.


As Peter went to bed the black slime from his costume oozed over him and later Peter awoke hanging upside down in New York City wearing a strange black costume. Spider-Man was then spotted by some men who tried to capture him for Jameson's reward money. As Spider-Man escaped he discovered that his new costume also enhanced his spider powers.


Rhino later reappeared at a military base to steal Lidium 90 Control Rods for Kingpin so that Alistair Smythe could handle the Promethium X. However, Spider-Man also arrived and fought Rhino. Spider-Man was easily able to beat Rhino and Rhino said that he would go to jail. However, Spider-Man picked up a heavy metal door and held it above Rhino's head and threatened to kill him. However, Spider-Man was able to stop himself from killing Rhino and left wondering why he almost did that.

Sometime later Jameson learned that Eddie Brock had lied to him and rescinded the bounty he had placed on Spider-Man. Jameson then fired Brock.



Spider-Man then tracked Shocker to a hideout after he stopped him from killing Eddie Brock. While there Spider-Man was able to retrieve the Promethium X from Alistair Smythe. Kingpin ordered Smythe to get the Promethium X back by any means necessary. To do this Smythe had Shocker kidnap John Jameson from his hospital room and use him as bait for Spider-Man.


When Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson arrived at a church Alistair Smythe gave returned John Jameson to them and he and J. Jonah Jameson got out of there. Spider-Man held up his side of the bargain and gave the Promethium X to Smythe. However, Smythe double-crossed Spider-Man by bringing Shocker whom attacked Spider-Man. Spider-Man then chased Shocker to the church's bell tower and fought Shocker. Spider-Man got angry and pushed Shocker off the bell tower and almost killed him. However, Spider-Man realized what he had done and shot a web line at Shocker and saved him. Spider-Man then realized that the symbiote was trying to control him and he attempted to remove it. When the bell in the tower rang Spider-Man felt that the symbiote was in pain and he used the bell to remove the symbiote from his body.

Poisoned to Spider-Man

Spider-Man believed that the symbiote had died. However, the symbiote had survived and attached itself to Eddie Brock who was in the church at that time. The symbiote drove Brock insane and turned him into Venom.


Venom later attacked Spider-Man. During this time Spider-Man learned that Eddie Brock bonded with the symbiote. Spider-Man also learned that when the symbiote bonded with Brock it passed on Peter's memories to Brock. This was how Venom learned Spider-Man's secret identity. Venom later told Spider-Man that he would reveal his secret identity to J. Jonah Jameson and that once Spider-Man was dead he would go after May Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Venom then began to torment Peter so Peter then decided to fight back. Spider-Man then got Venom's attention and Venom began to chase Spider-Man through the city. Spider-Man and Venom then arrived at a rocket launch site. Unknown to Venom this was actually Spider-Man's plan. While Spider-Man fought Venom he was able to lure Venom beside a John Jameson Probe. As the probe launched the roar of the rocket's engine forced the symbiote off of Brock. Spider-Man then used his web shooter to attach the symbiote to the rocket and as it launched the symbiote was sent into space. Brock was then arrested for breaking into military base and Peter was happy that the nightmare of the alien costume was over.


Power loss


Eventually Spider-Man began to lose his powers. However, things were made worse when Kingpin broke Doctor Octopus, Shocker, Mysterio, Rhino, Chameleon, and Scorpion out of prison. The six criminals formed a team called the Insidious Six and they were led by Kingpin. The Insidious Six kidnapped May Parker and forced Peter to have Spider-Man meet them. Despite Peter's power loss he met the Insidious Six in his Spider-Man costume and was captured by Doctor Octopus. However, Doctor Octopus believed that Peter was only posing as Spider-Man because he could not find the real Spider-Man. To keep himself and May safe he told the Insidious Six that he would deliver the real Spider-Man. While part of the Insidious went with Peter to meet Spider-Man the other half of the team captured Kingpin's rival, Silvermane. However, Peter was able to get away and change into his Spider-Man costume. When Spider-Man learned that Silvermane was captured Spider-Man rescued him unaware that he was a major crime lord in New York City. Spider-Man was able to get away. However, the six members of the Insidious Six remained at large.


Spider-Man later went to Empire State University and had Curt Connors run test on him to find out why he kept losing his powers. When Connors was finished he told Spider-Man the reason he kept losing his powers was because his DNA was mutating into something that wouldn't be human. However, Connors did not know what Spider-Man was transforming into.



Spider-Man later learned of a man named Charles Xavier who was the world's leading expert on genetic mutations. Spider-Man later went to the Xavier Mansion believing that Xavier could cure him of his mutation. However, when Spider-Man entered the mansion the X-Men chased him down. As the X-Men caught Spider-Man, Wolverine was about to kill him. However, he was stopped by Professor X. Spider-Man then told Professor X about him mutating into something that won't be human and he asked Professor X to cure him. However, Professor X told Spider-Man that his work was not to cure mutants but to train them and help them accept who and what they are. This infuriated Spider-Man and he left the mansion. As Spider-Man left the X-Man, Beast caught up with him and Beast told Spider-Man that Herbert Landon, the C.E.O. of the Brand Corporation, had developed a cure for his type of mutation and that he could help. However, as Spider-Man left Beast was attacked and captured. Best was then brought to the Brand Corporation where he saw his old colleague, Herbert Landon. Landon revealed to Beast that he was not curing mutants but instead using a chemical he created to destroy all mutants on Earth.


The next morning Wolverine realized that Beast was missing and used his sense of smell to track Beast's scent to a forest. As Wolverine smelled the ground he picked up Spider-Man's scent as well and believed that Spider-Man set a trap for Beast and captured him. That night Wolverine tracked Spider-Man to the Brand Corporation and fought him. However, Spider-Man convinced Wolverine that he had nothing to do with Beast's disappearance. Spider-Man and Wolverine then began to search for Beast inside the Brand Corporation. Together Spider-Man and Wolverine fought their way into the laboratory where they found Beast in a cage hanging above a vat of chemicals. They were able to free Beast but Herbert Landon accidentally fell into the chemicals and mutated into a giant reptilian monster and made his way into New York City.


The X-Men quickly responded and met Spider-Man, Beast, and Wolverine. Spider-Man quickly discovered that Landon was draining electrical energy to feed himself and Spider-Man came up with a plan to stop him. By using equipment on the Blackbird, Spider-Man and Beast were able to drain Landon of his body's electrical energy. This caused Landon to be transformed back into his although half of Landon's body was still reptilian. With Herbert Landon defeated the X-Men told Spider-Man that anytime he had a problem he could turn to them for help.

