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Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, is a telepathic mutant, the leader of the X-Men, and mutant rights activist. He is considered one of the most if not the most powerful telepath on Earth.


Early life


Xavier when he was a boy

Charles Xavier was born into a wealthy family. However, Charles Xavier's mother, Sharon, became very ill. When Charles Xavier was a child, Sharon married a man named Kurt Marko. Kurt also had a son from a previous marriage named Cain Marko. Charles was excited to have a new brother. However, for some reason Cain didn't like Charles and started bullying him. Despite this Kurt would often stand up for Charles and punish Kurt for bullying him. However, unknown to Charles, Kurt was only being nice to him because he wanted Sharon's money.

The first time Charles Xavier used his telepathic powers he accidentally read his mother's mind and learned just how sick she was.

Xavier and Cain Marko

Cain eventually began to hate Charles even more because he felt that his father cared more for Charles than he did for him. Because of this when Cain discovered that Charles was a mutant he made sure that everyone at school also knew which caused everyone to hate Charles because he was different.


In the late 1950s Xavier attended Bard College to study medicine to be a family doctor. His teacher was Professor John Grey who in the future would become the father of Jean Grey.

Relationship with Moira MacTaggert


As a young adult, sometime in the 1960s Charles Xavier began to date a woman named Moira MacTaggert who was a scientist that studied mutants.

After dating for some time Xavier asked Moira to marry him and she said yes.

Xavier later went overseas to fight in an unspecified war. While there Xavier received a Dear John letter from Moira who said that she had met someone else and had married him.

Xavier was devastated. However, he and Moira remained good friends.

Meeting Eric Lehnsherr


Charles Xavier later met Erik Magnus Lehnsherr sometime after the end of an unspecified war. Both of them worked at a psychiatric hospital. While working together they became good friends. While working at the mental hospital Xavier secretly used his telepathic powers to heal those affected by psychological trauma. Magnus even assisted Xavier and together they helped patients rediscover the joy of life.


However, remnants of the army attempted to re-take control of the country. The soldiers broke into the mental hospital and abducted several of Xavier's patients. Xavier and Magnus worked together to save what patients they could. During this time Xavier and Magnus revealed to each other that they were mutants. Magnus used his magnetic powers on the soldiers and nearly killed them. However, he was stopped by Charles Xavier. Xavier told Magnus that his violence and anger wouldn't solve anything and that they must use their powers to bring peace to mankind. However, Magneto had seen too much death and his view on humanity had become jaded. Xavier and Magnus's different views on mutant/human relation drove a wedge between them and they became enemies.

Xavier using his powers on Magneto

Magnus later dubbed himself Magneto and began to build an army of mutants. Magneto and his followers attacked power plants, factories, and government buildings in an effort to disrupt human society paving the way for mutant domination. However, Xavier was able to stop him and Magneto went into hiding for several years.

Shadow King


Eventually Xavier went to Cairo, Egypt. While there a very young Ororo Munroe stole Xavier's wallet. Xavier saw Ororo and chased after her and was able to get his wallet back.

At that moment Xavier was mentally contacted by another telepathic mutant named the Shadow King. Shadow King told Xavier to go into the restaurant behind him which he did. Xavier learned that Shadow King was using Ororo to steal for him and voiced his disgust at what Shadow King was forcing children to do.


Xavier then took Shadow King into the astral plane and battled him to save Ororo and all the children of Cairo from him. Xavier ended up defeating the Shadow King and trapped him in the astral plane.

After meeting the Shadow King, Xavier realized that humanity had to be protected from evil mutants such as him. Because of this Xavier formed the X-Men to fight such threats. Xavier also started a special school to teach them how to use their powers wisely.

Xavier's first two students were Scott Summers and Jean Grey. A short while later Xavier also recruited Beast, Iceman, and Angel into the X-Men. These five mutants made up the X-Men's original roster.


At some point in the past Xavier fought Magneto again, this time in India. It is unknown what their fight was about. However, during their fight Magneto crippled Xavier.


Xavier later went to rehab and met a nurse named Amelia Voght. Amelia was there for Charles every step of the way during his rehabilitation and refused to let Xavier give into self pity. During this time the two of them fell in love.

