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Puma was a man that was experimented on by his Native American tribe on turned into a human/puma hybird.

History in the comics

Thomas Fireheart is the resultof years of genetic engineering performed by his Native American tribe. Fireheart can transform into Puma, a half-mountain-lion being with senses far more acute than that of a normal human. He is the traditional protector of his New Mexican tribe, although Fireheart himself often questions the traditional rituals that his uncle, the tribe's Shaman, espouses. In his Puma identity, Fireheart is an internationally known professional assassin and mercenary who sells his unique skills to the likes of the Rose and the Kingpin. As the C.E.O. of Fireheart Enterprises, he is also internationally known in his civilian identity.

Puma first crossed the path of Spider-Man when he was hired by the Rose to kill him. The Rose later changed his mind, so the continued existence of Spider-Man is not considered a blight on Puma's professional record.


Puma has superhuman agility, strength, senses and speed. Puma also has a healing factor and in Fireheart's Puma form he grows fangs and claws.


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