Morbius, the Living Vampire


Spider-Man later went to see Mariah Crawford. Dr. Crawford told Spider-Man that she might have found a cure for his mutation but was unsure if the formula she created had any side effects and she wanted to run more tests. This made Spider-Man angry and he began tearing up the laboratory to find the cure. To stop Spider-Man, Mariah gave in and gave Spider-Man a vial of the cure.


A fellow student at ESU and Peter's rival, Michael Morbius, found a vial of Peter's blood inside his locker. When Morbius examined the blood he discovered it had been exposed to Neogenics. Morbius believed that the blood was Peter's Neogenics project that that he would win the position of Curt Connors lab assistant. Morbius intended to discover how Peter created the Neogenic blood so he exposed it to radiation from the Neogenic Recombinator. However, a bat flew into the path of the radiation and drank Peter's blood. As Morbius attempted to get rid of the bat he was bit on the hand. This transformed Morbius into a vampire. Spider-Man later ran into Morbius and fought him. Spider-Man was only able to defeat Morbius after he was exposed to sunlight.



Despite Dr. Crawford's warning Peter injected himself with the serum. However, the serum did not cure Peter's mutation disease but accelerated it instead. Peter then grew four extra arms. Peter then left his home because he did not want to frighten his Aunt May.


While Morbius was in the hospital he transformed back into a vampire and flew out of his hospital window. When Felicia Hardy went to visit Morbius she saw that he was gone and blamed Spider-Man for his disappearance. The police then put an APV on Spider-Man. The vigilante known as the Punisher learned of this and began to hunt Spider-Man. Punisher later attacked Spider-Man and both of them fought.


During their fight Spider-Man fell through the roof of a warehouse and he fully transformed into a spider monster which was dubbed Man-Spider. Punisher then ran into the warehouse and fought Man-Spider. However, the Man-Spider was able to overpower Punisher but Punisher was able to escape.

Reversing the mutation

Through a news report Mariah Crawford learned that Spider-Man had transformed into a spider monster. Mariah then called Sergei Kravinoff and told him to come to New York so that he could help her cure Spider-Man.

IMG 0637.PNG

While Kraven was looking for Spider-Man to cure him Punisher was looking for Spider-Man to kill him. This put bother hunters at odds with each other. Punisher was later captured by the Man-Spider and brought to his secret lair. However, Kraven tracked Man-Spider down and freed Punisher. The two then agreed to work together to defeat Man-Spider. Punisher and Kraven were able to capture Man-Spider. However, Punisher intended to kill Man-Spider. Mariah Crawford then arrived and she convinced Punisher to let her cure him. Dr. Crawford then injected Man-Spider with a serum which caused him to transform back into a human.

Despite this Spider-Man learned that Dr. Crawford only reversed his mutation but did not cure him of the mutation disease.

Hunting Morbius


A vampire hunter called Blade later came to New York City to kill Spider-Man whom he believed was a vampire. However, unknown to Blade Spider-Man was being blamed for Morbius' crimes. Blade soon learned the truth but resented Spider-Man for helping a vampire and attempted to kill him. However, Spider-Man and Blade set aside their differences to search for Morbius. Spider-Man and Blade soon discovered that Morbius was planning on using the Neogenic Recombinator to turn ever one on Earth into vampires. Morbius later kidnapped Felicia Hardy and intended to turn her into a vampire. However, Spider-Man and Blade arrived and fought him. However, as the beam from the Neogenic Recombinator was about to hit Felicia, Morbius realized he did not want the love of his life to become a vampire. Morbius then jumped in front of the beam and shielded Felicia. The dose of radiation turned Morbius into a giant bat creature and he flew away and went into hibernation in a cave near the ocean.

Tablet of Time


Sometime later archaeologist discovered an ancient artifact called the Tablet of Time which according to ancient legends had the ability to make people younger. The Tablet of Time was then brought to New York City to be studied at Empire State University by Curt Connors. Connors then talked to Spider-Man and told him he believed that the Tablet of Time might be able to cure him of his mutation disease. Kingpin and Silvermane both learned of the tablet and they wanted it for themselves. Kingpin wanted it for it's value and Silvermane wanted the Tablet of Time for it's power to return youth. Kingpin stole the Tablet of Time. However, despite Spider-Man's interference, Silvermane managed to obtain it. Silvermane then kidnapped Spider-Man and used the Tablet of Time on himself. However, Silvermane continued to get younger and younger until he became a baby. Spider-Man and Curt Connors believed that the Tablet of Time was destroyed and with it Spider-Man's chance to cure himself. However, the Tablet of Time was saved by Hammerhead and he sold it to Adrian Toomes.


Peter transformed into an old man

When Toomes lost his company, Toomes Aerodynamics, to Norman Osborn he used his flight harness to become the Vulture and terrorize Osborn. Toomes even created gauntlets that could drain youth from people and make himself younger. Toomes was able to create the gauntlets by studying the Tablet of Time. When Toomes, now calling himself Vulture, attacked Norman Osborn he was spotted by Debra Whitman and she called Peter and told him. Peter, as Spider-Man, arrived at Toomes Aerodynamics and fought Vulture. However, Vulture won their battle and was able to drain Peter's youth. However, other than Spider-Man's youth Vulture also absorbed Spider-Man's mutation disease and he himself began to transform into a Man-Spider. Not wanting to live with the mutation disease Vulture lured Spider-Man into a trap at Toomes Aerodynamics. Vulture captured Spider-Man and forced Curt Connors to reprogram his gauntlets to return the disease to Spider-Man. However, Connors double-crossed Vulture and reprogrammed the gauntlets to make Spider-Man young again but leave the mutation disease in Vulture's body. As Vulture transformed into a Man-Spider, Spider-Man regained his youth and powers. In the ensuing battle the Neogenics laboratory exploded but Spider-Man was able to save himself and Curt Connors. Vulture was believed to have died but actually survived the explosion. Cured of the mutation disease Peter Parker was able to return to his life without having to worry about mutating anymore into the Man-Spider.


Set up

IMG 2090.png

Peter Parker was eventually contacted by a man named Richard Fisk and he introduced him to his father, Wilson Fisk. Wilson Fisk then offered Peter a job at his new company, Fisktronics, as thanks for saving him from the Hobgoblin. Peter's job was an diagnostic analyst at Fisktronics. The computers at Fisktronics would give Peter a data disc which would point out errors in the computer system.