When Xavier returned to America, Amelia went with him. However, Xavier's attention went to training his X-Men. Because of this Amelia broke up with Xavier.

Later life



During Beast's trial, Sabretooth attacked the courthouse. The X-Men managed to subdue Sabretooth and they brought him to the infirmary at the mansion. While there Xavier and the other X-Men learned that Sabretooth had history with Wolverine when Wolverine attempted to kill him.


Professor X then began telepathic therapy sessions with Sabretooth to try and calm his animalistic nature, similar to what he did with Wolverine. These sessions did not work. However, Professor X still wanted to help Sabretooth.

While the X-Men were facing Magneto, Jubilee was left at the mansion to watch Sabretooth. Sabretooth tricked Jubilee into releasing him from his shackles and attacked her. Sabretooth then revealed that he was really working for Magneto that that he was sent to the Xavier Mansion to take control of it.


Wolverine soon arrived and rescued Jubilee. As Wolverine was about to kill Sabretooth, Professor X stopped Wolverine and told him that he could not take revenge on Sabretooth. However, Jubilee revealed that Wolverine stopped Sabretooth from killing her. As Sabretooth escaped Xavier realized that he could not see Sabretooth was a threat because he was blinded by his idea for peace between mutants and humans.

Facing Magneto

When Magneto attacked a chemical plant the X-Men arrived to stop him. However, they were all easily defeated by Magneto.


Moments later Professor X arrived and confronted Magneto himself. Magneto offered Xavier a chance to join him. However, Xavier refused. Magneto called Xavier a fool but Xavier said that he would not wage war on six billion humans after all the suffering they had seen.

As Magneto was about to kill Xavier, Xavier used his telepathic powers to force Magneto to see his memories of his childhood while in a concentration camp during World War II. Magneto war horrified by what he saw and fled Metro Chemical.

Master Mold and the Sentinels


The X-Men later learned that Senator Kelly had been kidnapped by the Sentinels and Master Mold was planning to replace his brain with a computer along with every other world leader.

While the X-Men fought the Sentinels, Professor X flew the Blackbird, which he had filled with explosives, into Master Mold and destroyed him.

Savage Land


On orders from Mister Sinister, the former X-Man, Morph, disguised himself as Magneto and contacted Professor X. Morph told Xavier that he was in danger and needed his help. Morph then sent Professor X some coordinates leading to Antarctica.


When Professor X arrived at Antarctica he found Magneto and saw that he was alright. That was when Professor X learned that Magneto had actually received and distress message from him. Professor X and Magneto then realized that something strange was going on. Just then an avalanche started on the mountain they were on and were forced over the side. Xavier and Magneto survived the avalanche and found themselves in a rain forest located in Antarctica. Magneto explained to Xavier that they were in a place called the Savage Land which was a jungle hidden in Antarctica that was populated by dinosaurs. Xavier and Magneto also learned that they no longer had their powers and some how Xavier was now able to walk. They were then attacked by residents of the Savage Land that were riding pterodactyls. Xavier and Magneto then fell over the side of the mountain and fell into the river below. However, Professor X and Magneto survived the fall and washed up on dry land.


Shortly after washing up on land, Professor X and Magneto were attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex. As the t-rex chased Xavier and Magneto they ran to a geyser. Magneto even threw a rock at the t-rex so it would follow them. Magneto was able to keep the geyser between them and the t-rex. As the t-rex leaned over the geyser it spewed hot water in the t-rex's face. The water was so hot it caused the t-rex to pass out.


Vertigo, one of the mutates Magneto created, appeared to Magneto and Xavier. Vertigo told them to surrender so she could make their deaths as painless as possible. Xavier attempted to reason with Vertigo. However, Vertigo used her power to induce extreme vertigo in Magneto and Xavier. As they crossed a rope bridge Magneto nearly fell to his death because of the dizziness Vertigo was causing. However, Xavier was able to catch Magneto and they made it to safety.


