Promethium X was an element from space.


Promethium X was an element from space. However, it was also a resting place for alien lifeforms called symbiotes.

The Promethium X was found by John Jameson on an asteroid in space. Upon removing it from the asteroid's surfce the ground began to bleed a black liquid. Jameson then got to the shuttle with the Promethium X and began to head back to space.

Upon studying the Promethium X, Jameson learned that it was as powerful a plutonium and could be the answer to Earth's energy problems.

When Jameson returned to Earth the Plutonium X was stolen by Rhino for Kingpin.

Eventhough Promethium X was radioactive it only became radioactive when exposed to extreme heat.

Kingpin intended to sell the Promethium X but it was stolen by Spider-Man.

Kingpin later had John Jameson kidnapped and planned to trade him to Spider-Man for the Promethium X.

When Spider-Man studied the Promethium X he learned that its radioactive life was only temporary and would eventually transmutate into lead. Knowing this Spider-Man gave the Promethium X to Alistair Smythe withhout a fight.

When Smythe examined the Promethium X he saw that it had turned into lead. Kingpin then realized that Spider-Man knew the Promethium X would turn into lead and that he allowed Shocker to take it.

Several months later a chunk of Promethium X entered Earth's atmosphere and landed in Central Park. This Promethium X was carrying the Venom and Carnage symbiote.


  • Promethium X is based on the real life element, Promethium.
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