IMG 1962.png

One day Peter took the diagnostic disc out of the Fisktronics computer and went home. On his way home Peter stopped at a hot dog vendor to get a hot dog. However, the hot dog vendor held Peter at gun point. Peter ran home to see if his Aunt May was alright. The gun men then burst in and revealed that they, and their leader, Susan Choi, were federal agents. Susan Choi then revealed that they were federal agents and revealed that the data disc Peter took from work was actually full of classified defense plans. Choi then told Peter that under arrest for treason against the U.S. government.

IMG 1954.png

J. Jonah Jameson believed that Peter was innocent and hired a famous criminal defense attorney named Matt Murdock to defend Peter. Matt went to prison and met with Peter. As they talked Peter told Matt about the events leading up to his arrest. Peter eventually went to trial and Murdock demanded that Peter be freed to prove his innocence. However, the judge decided to put Peter in prison.

The truth

IMG 2091.png

As the trial ended Peter was put in the back of a police van and was to be taken to prison. However, the van was attacked by a helicopter which dropped explosives on the ground. A Spider-Man imposter then broke into the police van and kidnapped Peter and was able to get away in a helicopter.

IMG 1965.png

As the helicopter arrived at an abandoned warehouse he learned that Richard Fisk was the one that framed him. Richard revealed that federal agents were onto his plan to sell government secrets and and that he framed Peter to keep the feds off his trail. Richard also told Peter that he arranged his escape so that there would be no doubt in anyone's mind that he was guilty of treason. The fake Spider-Man then revealed himself to be the Chameleon.

IMG 2092.png

Richard Fisk put Peter into an decompression chamber and told Peter that there was not any ventilation and that after a few minutes he would run out of air and suffocate. As Richard and Chameleon left the warehouse Peter attempted to use his spider strength to break free. However, the chamber was so strong that he could not break free. A vigilante named Daredevil (who was really Matt Murdock) quickly arrived and was able to defeat the guards and free Peter from the chamber before he could die. Daredevil then took Peter to Matt Murdock's apartment. Matt left Peter at his apartment and went to Fisktronics to find evidence to clear Peter. However, Peter, as Spider-Man, also went to Fisktronics to do the same thing.

Finding evidence

As Spider-Man arrived at Fisktronics, he found a computer with evidence on it that could prove his innocence. Spider-Man was able to put the computer files on a disc and intended to turn it over to the authorities. However, Spider-Man was attacked by Daredevil who believed that he helped Richard frame Peter.

IMG 2046.png

Daredevil attacked Spider-Man and attempted to get the disc. Spider-Man attempted to tell Daredevil that he was innocent and was trying to help Peter. However, Daredevil did not believe him. Daredevil believed that Spider-Man was working for Richard Fisk and was helping him frame Peter. Spider-Man and Daredevil fought. However, some men working for Kingpin rushed in and started shooting at them. The guards then set a timber on a bomb to destroy Fisktronics and get rid of any evidence against Kingpin. As the bomb exploded Spider-Man got Daredevil to safety and went back inside and retrieved the disc. Daredevil then realized that he and Spider-Man were on the same side and revealed to him that Wilson Fisk was a master criminal called the Kingpin and that he was the one truly behind Peter being framed. Daredevil then took the disc from Spider-Man and said that he would turn it over to Matt Murdock.


IMG 2093.png

As Peter arrived back at Murdock's apartment he turned on the television and saw that Aunt May collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Peter became worried about his aunt and wanted to go see her. However, Matt arrived and advised against going to the hospital since he was still a fugitive. However, Peter told Matt that he would not be caught and went to see her. At that moment Matt went to see a federal agent named Susan Choi and gave her the data disc to prove Peter's innocence. However, Murdock was unaware that Agent Choi was really working for the Kingpin.

IMG 2054.png

Peter was able to sneak into the hospital and found Mary Jane. Mary Jane then helped Peter get into May's room by disguising him as a doctor. Peter then told May that Matt Murdock had evidence to prove his innocence. May was glad to hear this and said that she always believed he was innocent. Anna Watson then came into the room and offered to help Peter get out of the hospital and avoid the police. As the three of them got outside Anna revealed that she was really Chameleon. Chameleon then knocked Peter and Mary Jane out with sleeping gas and shoved into a black van and it drove off.

IMG 2094.png

Peter and Mary Jane were then taken to Richard Fisk's mansion and were both put in an decompression chamber. As the air was sucked out of the chamber, Terri Lee and the NYPD SWAT team attacked the mansion. Terri Lee then fought Susan Choi and was able to beat her. Terri Lee then freed Peter and he quickly changed into his Spider-Man costume. At that moment Daredevil also arrived and fought Chameleon. Chameleon used his Image Inducer to take Daredevil's form. As Daredevil and Chameleon fought Spider-Man was unable to tell which one was which. Daredevil was able to defeat Chameleon. However, Chameleon was able to escape. Richard Fisk also tried to escape. However, Fisk was stopped by Spider-Man and Daredevil and was then arrested by Terri Lee.

Battling Kingpin

IMG 2095.png

Spider-Man and Daredevil then followed Chameleon's helicopter to Crime Central. While inside Spider-Man and Daredevil split up. Spider-Man kept the guards busy while Daredevil went after Kingpin. Daredevil found Kingpin in his office and they fought. However, Kingpin was able to overpower Daredevil. Before Kingpin could kill Daredevil, Spider-Man showed up and was able to hold Kingpin back with a web line. Kingpin was then able to make it to an elevator and took it to the hangar and escaped on a helicopter. However, Spider-Man and Daredevil were able to force the helicopter down. Spider-Man believed that they had captured Kingpin. However, Daredevil revealed that he was really Chameleon and that Kingpin must have made the switch before getting on the helicopter.


IMG 2065.png

Sometime later Richard Fisk, Susan Choi, and Chameleon were put on trial for their crimes and were found guilty. After the trial Wilson Fisk approached Peter and apologized for what he went through. However, Wilson Fisk was lying as a way to keep his cover as a philanthropist. Peter accepted his apology but thought to himself Spider-Man will be watching him.


Later that night Spider-Man met Daredevil on top of the Woolworth Building. Daredevil told Spider-Man that Matt Murdock had gotten a special assignment from Washington D.C. and that with them gone it would be up to him to keep Kingpin at bay in New York City. Daredevil then told Spider-Man that he will always be an ally to him in his war against Kingpin and departed. Spider-Man then promised to continue to fight Kingpin for as long as he can.