Xavier and Magneto later came to a village that had been decimated. Magneto told Xavier that the last time he was in the Savage Land the Fall People who lived in the village were living in peace and wondered what happened. A Savage Land mutate named Barbarus then approached Xavier and Magneto. Magneto told Barbarus that he did not create him and the other mutates to cause unwanted destruction. However, Barbarus revealed to Magneto that he and the other mutates on the Savage Land were following a new master. Barbarus then tried to capture Magneto and Xavier. Barbarus nearly killed Magneto because he didn't have his powers. However, Xavier threw a spear into a bee hive and the bees went after Barbarus. Xavier and Magneto then ran away.


Professor X and Magneto were later captured by a Savage Land mutate named Amphibius. However, when Amphibius was attacked by a dinosaur, Professor X and Magneto were able to escape.


Professor X and Magneto later made it to Magneto's old citadel. Xavier and Magneto then heard a woman named Shanna scream. They saw that Shanna was being attacked by a humanoid pterodactyl named Sauron. Xavier tried to save Shanna but was stopped by Magneto. Magneto then told Xavier that Sauron was extremely powerful and that they would not be able to defeat him even if they still had their powers. All Xavier and Magneto could do was watch helplessly as Sauron picked up Shanna and flew away with her.


Eventually Professor X and Magneto made their way back to the mountain they originally met at when they first arrived at the Savage Land. Both of them then began to climb the mountain so they could get to Xavier's jet and leave the Savage Land. However, while climbing the mountain Xavier and Magneto were attacked by people riding pterodactyls called Sky Riders. Xavier and Magneto were able to defeat the Sky Riders. Xavier and Magneto eventually reached the top and found Xavier's jet. However, they found Magneto's mutates waiting for them. Xavier and Magneto fought the mutates but without their powers they were easily captured.


As the mutates were taking Xavier and Magneto to their master, they were rescued by a Savage Land native named Ka-Zar. However, Ka-Zar attacked Magneto and said that if he hadn't created the mutates his wife would not be a prisoner and his people would not be slaves. Ka-Zar then attacked Magneto but was stopped by Xavier. Xavier told Ka-Zar that whatever Magneto did in the past he was not responsible for his current problems. Ka-Zar, Professor X, and Magneto then decided to raid the citadel and free the enslaved people of the Savage Land.


Later that night Professor X, Magneto, and Ka-Zar broke into the citadel. However, when they got into the citadel they discovered that the mutates were waiting for them. Ka-Zar managed to escape but Professor X and Magneto were captured. A short while later Mister Sinister revealed himself to Professor X and Magneto and they learned he was the master the Savage Land mutates always spoke of. Mister Sinister then revealed to Xavier and Magneto that the reason they could not use their powers was because a machine he created was blocking them, but an unforeseen side effect of the machine was that Professor X could now walk. Mister Sinister then had Sauron use his mind control powers to make Professor X telepathically contact the X-Men and have them come to the Savage Land.


Mister Sinister later locked Professor X, Jean Gery, and Magneto in a cell and revealed to them that he was planning on using their DNA to create an army of super mutants.


Wolverine and Ka-Zar were able to rescue the X-Men and Magneto and in the process destroyed the machine that was negating their mutant powers. However, this also caused Xavier to become crippled again. With their powers returned the X-Men and Magneto attacked the Nasty Boys. Cyclops then fired his optic blast at Mister Sinister which shattered his body into several tiny pieces.


After Sinister was defeated Magneto told Professor X that it was good to fight alongside him once again. Professor X then asked Magneto to join the X-Men. However, Magneto refused sating that they were on different paths.

Lilandra and the Shi'ar

Distress message


One night Professor X had a dream about a battle being fought deep in space. In this dream a woman asked Professor X for his help. Professor X then summoned the X-Men to the War Room. Professor X then told the X-Men to sneak aboard the space shuttle, Starcore and go to the Eagle 1 space station. Professor X told the X-Men that if they did not do this the crew of the space shuttle would die.

The X-Men did as Xavier told them and when they got to the Eagle 1 space station that rescued its pilot, Peter Corbeau, from an alien named Erik the Red.

However, as the X-Men flew back to Earth the shuttle was exposed to radiation. The radiation turned out to be a powerful cosmic entity called the Phoenix which took control of Jean Grey's body. Jean was then taken to a hospital.

