Sean Catherine Derek is a writer for television. She is known for her work on The Smurfs, Batman: The Animated Series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, and Foodfight!.


Early life

Sean Catherine Derek was born in Hollywood on October 16, 1953 to actor and film maker, John Derek and French prima ballerina and actress, Pati Behrs.

Sean attended schools in Switzerland, Ireland, Spain and the U.S. and has worked in many areas of film and television.


She began her writing career as a photojournalist, repeatedly publishing in People Magazine, Time, Us, Paris March, Hola and dozen of others. She has also authored two books, which made it to the New York Times best seller list.

Sean's passion is animation. She spent several seasons as a writer/story editor on the highly acclaimed Hanna-Barbera series, The Smurfs, for which she was nominated three times for an Emmy Award. Sean won her first Emmy Award as a writer/story editor on the Warner Brothers cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series. Sean has also won an Environmental Media Award and three Genesis Awards.

Sean also works in live-action as a writer/producer including the live-action series, Mortal Kombat Conquest for New Line/Warner Brothers/Threshold.

She has completed work on several feature film scripts for Threshold Entertainment, including the animated feature Foodfight!, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and the live action version of the classic anime film Ninja Scroll.

She also wrote Bionicle: The Legend Reborn as well as creating the bible and developing LEGO's Hero Factory as an original movie for television.

Sean has a passion for the classics and has written a collection of direct to DVD 3-D movies for BKN International and Rick Ungar, including The Prince and the Pauper, Alice in Wolderland, The Three Musketeers, Jungle Book, A Christmas Carol and Robin Hood. For BKN and Rick Ungar, she also wrote and story-edited Zorro: Generation Z and the comedy Dork Hunters From Outer Space and Stone Age.

Sean also has a dark side, demonstrated in her writing of Ripper (as in Jack the Ripper) the adult-targeted DVD movie for Funimation. She balanced that out the same year with three movies based on the much lighter Zhu Zhu Pets franchise, and co-authoring a DVD movie of the classic book, The Littlest Angel. In the same vain, she also developed and wrote the TV pilot for the fabulously successful European Fillys toy-line Filly's In Funtasia.

Sean completed 52 episodes as writer and executive story editor of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures the hit action/comedy for Arad Productions, Sprite and Disney XD.

Recently, Sean wrote Terracotta Warriors, an animated feature for Arad Productions as well as Kong, King of the Apes, an original movie and television series for Netflix, Arad Productions and 41 Entertainment. Most recently, Sean completed Tarzan and Jane, a new project for Netflix, Arad Productions and 41 Entertainment.



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