Madame Web

Faith of a child

IMG 0766.png

When Spider-Carnage threatened to destroy all of reality Madame Web set out on a mission to find warriors to defeat him. One of these warriors was Peter Parker. However, at this time Spider-Man had failed to defeat Doctor Octopus and in the process a medical research laboratory. Because of this failure Peter Parker was contemplating being a superhero. Later on Peter went to the Daily Bugle and Joseph Robertson handed Peter a fan latter from a little girl named Maria Taina Elizando and asked if he could get it to Spider-Man. However, Peter believed that because of what he was going through he did not need fan mail at the moment.


As Peter left the Daily Bugle he walked down the street and thought to himself that since his career as Spider-Man was over his life would be perfect. However, as Peter walked down an alley he was teleported into a building and met Madame Web. Madame Web told Spider-Man that she was about to train Spider-Man for a mission that she will require him to accomplish. Madame Web also told Spider-Man that she was there to help him overcome the self-pity which was threatening to end his superhero career. Madame Web then delivered a cryptic message by saying that he "Must have the faith of a child" and then mysteriously vanished. As Spider-Man stood on the street the letter Maria appeared in his hand from out of no where. Spider-Man then remembered that Madame Web said something about having the faith of a child.

IMG 0772.png

Shortly afterward Spider-Man arrived at Maria Taina Elizando's house and went into her bedroom and surprised her. Maria then told Spider-Man that only her mother called her Maria and that everyone else calls her Taina. Spider-Man then began to tells Taina the story about how he got his powers. As Spider-Man finished his story he told Taina that he was going to retire because of what happened at the medical lab. Maria was upset by this and as Spider-Man was about to leave to go web swinging Maria convinced Spider-Man to take her with him.

IMG 0782.png

Spider-Man then landed on a rooftop and demonstrated his spider powers for Taina. However, Spider-Man's spider sense went off and told Taina to hide which she did. Spider-Man was then attacked and captured by the Octobot and was then approached by Doctor Octopus who knocked him out and carried him away. Doctor Octopus took Spider-Man to his hideout and used a device called the Neural Neutralizer Ray on him which caused Spider-Man to forget who he was. Taina followed them to the hideout and secretly watched as Doctor Octopus convinced Spider-Man that they were partners in crime.

IMG 0844.png

Taina witnessed this and left to find someone to help her. However, no one believed Taina that Doctor Octopus had kidnapped Spider-Man and turned him into a criminal. Taina then met a cabbie named Mousie whom she convinced to help her save Spider-Man. Taina and Mousie later caught up with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. Taina was able to make Spider-Man remember who he was and Spider-Man defeated Doctor Octopus.


Spider-Man then took Taina back to her home and thanked her for helping him. Spider-Man also told Taina that if there was anything she wanted all she had to do was ask him. Taina took Spider-Man up on his offer and she asked him to reveal his secret identity. At first Spider-Man hesitated but ended up taking off his mask and revealing his identity to Taina. Taina then hugged Spider-Man and told him that he was the best friend she ever had. As Spider-Man left he started to believe in himself again and knew that it was all thanks to Taina. Madame Web then teleported Spider-Man to her side and told him that they have much work for him to do for when he eventually faces his greatest challenge. As Madame Web vanished Spider-Man began to wonder what exactly it was she was training him for. However, Spider-Man decided it didn't matter because he knew who he was and said that it was all thanks to Taina.

It's not the how you must master it's the why

Shortly after Richard Fisk's arrest Alistair Smythe believed that Kingpin blamed him for his sons arrest and began to think that Kingpin was going to betray him. Alistair contacted Peter Parker and told him to have Spider-Man him him on a rooftop so that he could turn over evidence against Kingpin. However, Kingpin caught Alistair talking to Peter and had Herbert Landon turn him into a cyborg spider-slayer.

IMG 2378.png

Later that night Spider-Man went to the rooftop to meet Smythe. However, Smythe attacked Spider-Man and Spidey was shocked to see that Smyhte had been turned into a cyborg. Smythe was nearly able to kill Spider-Man. However, Madame Web was able to teleport Spider-Man to her just in time. Madame Web then told Spider-Man that to defeat Smythe he must think about what Smythe's motivations are such as why he wants him dead. Madame Web tells Spider-Man that he must use this information to defeat Smythe.

IMG 2383.png

For a while Kingpin was able to control Alistair Smythe by having him memory erased. However, Smythe started to regain his memories, one of these memories being his father, Spencer Smythe's, disappearance at the OsCorp explosion. Smythe then went to OsCorp Towers to kill Norman. However, Kingpin's men were able to rescue Norman and bring him and Alistair back to Crime Central. Spider-Man was there and was able to follow them.

IMG 2449.png

When Spider-Man got to Crime Central he spied on Kingpin and learned that Spencer Smythe was still alive and was being kept in suspended animation in that building. However, one of the guards spotted Spider-Man on the ceiling and shot at him. As soon as Kingpin learned that Spider-Man was there he had Smyhte attack him. Smythe was nearly able to kill Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man remembered what Madame Web said, "It's not the how you must master it's the why." Spider-Man knew that he would be unable to beat Smythe in hand to hand combat. Because of this Spider-Man revealed to Smythe that his father was still alive and Kingpin was keeping him in suspended animation in Crime Central. Smythe then turned against Kingpin and rescued his father. Spider-Man at that moment was able to rescue the hostages that Kingpin took.

Believe in the human spirit

When Alisa Silvermane took over her father's criminal empire the Daily Bugle planned to print an exposé in their paper. To keep this from happening Alisa hired Tombstone. Tombstone planned to kill the exposé by using his childhood friend and editor of the Daily Bugle, Joseph Robertson.

IMG 2555.png

Tombstone learned that Peter Parker had the negatives and went to his home to search for them. When Tombstone arrived he terrorized May and tore apart the house looking for the negatives. Tombstone eventually found the negatives and left the house. However, at that time Spider-Man arrived and saw Tombstone and followed him to the Queensboro Bridge. Spider-Man forced Tombstone's car to crash and Spider-Man attacked him. However, Tombstone was able to pick up Spider-Man and throw him into the river.

Spider-Man eventually learned that Robbie's son, Randy Robertson, was part of Tombstone's new gang, the Bandanna Gang. Spider-Man then went to Robbie's house to tell him that his son was part of the gang. However, when Spider-Man arrived at Robbie's house he learned that Robbie had already figured out that Randy was part of the Bandanna Gang. At that moment Robbie received a phone call from Tombstone asking to meet him so they could talk about Alisa Silvermane.