Xavier's dark side


As Xavier left the hospital his mind was attacked by a ray from space. This ray caused Xavier to pass out and caused his mind to create an illusion of himself that could walk. However, this illusion of Professor X was evil.

This evil Xavier used his telepathic powers to locate the X-Men around New York City and attacked them one by one. However, Wolverine could tell that this wasn't the real Charles Xavier because he had no scent.


However, when the illusion of Xavier attacked Cyclops in Jean's hospital room, Jean fired a telepathic beam at the fake Xavier and caused him to disappear.

Xavier felt that he was losing control of his powers and went to Muir Island in Scotland to keep the X-Men safe. Xavier stayed at the Muir Island Research Center which was run by his old friend, Moira MacTaggert.

Meeting Lilandra


While at the Muir Island Research Center, Xavier was visited by an alien named Lilandra. Lilandra revealed that she was responsible for the nightmares he was having. Lilandra revealed that she was giving him those telepathic nightmares as a warning. Lilandra told Xavier that she was the princess of an alien race known as the Shi'ar. Her brother, D'Ken, the Shi'ar emperor was looking for an object known as the M'Kraan Crystal to use as a weapon. Lilandra continued to explain that if D'Ken were to get the M'Kraan Crystal it could destroy both of their universes.


Shortly after Lilandra arrived both her an Xavier were attacked by the Juggernaut. However, Lilandra was able to use her laser gun to shoot Juggernaut's helmet off of his head. Xavier was then able to use his telepathic powers to attack Juggernaut's mind. However, Juggernaut's partner, Black Tom, sneaked up behind Xavier and shot him with a stun ray. Juggernaut then threw Xavier out of the window and over a cliff. However, before Xavier could hit the ground he was rescued by Banshee, Moira's boyfriend. Juggernaut was then able to escape with Lilandra.

Professor X then telepathically communicated with the X-Men and told them to come to Muir Island. When the X-Men arrived they were able to rescue Lilandra from Juggernaut, Black Tom, and Erik the Red.


Professor X then promised Lilandra that the X-Men would help her keep the M'Kraan Crystal safe from D'Ken. The X-Men, the Phoenix, the Starjammers, and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard then worked to together to defeat D'Ken and saved the universe.


Once the danger had passed Lilandra asked Professor X to go Shi'ar with her. However, Professor X told Lilandra that he could not go with her because he still had to work toward peace between mutants and humans. Lilandra then kissed Xavier and returned to her home planet.



When Spider-Man discovered that he was mutating into some kind of inhuman creature he sought out Professor X for help because Spider-Man heard that Xavier was the world's leading expert on genetic mutation. As Spider-Man arrived at the Xavier Mansion he was confronted by the X-Men who attempted to capture him because he broke into their home. As the X-Men caught up with Spider-Man, Professor X arrived and put a stop to their fight. Xavier then asked Spider-Man what he wanted to which he replied that he wanted to talk to him. Spider-Man then told Xavier of his furthering mutation and asked if he could cure him. However, Professor X told Spider-Man that his work was not to cure mutants but to train them and help then accept who and what they are. Angered by this Spider-Man left the mansion. Later on when Herbert Landon was transformed into a giant mutant monster Xavier learned of this through a news feed and alerted the X-Men to help Wolverine, Beast, and Spider-Man help fight the creature.

Helping Juggernaut


Sometime later the Juggernaut returned and went to the Xavier Mansion to try and kill Professor X. Professor X attempted to reason with his step-brother while using the Danger Room to protect himself. Juggernaut nearly succeeded in killing Xavier. However, at that moment a man named Eugene Turbot Weiderspan found the Gem of Cyttorak in South Korea and used it to steal Cain Marko's powers. Just as Cain lost his powers some debris fell on him and injured him. Despite all that Cain had done to him, Xavier still cared for his step-brother and ordered the X-Men to search for the Gem of Cyttorak. However, the X-Men made it clear to Xavier that they did not want to help Juggernaut because of all the times he tried to kill them.

Professor X devastated upon learning the truth about his step-father

Later, Professor X read Cain's mind to try and figure out a way to help him. However, while doing this Xavier learned that Kurt Marko only married his mother so he could get her money when she died, and that Kurt never cared for him or his mother.


