The second season of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, titled Neogenic Nightmare, aired on Fox Kids from September 1995 to February 1996.


This season Spider-Man battles enemies, new and old. While fighting the Insidious Six, Spider-Man discovers that he is losing his powers, and soon finds out that he is mutating into something that won't be human.

Spider-Man would also fight a powerful new enemy. A man named Michael Morbius who was accidentally turned into a vampire by being bitten by a vampire bat that had been exposed to neogenic radiation.

When Spider-Man finally turns into the Man-Spider, he is hunted by the Punisher. However, Spider-Man gets help from his old enemy, Kraven the Hunter.

Finally, in a battle for his life and to rid himself of his mutation disease, Spider-Man battles the Vulture.


Main cast

Actor Role
Christopher Daniel Barnes Spider-Man / Peter Parker
Ed Asner J. Jonah Jameson
Rodney Saulsberry Joseph Robertson
Linda Gary May Parker
Jennifer Hale Felicia Hardy
Sara Ballantine Mary Jane Watson
Nick Jameson Michael Morbius
Roscoe Lee Browne Kingpin / Wilson Fisk

Guest cast

Actor Role
Patrick Labyorteaux Flash Thompson
Liz Georges Debra Whitman
Joseph Campanella Curt Connors
Martin Landau Scorpion / Mac Gargan
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius
Gregg Berger Mysterio / Quentin Beck
Kraven the Hunter / Sergei Kravinoff
Don Stark Rhino
Jim Cummings Shocker
Maxwell Caulfield Alistair Smythe
Jeff Corey (Old) Silvermane
Nicky Blair Hammerhead
Michael Rye Farley Stillwell
Steven Polinsky Additional Voices
Rob Paulsen Hydro-Man / Morris Bench
Marla Rubinoff Liz Allen
Ray Berrios Additional Voices
Cathal J. Dodd Wolverine / Logan
George Buza Beast / Henry "Hank" McCoy
Cedric Smith Professor X / Charles Xavier
Lenore Zann Rogue
Norm Spencer Cyclops / Scott Summers
Catherine Disher Jean Grey
Alison Sealy-Smith Storm / Ororo Munroe
Alyson Court Jubilee / Jubilation Lee
Chris Potter Gambit / Remmy LeBeau
David Warner Herbert Landon
Mark Hamill Hobgoblin
Laurie O'Brien Genevieve
Joseph Ruskin Lewald
Brian Keith Ben Parker
Warren Sroka (Child) Peter Parker
Susan Beaubian Mariah Crawford
John F. Beard Newscaster
Rick Dano Additional voices
John Beck Punisher / Frank Castle
Robert Axelrod Microchip
Dawnn Lewis Terri Lee
Bob Richardson Bernard O'Brien
David Paladino Additional voices
Ray Berrios Additional voices
Gary Imhoff Harry Osborn
J.D. Hall Blade
Malcolm McDowell Abraham Whistler
Caroline Goodall Vanessa Fisk
Leigh-Allyn Baker Alisa Silvermane
Giselle Loren Margaret Connors
Dorian Harewood Tombstone / Lonnie Lincoln
Glenn Hopkins Additional voices
David S. Cameron Additional voices
Townsend Coleman (Young adult) Silvermane
Matthew McCurley (Child) Silvermane
Neil Ross Norman Osborn
Eddie Albert (Old) Vulture / Adrian Toomes
Alan Johnson (Young) Vulture / Adrian Toomes
Peter Mark Richman (Old) Spider-Man / Peter Parker


Title Directed by Written by Produced by Air date
The Insidious Six Bob Richardson John Semper
David Lee Miller
John Semper September 9, 1995
Spider-Man is beginning to lose his special powers. To make things worse, Kingpin releases ChameleonMysterioShockerRhinoScorpion, and Doctor Octopus from prison.
Battle of the Insidious Six Bob Richardson John Semeper
Doug Booth
John Semeper September 16, 1995
Spider-Man begins to turn the Insidious Six against each other. But his powers are still giving him problems.
Hydro-Man Bob Richardson John Semeper
James Krieg
John Semper September 23, 1995
Mary Jane's high school ex-boyfriend, Morrie Bench, comes back into her life with new powers to control water. He's hoping to win Mary Jane's heart back.
The Mutant Agenda Bob Richardson John Semeper
J.M. DeMatteis
Stevent Grant
Michael Edens
John Semper September 30, 1995
Spider-Man seeks help from Professor X and his X-Men about the mystery behind his own mutationBeast advises him to hear Herbert Landon's presentation for a cure on mutation. But unknown to everyone, Landon's new cure is actually meant to kill mutants instead.
Mutants' Revenge Bob Richardson John Semeper
Michael Edens
Francis Moss
Ted Pedersen
John Semper October 7, 1995
Herbert Landon kidnaps Beast and plans to use him for his experiments. Wolverine believes Spider-Man was involved in the kidnapping.
Morbius Bob Richardson John Semeper
Brynne Stephens
Lydia Marano
John Semper October 28, 1995
As Peter tries to find a cure for his new mutation, his fellow classmate, Michael Morbius, believes it is part of Peter's assignment and is planning on stealing it for himslef. However, Morbius accidentally turns himself into a vampire.
Enter the Punisher Bob Richardson John Semper
Carl Potts
John Semper November 4, 1995
Spider-Man ends up being chased by a man known as the Punisher when he is accused of kidnapping Michael Morbius.
Duel of the Hunters Bob Richardson John Semper John Semper November 11, 1995
Spider-Man has finally turned into a gigantic Man-Spider. To help him, Dr. Mariah Crawford contacts Kraven the Hunter. But will Kraven get to Man-Spider before the Punisher does?
Blade, the Vampire Hunter Bob Richardson John Semper
Mark Hoffmeier
Stephanie Mathison
John Semper February 3, 1996
With Man-Spider kept at bay, temporarily, Spider-Man now turns to helping Michael Morbius become human once more. But a vampire hunter named Blade is after Morbius as well.
The Immortal Vampire Bob Richardson John Semper
Meg McLaughlin
John Semper February 10, 1996
Spider-Man and Blade team up to stop Morbius from turning Felicia and the rest of New York City into vampires.
Tablet of Time Bob Richardson John Semper
Stan Berkowitz
Mark Hoffmeier
John Semper November 18, 1995
The ancient Tablet of Time has been discovered and Dr. Curt Connors hass been assigned to study it. But Silvermane and Kingpin are both after it as well.
Ravages of Time Bob Richardson John Semper
Mark Hoffmeier
Stan Berkowitz
John Semper November 25, 1995
Silvermane plans to use the Tablet of Time to make himself younger. He kidnaps Curt Connors to study it before using it on himself. But Kingpin is determined to make sure that Silvermane fails.
Shriek of the Vulture Bob Richardson John Semper
Gilles Wheeler
Evelyn A.R. Gabai
John Semper February 17, 1996
Adrian Toomes finances Curt Connors new lab for neogenics. But, unknown to everyone, Toomes is actually stealing peoples' youth to have enough strength to take down Norman Osborn, as the Vulture.
The Final Nightmare Bob Richardson John Semper
Sandy Fries
John Semper February 24, 1996
The Vulture takes Spider-Man's youth to become young again, but also absorbs the mutating DNA of Man-Spider. The Scorpion also returns, determined to become normal again.
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