IMG 2556.png

Spider-Man then followed Robbie to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park where he met Tombstone. Tombstone talked to Robbie and tried to convince him to kill the Alisa Silvermane story. Robbie refused to do so and Tombstone threatened to harm him. However, Spider-Man arrived and was able to save Robbie. Spider-Man and Tombstone briefly fought. However, Tombstone was able to bring down the mausoleum they were in. Spider-Man rescued Robbie and then Robbie explained to Spider-Man that he and Tombstone were childhood friends. Tombstone, then known as Lonnie Lincoln, as a young adult tried to frame Robbie for breaking into the Spaulding Chemical Plant as revenge for Robbie sending him to juvenile detention when they were kids. However, Lonnie accidentally fell into a vat of chemicals and Robbie believed that he had died. However, Lonnie survived and the chemicals turned his skin white and gave him super strength. Lonnie then took the name Tombstone and became a hitman for the criminal underworld.

IMG 2582.png

Later when Robbie returned home he got another phone call from Tombstone who told Robbie to meet him at the Spaulding Chemical Plant or else he would have Robbie take the fall for his crimes. Several minutes after Robbie left his house Spider-Man arrived looking for him. However, Robbie's wife, Martha, told Spider-Man that Robbie went to the Spaulding Chemical Plant.

IMG 2583.png

Spider-Man realized that Robbie could be walking into a trap and web swung as fast as he could to get there. However, Spider-Man was stopped by Madame Web. Madame Web then told Spider-Man that he could not use his superhuman strength to defeat Tombstone and that some evil could only be fought with the human heart. Madame Web left and Spider-Man was confused by what Madame Web told him.

IMG 2529.png

Robbie Robertson then arrived at the Spaulding Chemical Plant and confronted Tombstone. Tombstone showed Robbie that Randy and the Bandana Gang were robbing the Spaulding Chemical Plant and that Randy would be arrested for his crime unless he killed the Alisa Silvermane story. However, Robbie revealed to tombstone that he was able to rush the story to print and that within a few hours everyone would know about Alisa Silvermane's activities. However, Tombstone stated that he didn't care as long as the Robertson name was destroyed. Spider-Man was listening to all of this through the window then spotted Randy and grabbed him. Spider-Man tried to tell Randy that Tombstone was trying to frame him. However, Randy didn't believe him and said that the Bandanna Gang was more of a family to him then his real family. Spider-Man then showed Randy that his father was there defending him from Tombstone.

IMG 2584.png

Robbie then chased Tombstone onto a scaffolding and they fought each other. However, Tombstone managed to throw Robbie over the scaffolding and he nearly fell into a vat of chemicals but he was saved by Spider-Man. Spider-Man then attacked Tombstone and was able to subdue him.

IMG 2585.png

As the police arrived they arrested Tombstone. Spider-Man then realized what Madame Web was trying to teach him when she said "some evil can only be fought with the human heart." Spider-Man was able to show Randy that his father loved him and this caused Randy to turn away from a life of crime. Spider-Man also saw that out of love for his son, Robbie fought Tombstone.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

IMG 2980.png

Shortly after capturing the criminal, Cletus Kasady, Spider-Man was contacted by Madame Web. Madame Web then warned Spider-Man that the evil he was about to face would be unstoppable unless he relied on unlikely allies. Madame Web also told Spider-Man that "A warrior keeps his friends close and his enemies closer." Madame Web then vanished.

At that moment Dormammu and Baron Mordo had returned and were once again planning to to free Dormammu from the Dark Dimension. Dormammu informed Baron Mordo that the Venom symbiote had returned to Earth and told him to contact Eddie Brock. Baron Mordo then sent his astral form to the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane where Eddie Brock was being held and told Brock that he could reunite him with the symbiote but only if he swore to serve Dormammu forever. Cletus Kasady was in the cell next to Brock and told Mordo to forget Brock and to bond him to the symbiote. Kasady also said that he would do whatever Dormammu wanted if he were to bond him to the symbiote.

Later on Baron Mordo used his magic to place a woman under a hypnotic spell and had then bond to the symbiote and deliver it to Brock at Ravencroft. The symbiote then re-bonded Brock and he became Venom once again. Venom then escaped Ravencroft. A short while later Venom met Dormammu and ordered him to get a device called the Inter-Dimensional Probe from Stark Enterprises. The Inter-Dimensional Probe was capable of opening portals to other dimensions and Dromammu planned to use this to escape the Dark Dimension and come to Earth so that he could consume the souls of everyone on Earth.


Venom then went to Stark Enterprises to get the Inter-Dimensional Probe. The Stark Enterprise security attempted to hold Venom off. However, Venom was able to get into the demonstration of the Inter-Dimensional Probe. Peter Parker, who was in the audience, quickly changed into his costume and attacked Venom. Venom was nearly able to kill Spider-Man. However, War Machine arrived and was able to save Spider-Man. Spider-Man and War Machine then worked together to fight Venom.

Baron Mordo secretly watched Venom fight Spider-Man and War Machine. An image of Dormammu then appeared before Baron Mordo. Mordo told Dormammu that Venom was facing multiple foes and feared that the Inter-Dimensional Probe would be lost to them. However, Dormammu told Mordo that another symbiote was now on Earth and that if Venom could not get the Inter-Dimensional Probe by himself then someone else would help him. Mordo then sent his astral form to Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane and into Cletus Kasady's cell and bonded him to another symbiote. Kasady then took the name Carnage.

IMG 3101.png

Carnage then went to Stark Enterprises and was able to injure War Machine and knock Spider-Man out. Carnage nearly killed Spider-Man. However, Venom stopped Carnage and said that he will kill Spider-Man himself. As Venom and Carnage began to fight Mordo's astral form appeared before them and he ordered Venom and Carnage to stop fighting and to bring him the Inter-Dimensional Probe. Spider-Man then regained consciousness and went over to War Machine to see if he was alright. Tony Stark then appeared on a television screen and asked Spider-Man to get War Machine to a hospital and that he was sending someone else to finish the job. When Spider-Man asked War Machine who Tony Stark was sending War Machine answered Iron Man.