The X-Men were later able to obtain the Gem of Cyttorak and returned it to Cain and he used it to turn into the Juggernaut. With his powers returned Juggernaut quickly healed from his injuries. As the X-Men prepared to fight Juggernaut, Juggernaut chose not to attack them. Xavier believed that that was Juggernaut's way of thanking them for saving his life.


Young Charles Xavier seconds before dying in an explosion set by Fitzroy

In the year 2055 A.D., Master Mold was rebuilt. Master Mold then had a mutant criminal named Fitzroy travel back in time to the year 1959 to assassinate a young Charles Xavier. Fitzroy was able to accomplish this and because Xavier was killed at such a young age he was never able to form the X-Men.

Because the X-Men were never formed in this new timeline they were not able to fight for mutant rights. This caused a war between mutants and humans. This war devastated the entire planet. In this timeline, Magneto lead the mutant resistance against the human army, which also included meta-humans.

Bishop and Shard traveled to the past to warn the X-Men about Xavier's assassination. However, when Bishop and Shard arrived in the past they saw that there was a war between mutants and humans and realized they were too late. Bishop and Shard then found Storm and Wolverine who in this timeline were married and members of the mutant resistance. Bishop and Shard explained to Storm and Wolverine that the war was due to the death of Professor X in 1959. Bishop, Shard, Storm, and Wolverine then travel back in time to 1959 to prevent Xavier's assassination.


In 1959, Bishop, Shard, Storm, and Wolverine found Xavier and explained to him what was going on. Despite their efforts Xavier was caught in an explosion set by Fitzroy and killed. Bishop, Shard, Wolverine, and Storm then traveled to 2055 A.D. hoping that the time machine still existed. The four of them found Forge and got him to repair the time machine and then they went back in time to try and save Xavier.

Fitzroy erasing Xavier's memories

After destroying Nimrod they were attacked by Fitzroy. However, Bishop was able to show Fitzroy that Master Mold was going to betray him. Because of this Fitzroy chose not to kill Xavier which restored the timeline to normal. Fitzroy also used his powers to make Xavier forget that he had met Wolverine, Storm, and Bishop at such a young age.

Kidnapped by the Sentinels

Despite Master Mold's apparent destruction his head survived. Master Mold was then taken by the remaining Sentinels to a cave. There Master Mold learned that a laboratory called Zydex had created a new type of plastic that was as thin as cloth but one hundred times stronger than steel. Master Mold had his Sentinels steal the plastic so they could re-build his body, and with the Zydex plastic he would be invincible. Master Mold also wanted Bolivar Trask and Henry Gyrich to witness his return so he had his Sentinels kidnap them. Master Mold also had his Sentinels kidnap Professor X since he was the one that destroyed his original body.


Several Sentinels went to the Xavier Mansion and were able to kidnap Professor X despite Wolverine and Beast's attempt to rescue him. The Sentinels then brought Xavier to the cave where Master Mold revealed to Professor X that the reason he had him kidnapped was because he wanted to cybernetically link their minds, which would enhance Xavier's powers a thousand times and place them at Master Mold's command. However, the X-Men were able to rescue Xavier and defeat Master Mold and the Sentinels.

Kidnapped psychics


Mister Sinister later joined forced with Apocalypse who had come up with a mysterious plan to capture various psychics and telepaths from around the world. When Jean and Scott had their wedding at the Xavier Mansion, Mister Sinister and his Nasty Boys tried to kidnap both Professor X and Jean. Rogue managed to save Professor X. However, the Nasty Boys and Mister Sinister were able to get away with Jean. Sinister then took Jean to a place called the Axis of Time, which was located outside of the space time continuum.


Professor X later received a telepathic message from Lilandra who told him that Apocalypse had teleported to Shi'ar and kidnapped Oracle, a psychic member of her Imperial Guard. Xavier then realized that Apocalypse and Mister Sinister were working together and they were abducting telepaths and psychics. Professor X then used Cerebro to locate other telepaths around the world so the X-Men could try and protect them.


