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The Scorpion was one of many Spider Slayers created by Alistair Smythe to kill Spider-Man



While the Black Widow and Tarantula were attacking Spider-ManAlistair Smythe put the finishing touches on the Scorpion Spider Slayer and then sent it to attack OsCorp. A few minutes later the Scorpion arrived at OsCorp and combined with the other two Spider Slayers to create the Tri-Spider Slayer.


When Norman Osborn escaped OsCorp he drove to the George Washington Bridge and the Tri-Spider Slayer followed him. Spider-Man then saved Osborn and placed a bomb on the Tri-Spider Slayer and it exploded and destroyed the Tri-Spider slayer.


Jets on the Scorpion allowed it to fly and it could also fire lasers. The Scorpion's immense size also made it incredibly strong.

In the comics

In the comics the Scorpion was the Mark 17 Spider Slayer and when combined with the Black Widow and Tarantula Spider Slayers became the Mark 18 Spider Slayer.