IMG 3050.png

Carnage and Venom later gave the Inter-Dimensional Probe to Baron Mordo. However, Mordo told them that getting the probe was only the first part of their plan. Mordo explained that in order for Dormammu to leave the Dark Dimension and come to Earth an equal amount of life energy must be sent into the Dark Dimension to replace him. However, Venom told Mordo that his debt to him was paid in full and left. Carnage then went to Grand Army Plaza and began to drain the life forces out of the people there. Spider-Man attempted to stop Carnage but failed. Carnage then tried to steal Spider-Man's life force but was unable to. Mordo's astral form then appeared to Carnage and told him that his body could not hold anymore life forces and ordered him to come back to their lair so that he could be drained of all the life forces he stole.

IMG 3058.png

Later on Tony Stark arrived in New York City and went to J3 Communications to talk with J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson and Stark began to argue. Jameson called Stark's security rude and Tony Stark replied that his security had a low tolerance for yellow journalism. Peter Parker was at J3 communications at this time and was taking pictures of Jameson and Stark. Venom then burst in and began attacking everybody. Peter and Stark were able to get away and change into their Spider-Man and Iron Man suits and fought Venom. However, after a brief fight Venom was able to grab Dr. Ashley Kafka, who was Brock's psychologist at Ravencroft, and got away with her. Spider-Man and Iron Man then went after Venom.

IMG 3102.png

As Spider-Man and Iron Man searched for Venom and Carnage, Madame Web teleported Spider-Man to her. Madame Web showed Spider-Man that Venom actually abducted Dr. Kafka so she could separate him from the symbiote which they did. Madame Web then showed Spider-Man that Carnage was waiting for a "mutual acquaintance of theirs". Madame Web once again told Spider-Man that "a warrior keeps his friends close and his enemies closer." Madame Web then sent Spider-Man back into the city. As Spider-Man wondered who both he and Carnage know he realizes who Madame Web was talking about and hurried to protect her.

IMG 3070.png

Spider-Man was quickly able to arrive at Terri Lee's apartment and save her. However, Carnage did end up draining Terri Lee of her life force. At that moment Ashley Kafka arrived and attempted to talk Carnage down. However, Carnage just ended up draining her life force. Carnage then picked up Dr. Kafka and Mordo teleported them back to his lair.

IMG 3104.png

Spider-Man knew he had to find Carnage and save Dr. Kafka but was unsure where to look. However, Spider-Man realized that he needed Eddie Brock's help because Brock had been to Mordo's lair before. Spider-Man and Iron Man then went to Empire State University and told Brock that Carnage kidnapped Ashley Kafka and they needed to know where Mordo's lair is. However, Brock was positive that Spider-Man wouldn't stand a chance against Carnage, Mordo, and Dormammu and said that they needed Venom's help. Spider-Man attempted to stop Brock from re-bonding with the symbiote but failed. Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Venom then went to fight Carnage, Mordo, and Dormammu.

IMG 3072.png

Spider-Man, Venom, and Iron Man then arrived at Mordo's lair and attacked Mordo and Carnage. However, they failed to stop Dormammu from coming to Earth. As Venom and Iron Man held Dormammu off Spider-Man adjusted the Inter-Dimensional Probe to suck Dprmammu back into the Dark Dimension. Dormammu ended up being sucked back into his home world. However, the portal wouldn't close. Spider-Man and Iron Man realized that Dormammu created a link between the portal and Carnage and the only way to close the portal was to send Carnage through it. As Carnage started to be sucked through the portal he grabbed Ashley Kafka and said that he wasn't going alone. However, Venom sacrificed himself and saved Ashley Kafka. Both Carnage and Venom ended up trapped in the Dark Dimension and Iron Man destroyed the Inter-Dimensional Probe so no one would use it to try and free Dormammu again.

IMG 3084.png

Spider-Man later took Ashley Kafka back to Ravencroft where they told each other that they hoped Eddie Brock would find peace in the other dimension he was in now. As Spider-Man web swung away he was once again teleported to Madame Web. Spider-Man told Madame Web that he was confused and that he didn't expect Venom to make a sacrifice like he did. Madame Web replied that Spider-Man might be forced to make such a sacrifice some day. As Spider-Man asked what Madame Web was preparing him for she answered that it will be a horror beyond belief. Spider-Man then realized exactly what Madame Web meant when she told him "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

The disappearance of Mary Jane Watson

Meeting Green Goblin

IMG 0864.png

Norman Osborn eventually got partnered with Kingpin and Kingpin had him develop a chemical weapon. Soon afterwards the press learned that OsCorp was secretly creating chemical weapons which bad press for OsCorp. Things got so bad for the company that the board of directors, which included J. Jonah Jameson, Anastasia Hardy, and Wilson Fisk threatened to force Norman out of his own company. Despite all of this Kingpin still wanted the gas. One night while working at OsCorp on the gas the gas accidentally exploded. Spider-Man quickly arrived and saved the scientist that was working with Norman. However, Spider-Man believed that Norman Osborn perished in the explosion.


Two weeks later Green Goblin showed up in New York and began kidnapping members of the OsCorp board of directors. J. Jonah Jameson was one of Green Goblin's first hostages. As Green Goblin abducted Jameson, Spider-Man was nearby and attempted to rescue Jameson. At first Spider-Man believed that he was the Hobgoblin but soon saw that it was a new goblin. Spider-Man fought Green Goblin but Green Goblin had super strength and was able to defeat Spider-Man and get away with Jameson. Green Goblin later went after Wilson Fisk and Anastasia Hardy and was able to abduct them as well.

As Spider-Man began to investigate he believed that Green Goblin was really Harry Osborn who was abducting the members of the OsCorp board to get revenge on them for forcing his father out of his company which eventually led to his demise.

Green Goblin then kidnapped Anastasia Hardy and Wilson Fisk despite Spider-Man's attempt to save them.

IMG 0885.png

As Green Goblin captured all the OsCorp board members he put them through a kangaroo trial. The "charges" that Green Goblin brought before them was that Green Goblin was blaming them for driving Norman Osborn to his own destruction.

However, Spider-Man arrived and tackled Green Goblin. Spider-Man was able to free the hostages and then started to fight the Green Goblin. When one of Green Goblin's pumpkin bombs the force of the blast forced Green Goblin back and a large piece of debris fell on top of him. Spider-Man removed Green Goblin's mask expecting to see Harry Osborn. However, when Spider-Man removed the mask he was shocked to discover that the Green Goblin was really Norman Osborn who was believed to be dead. Norman revealed that he breathed gas he was working on when OsCorp exploded and it gave him super strength but it also drove him insane. Norman then revealed that at OsCorp he found the Hobgoblin's costume and later modified it to resemble his new Green Goblin costume. Taking the name Green Goblin, Norman decided to get revenge on the OsCorp board for forcing him out of his own company. However, the effects of the gas wore off and Norman returned to normal.