In the year 3999 A.D., Cable stole a time machine and travel to the past where he told the X-Men he was going to ancient Egypt to destroy Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber which Apocalypse has to enter every hundred years to remain alive. The X-Men, including Professor X, and Archangel time traveled with Cable to ancient Egypt to destroy the Lazarus Chamber. However, Apocalypse was expecting them. As they entered the Lazarus chamber, Apocalypse teleported Professor X to the Axis of Time and added him to his collection of captured psychics.

Apocalypse later revealed his plan. Apocalypse had kidnapped the psychics and brought them to the Axis of Time so he could use their psychic energy to stop time and then recreate the universe in his image.


Bishop later managed to free all the psychics. The psychics, led by Xavier, confronted Apocalypse. They were able to return Apocalypse to the physical world where without his Lazarus Chamber he perished.

Possessed by Shadow King


Sometime later Xavier got a concussion and fell into a coma. While in his coma, Xavier had nightmares about the death of his X-Men. Xavier then had another dream about him reuniting with his mother whom he was glad to see after so many years. Xavier then had a dream about his X-Men who told him that he no longer had to worry about them.

Shadow King possessing Xavier

However, in real reality Xavier's vitals began to drop and he was near death. Professor X then traveled to the astral plane. During this time Xavier began to relive old memories such as how he fought the Shadow King which led to the creation of the X-Men. However, Shadow King lied to Xavier and told him that his X-Men were dead. Shadow King also told Xavier that if he wanted to see the X-Men again he had to come to him. Shadow King also told Xavier that when he hit his head it weakened his telepathic powers which he was using to keep Shadow King trapped in the astral plane. This allowed Shadow King's mind to take possession of Xavier's body. Shadow King also trapped Xavier's mind in the astral just as he had done to Shadow King years earlier.


As Logan was about to attack Shadow King he was stopped by Cyclops who told him that anything he did to Shadow King could also harm Xavier. Shadow King referred to this as the "ultimate protection" from the X-Men. However, during this time Jean Grey had traveled to the astral plane and was able to free Xavier from the prison Shadow King had placed him in.

Xavier (right) fighting Shadow King (left) on the astral plane

Shadow King sensed that Jean had freed Xavier and traveled to the astral plane to confront them, and in the process leaving Xavier's comatose body at the mansion. In the astral plane, Shadow King swore to Xavier that after defeating him he would use Xavier's body to spread chaos around the planet. Xavier and Jean fought Shadow King and were successful in trapping Shadow King in the Astral Plane.

Xavier and Jean then returned to the physical plane. Xavier told the X-Men that Shadow King forced him to relive his memories and in the process he remembered why he formed the X-Men in the first place.

Failing health


When Charles Xavier learned that their old enemy, Henry Peter Gyrich was supporting the "Mutant Containment Bill", he decided to go to Washington D.C. and try to convince Congress not to pass the bill into law. If the Mutant Containment Bill were to be passed it would have given the U.S. government the power to arrest innocent mutants for no other reason than being different. While debating the subject, Gyrich had no problem hiding his hatred for mutants. However, batting the Mutant Containment Bill for several weeks had made Xavier very exhausted and in turn made him very ill. Gyrich told Xavier that he always wondered by he was such a mutant lover. Gyrich then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device. Gyrich then activated the device and it made a loud noise. The noise was so intense that it caused Xavier to unwillingly send out a telepathic pulse from his mind. This pulse gave everyone in the room headaches but there were no long lasting effects. It was then that Gyrich and everyone watching the televised hearings realized that Charles Xavier was really a mutant. As Gyrich was taken away by security, Xavier passed out and fell out of his hover chair. The X-Men rushed over to Xavier to see if he was alright. Logan used his enhanced senses on Xavier and believed that he didn't survive Gyrich's attack.


The X-Men got Xavier onto the Blackbird where Beast examined him. Beast then discovered that for once Logan's incredible senses were wrong and that Xavier was still alive, but barley. The X-Men then took Xavier to the mansion's infirmary. Beast then contacted Dr. Moira MacTaggert and asked for her help in treating Xavier. However, after running some tests Beast and Moira discovered that there was nothing they could do for him. However, Beast deduced that Lilandra and the Shi'ar would be able to help Xavier because their technology was far superior to the technology on Earth. However, the X-Men soon realized that Xavier was the only telepath on Earth powerful enough to communicate with Lilandra who was in another galaxy, and in his current weakened state he would not be able to reach her.

