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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Sandman is an enemy of Spider-Man that can turn his body into sand.

History in the comics

William Baker was kicked out of high school for taking money to throw the big football game, but soon found work with a protection racket. He took the alias "Flint Marko," and became a success in New York's crime underworld.

After an arrest and a jailbreak, Marko headed south. He was on a beach near a military testing site in Georgia when a uclear reactor's steam system exploded, knocking him unconscious. Marko woke to find that his body now had the properties of sand. Revelling in his new ability, he called himself Sandman and set out on a major criminal career.

Sandman battled Spider-Man (his main nemesis), and many other super heroes. He joined the Wizard, Trapster, and Medusa to form the Frightful Four and teamed up with five more of Spider-Man's enemies to form the Sinister Six.

Sandman later reformed and joned the Avengers. However, he has recently turned back to his criminal ways.


Sandman is able to change all or part of his body into a sand-like substance which he can form into any shape. He can spread out the grains of sand in his body to avoid attack, project them outward at high speeds, or harden them into a super-powered weapon.


  • Sandman was released as part of the Spider-Man toy line but did not appear in the series.
  • Sandman was not allowed to appear in Spider-Man: The Animted Series because James Cameron was going to use Sandman and Electro in a Spider-Man movie he was planning. However, James Cameron's Spider-Man movie ended up being cancled. The producers eventually got to use Electro but ran out of time on the series before they could use Sandman.
  • Hydro-Man was a stand in for Sandman, since Sandman could not appear on Spider-Man: TAS because of James Cameron’s unproduced Spider-Man movie. John Semper Jr. said “There really isn’t much difference between Sandman and Hydro-Man when you get right down to it. So look at it that way. I used Hydro-Man and you’ll get a good idea of what I probably would have done with Sandman. But since I used Hydro-Man, I didn’t need to use Sandman.”