Battle of the goblins

IMG 3624.png

Shortly after Mary Jane ended her engagement to Harry Osborn she got back together with Peter Parker. While at Fort Tryon Park, Peter noticed a time dilation portal which was created by Jonathan Ohnn's Time Dilation Accelerator. Peter, as Spider-Man, went to investigate and when he found the Time Dilation Accelerator he was attacked by Hobgoblin. Spider-Man was nearly sucked into the time dilation portal but managed to attach a web line to Hobgoblin's glider and it pulled him to safety. Despite this Hobgoblin was able to cut the webbing and Spider-Man fell into the river.

IMG 3669.png

The power pack for the Time Dilation Accelerator malfunctioned. This led Hobgoblin to go to Crime Central and asked Kingpin to supply him with power packs. Hobgoblin and Kingpin then formed another partnership. However, Kingpin did not trust Hobgoblin after the last time they met. Because of this Kingpin approached Norman Osborn at Felicia Hardy and Jason Philips engagement part and asked him who Hobgoblin really was. Peter, who was at the party with Mary Jane, eavesdropped on Kingpin and Norman's conversation and learned that Hobgoblin was planning to rob the New York City gold repository.

However, Norman's Green Goblin personality took over once again and he planned to get revenge on Spider-Man, Kingpin, and all of his other enemies.

IMG 3640.png

Later on Hobgoblin used the Time Dilation Accelerator to rob the gold repository. However, Spider-Man was waiting for him. As Spider-Man pushed Hobgoblin back through the time dilation portal they both ended up at Crime Central. As Spider-Man fought Hobgoblin and Kingpin, Green Goblin flew into the building and attacked Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin managed to get away, and when Spider-Man attempted to stop Green Goblin, Green Goblin was able to send Spider-Man falling into the river below them.

IMG 3647.png

Green Goblin then abducted Hobgoblin, who was really Jason Philips. Green Goblin also abducted Jason's fiancé, Felicia Hardy. Spider-Man learned of this and realized that Green Goblin had taken them to OsCorp. At OsCorp, Green Goblin had placed Jason and Felicia above a vat of acid and planned to lower them into it. However, Spider-Man arrived and fought the Green Goblin. As Spider-Man and Green Goblin fought the Time Dilation Accelerator was damaged. Realizing he was beat Green Goblin used the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal to escape. Spider-Man warned Green Goblin that the Accelerator was too low on power and he could end up trapped in limbo. However, Green Goblin ignored Spider-Man's warnings and went through the portal anyways. Spider-Man then rescued Felicia and Jason. Minutes later Jason was arrested by the police for the crimes he committed as the Hobgoblin.

However, unknown to Spider-Man, there was enough power left in the Time Dilation Accelerator to get Green Goblin back to New York City. Green Goblin then plotted his revenge against Spider-Man.

The two headed monster

IMG 0265.png

Mary Jane eventually ended her relationship with Harry Osborn and started to date Peter again. Peter believed that everything in his life was perfect so he approached Madame Web and told her he wanted to end their partnership. However, Madame Web told Spider-Man that one day soon he would yearn for her wisdom, and said that that day would come when the two headed monster rises from the netherworld.


Around this time Green Goblin modified the Time Dilation Accelerator so that it could strap onto his chest. Green Goblin then used the Time Dilation Accelerator to spy on Spider-Man and discover that he was really Peter Parker.

IMG 0203.png

Mary Jane later informed Peter that they were invited to Harry's birthday party. That night Peter and Mary Jane went to Harry's birthday. All through dinner Norman hinted that he knew Peter was really Spider-Man. To keep Norman from revealing his secret Peter threw his web cartridges into a fireplace which created a lots of smoke. Everyone thought the house was on fire so they evacuated. Norman then changed into his Green Goblin costume and fought Peter. The fight ends up leading to the backyard where Green Goblin managed to subdue Peter with his titanium cable and attached it to the back of his glider and flew to the George Washington Bridge.

IMG 0205.png

While on the bridge Peter managed to break free from the cable and quickly put on his Spider-Man costume. Spider-Man and Green Goblin then fought. During their fight Green Goblin revealed that he had the Time Dilation Accelerator and Spider-Man realized he must have used it to find out he was really Peter Parker. Green Goblin then made a remark about how Spider-Man hadn't suffered enough and vanished through a time dilation portal. Spider-Man realized Green Goblin was going after Aunt May and quickly hurried home.

IMG 0267.png

Spider-Man managed to get home before Green Goblin could. However, Green Goblin teleported into May's room while she was sleeping while Spider-Man was in there as well. Green Goblin said that he didn't want to disturb her because she looked so peaceful while sleeping, and said that he would pay a visit to his other co-conspirator. Green Goblin then used the Time Dilation Accelerator to go to the Watson house and kidnapped Mary Jane. Spider-Man arrived only a few seconds too late to prevent this from happening. However, he managed to track Green Goblin to the George Washington Bridge.

IMG 0236.png

Spider-Man then attacked Green Goblin. During their fight Green Goblin threw a pumpkin bomb at the pillar of the bridge and it exploded which caused Mary Jane and the Time Dilation Accelerator to fall over the side. The Time Dilation Accelerator then activated and created a portal which Mary Jane fell through. The portal then closed trapping Mary Jane in limbo.

IMG 0237.png

Spider-Man was unable to locate Mary Jane and believed that she had fell into the water and died. Enraged by this Spider-Man attacked Green Goblin. after a brief fight Green Goblin attempted to use the Time Dilation Accelerator to escape. However, the Accelerator was damaged. The time dilation portal began to suck Green Goblin into it. At first Spider-Man was not going to save Green Goblin as revenge for what he did to Mary Jane. However, Spider-Man realized that saving Green Goblin was the right thing to do and tried to help him. Despite this Green Goblin used a remote control to to control his glider to hit Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man was able to move out of the way in time and the glider instead hit Green Goblin. The glider then pushed Green Goblin into the portal and it closed also trapping him in limbo.

IMG 0243.png

Spider-Man called out to Madame Web and begged her to bring Mary Jane back. However, she refused to help him because he already decided that he did not want her in his life anymore. Spider-Man became furious at Madame Web and yelled at her to never come into his life again. Madame Web agreed to Spider-Man's request and then sent him back to the George Washington Bridge. While on the bridge Spider-Man thought about how losing Mary Jane was his biggest failure since losing his Uncle Ben.