The X-Men later learned that Mageto was gathering an army on Genosha and was preparing to start a war. The X-Men went to Genosha to fight Magneto. When Jean, Cyclops, and Wolverine got to Genosha they entered Magneto's fortress and fought him. During their battle Jean learned that Magneto's magnetic power amplified her own telepathic abilities. The X-Men then told Magneto that Xavier was dying. Jean realized that Magneto could use his powers to enhance Xavier's telepathic powers so he could contact Lilandra. The X-Men then asked Magneto for his help. At first Magneto did not want to leave because he was on the verge of starting the war he always wanted between mutants and humans. However, Cyclops told Magneto that if his and Xavier's position were reversed Xavier would help Magneto no matter what.


Magneto then went with the X-Men back to the mansion. Magneto placed his hands on Xavier's head and ativated his magnetic powers which increased Xavier's power so much that he was able to telepathically send a message to Lilandra. Xavier then woke up and said his goodbyes to his X-Men and Magneto. Afterward Lilandra teleported into Xavier's room. Lilandra told the X-Men that Xavier would survive but only under the care of the Shi'ar on her home world. Lisandra then took Xavier onto her star ship and flew off to the Shi'ar home world as the X-Men and Magneto watched.

Everyone's favorite version of the X-Men from the '90s is back!

The information in the following section or sections was not present in X-Men: The Animated Series. However, it was part of the canonical comic book series X-Men '92.


Later on the Shi'ar managed to cure Xavier and he returned to Earth. During this time Xavier once again began to lead the X-Men.



Professor X later learned of a place called the Clear Mountain Institute whose mission was to rehabilitate evil mutants and make them productive members of society. However, Professor X was cautious and believed that Clear Mountain had to be investigated. Professor X then sent the X-Men to the Clear Mountain Institute. The X-Men met Clear Mountain's director, Cassandra Nova and everything seemed fine. However, Professor X grew increasingly worried about the X-Men so he tried to use Cerebro to contact them. When Professor X used Cerebro he discovered that the astral plane was being controlled by Cassandra Nova. Professor X and Cassandra Nova then fought in the astral plane.


A short while later Cassandra Nova revealed to Professor X that she was actually the Shadow King who had possessed the body of a female clone of Xavier that had been created by Apocalypse. Shadow King then attacked Professor X's mind and put him in a comatose state. However, before Professor X fell into a coma he was able to send a telepathic distress signal to Cable. Cable and his team, X-Force then headed for the mansion.


When Xavier's body was found by X-Force they believed he was dead. However, Psylocke read Xavier's mind and learned that he was still alive, just in a comatose state due to a psychic attack. X-Force then discovered that the X-Men were at the Clear Mountain Institute and teleported there to find out what was going on. However, Psylocke stayed at the X-Mansion to try and use her telepathic powers to pull Xavier out of his comatose state. After a telepathic battle with Cassandra Nova, Psylocke was successful in bringing Xavier out of his coma. Xavier then told Psylocke that when he was in Nova's mind he saw that she planned to assassinate Baron Robert Kelly and that they had to stop her.

RCO066 1462449582.jpg

Xavier went to warn Baron Kelly about the attack. However, Kelly believed that Professor X was behind the attack and had him arrested. However, at that very moment Nova's X-Sentinel arrived to kill Baron Kelly.

RCO069 1461961748.jpg

As the X-Men fought the X-Sentinel. Jean, as the Phoenix, fought Cassandra Nova. Nova was eventually able to defeat Phoenix. However, Professor X used his psychic powers to create a being made of pure psychic energy called Onslaught. Xavier had Onslaught attack Cassandra Nova which separated Shadow King from the cloned body. Professor X, as Onslaught, fought Shadow King on the astral plane.


The battle was nearly lost. However, Jean, Cable, and Psylocke were able to use their telepathic powers to enhance Xavier's powers. Xavier was then able to banish Shadow King to the astral plane once again.