The Black Cat

Super Soldier Serum

The Stalker

Black Cat held hostage

Return of Morbius

The Vampire Queen

The "return" of Mary Jane Watson

The proposal

Return of the Lizard

Wedding day


Doomsday weapon

Secret Wars

Spider Wars


Xodus, the Forgotten

Powers and equipment

Powers as Spider-Man

When Peter was bit by the radioactive spider the spider passed on it's abilities to Peter.

Peter can stick to nearly any surface and scale it with ease.

Both his strength and agility were also increased to superhuman levels (though still not as strong as the Hulk or the Thing). 

Spider-Man's spider sense

Peter also gained a spider sense that would activate a tingling sensation in his brain whenever he was near danger and would alert him to said danger. However, his spider sense would not activate when near Venom because the venom symbiote was previously bonded to him.

Powers with the symbiote

When Spider-Man was joined with the alien symbiote all of his powers were increased. The symbiote could naturally fire webbing and and webbing became stronger. His agility was increased which allowed him to jump further than before and the symbiote made him stronger which allowed him to lift a car without straining. The symbiote could also transform into street clothes.

Powers as Man-Spider

As the Man-Spider, Spider-Man possessed all his natural spider powers. However, in this form Spider-Man could also spit acid and naturally fire webbing from his wrist.

Magic powers

While Spider-Man was temporarily under the mental control of Baron Mordo, Mordo gave Spider-Man a limited degree of magic powers. During this time Spider-Man could fly through the air without any assistance. However, when Doctor Strange broke Mordo's spell Spider-Man lost this ability.


Since Spider-Man could not create natural webbing he created Web-Shooters which are devices that attached to the wrist. By using his two middle fingers Spider-Man could press the trigger on the Web-Shooters and fire a web line which he would use to swing around New York City or trap criminals.

Spider-Man would also wear a belt that could hold several web cartridges in case he needed to refill his web shooters. The belts buckle was also a flashlight.

Spider-Man also used Spider-Tracers which was a homing device shaped like a spider that Spider-Man used to track his enemies by GPS.

In the comics

His full name is Peter Benjamin Parker.

As a child Peter Parker was molested by a teenager named Skip Wescott.

It is implied that radiation did not give Peter Parker his powers. Ezekiel Sims told Spider-Man that his powers were actually given to him by a being called the Master Weaver. Though whether this is true or not is left to the readers imagination.

It is implied in the comics that Spider-Man might be Jewish.

Spider-Man has joined the Avengers and a version of the Fantastic Four called the "New Fantastic Four" which consisted of himself, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider.

Peter Parker started an aerospace company called Parker Industries which created technology for aerospace, defense, and security.


Spider-Man later developed new spider powers such as night vision, the ability to telepathically communicate with spiders, biological webbing, and razor sharp stingers that came out of his wrists.

Peter eventually learned that he had a sister named Teresa Parker who was given up for adoption after Richard and Mary Parker died. As an adult Teresa became an agent of the C.I.A. During Teresa's investigation into a massive illicit enterprise she learned that her and Peter Parker were siblings. Teresa and Spider-Man later worked together to bring down the Kingpin. Teresa later left the C.I.A. to join S.H.I.E.L.D. where she worked with Peter, as Spider-Man, on several occasions.

In the MC2 universe Peter Parker lost his left leg during his final battle with Green Goblin (Norman Osborn). Sometime after this Peter quit being Spider-Man and started working for the New York City Police Department as a police scientist. This version of Peter Parker also had a daughter with Mary Jane named May Parker, named after his aunt. As a teenager May Parker learned she had spider powers and became a superhero named Spider-Girl.


X-Men: The Animated Series

Iron Man: The Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The Incredible Hulk

Spider-Man Unlimited

  • Worlds Apart, Part One
  • Worlds Apart, Part Two
  • Where Evil Nests
  • Deadly Choices
  • Steel Cold Heart
  • Enter the Hunter!
  • Cry Vulture
  • Ill-Met By Moonlight
  • Sustenance
  • Matters of the Heart
  • One is the Loneliest Number
  • Sins of the Fathers
  • Destiny Unleashed, Part One

X-Men '92


  • Many people believed that Peter Parker was designed to look like Nicholas Hammond who played Spider-Man in the live action series The Amazing Spider-Man which ran on CBS from 1977 to 1979. However, according to John Semper Jr. Peter Parker was not designed to look like Nicholas Hammond. Him looking like Nicholas Hammond was just a coincidence.
  • John Semper Jr. was quoted as saying "He was based on detailed instructions given by Stan Lee to producer Bob Richardson, who then drew the design himself. Stan wanted to 'update' the look of Peter Parker. When we first started working on the series, Peter looked like Romita's version of Peter. But, one day, Stan woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided he wanted a new look, and so this was what was created. Nobody was more surprised by the change than I was. Any resemblance to Nicholas Hammond is purely coincidental."
  • Many people also believed that Peter Parker was designed to look like the Ken doll from the Barbie toy line. However, this is also false.
  • The original design for Peter Parker looked much closer to how he looks in the comics. However, this design was scrapped in favor for the one that was used in the series.
  • Bob Richardson told Marvel Animation Age that ”Peter's design as it turned out, was one of the toughest to finalize and even then, we ended up revising it in the second season to make it better. We felt we could do better than the design we started with and give Peter a cooler look.” As a result Peter goes from wearing striped t-shirts in the first season to "cooler" clothes in season two onward.
  • The crew working on Spider-Man: The Animated Series always made sure that Peter Parker was the main focus of the series, not his alter ego, Spider-Man. John Semper Jr. pointed out that with shows like Batman: The Animated Series viewers never really got to spend that much time with Bruce Wayne and he wanted Spider-Man to be the exact opposite.
  • John Semper Jr. wrote Spider-Man where he was more joking and said quips out loud but wrote Peter Parker as calm and intellectual, and only had him think of insults, not say them out loud.


  • IGN ranked this version of Spider-Man as #24 of the top 100 cartoon characters from the 90's. They said "Peter Parker swooped into our homes and hearts when FOX unleashed Spider-Man: The Animated Series, a long-awaited entry into Marvel TV line after the robust success of X-Men. This was the tale fans were clamoring for, revealing the (network executive-altered) origin story of Spider-Man that showcased his exploits in heroics with gorgeous animation for the time. A colorful cast of adventures brought out the best Spider-Man as a wisecracking hero, to boot."