After the defeat of Shadow King, Professor X re-opened his school and several new students enrolled there.



A powerful celestial known was Xodus was on his way to Earth to destroy all life on the planet. Apocalypse, who had joined forces with the X-Men, had come up with a plan to turn everyone on Earth into a mutant to form a great army that could stand against Xodus. However, Xavier refused to turn everyone on Earth into a mutant against their will and said it had to be their choice. Xavier then sent out a telepathic message to everyone on Earth warning them about Xodus and telling them of Apocalypse's plan to turn everyone on Earth into a mutant. Xavier also told everyone that it would be their choice if they wanted to be turned into a mutant.

RCO027 1482950145.jpg

A few hours later thousands of people gathered outside of the X-Mansion and said that they wanted to help the X-Men. Xavier then telepathically linked to Dead Girl's mind as she read from the Darkhold. However, the energy from the spell was too great and was killing Dead Girl. However, since Xavier was linked to her mind he was able to take the full force of the psychic backlash. This saved Dead Girl's life but the energy was too great for Xavier and it killed him.

Alternate timeline

Days of Future Past

Because of Senator Robert Kelly's strong anti-mutant stance he was targeted for assassination by Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mystique shapeshifted into Gambit and assassinated him in that form. Even though Senator Kelly's death was the result of one mutant all mutants were blamed. After Senator Kelly's death a mutant control law was passed and the U.S. government built an army of Sentinels. The Sentinels then began to hunt down mutants all over the country. Some mutants attempted to fight back. However, the survivors were placed in detention camps where the mutants were killed. However, the Sentinels went out of control and began to target normal humans as well.

It is unknown what happened to Professor X in this timeline. It is possible Professor X was either killed or taken to a detention camp to be executed.

This timeline was erased when the X-Men saved Senator Kelly from being assassinated.

Powers and equipment


Professor X is the most powerful telepath on Earth and is able to read other peoples minds and see their memories. While telepathically communicating with others Professor X can appear as an astral form to others.

Xavier can create realistic telepathic illusions. Once Xavier's dark side manifested and his mind created an illusion of himself that was evil and attacked the X-Men.

Professor X also has the power to develop a mental link with any person which remains as a connection to that individual.


Professor Xavier can also appear before others in his "astral form." In the astral form Xavier resembles a spirit and his body is transparent.


In his astral form Xavier can travel to the astral realm. While there Xavier can use his powers to create objects made out of psychic energy. In this plane of existance Xavier has battled other telepaths such as the Shadow King.

Xavier can also focus his telepathic powers into a psychic blast that can temporarily shut down a persons mind and cause them to pass out.

Xavier can control other people's minds.

Xavier has the ability to cause loss of particular memories and amnesia in another person or group of people.



Cerebro is a computer created by Professor X.

Cerebro could be used to enhance his own telepathic powers.

Professor Xavier could use Cerebro to locate mutants all over the world.

Cerebro also allowed Professor Xavier to translate and understand Shi'ar writing.

Cerebro was also frequently used by Jean Grey.

Additionally Charles Xavier used a hover chair instead of a normal wheelchair.

In the comics

While in his mothers womb Charles Xavier sensed that his twin sister, Cassandra Nova, was evil. Xavier then used his telepathic powers to kill Cassandra Nova. While Xavier survived Cassandra Nova died at birth.

During the Korean War, Xavier and Kain Marko were drafted into the military and served in the same unit. During this time Xavier was present when Kain Marko found the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak which transformed him into the Unstoppable Juggernaut.

Charles Xavier had a son named David Haller, also known as Legion, who was a mutant. However, for several years Xavier did not know of the existence of his son. David eventually developed a split personality. The Shadow King took possession of Haller's body and used his telepathic powers to create more hatred in the world toward mutants. It took the combined efforts of the X-Men and X-Factor to free David Haller from Shadow King's control.

After Charles Xavier stopped an alien named Lucifer from starting an invasion of his people on Earth, Lucifer dropped a huge stone block on Xavier’s legs which crippled him.


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  • While casting Professor X in X-Men: The Animated Series, the creators of the series had in mind a voice that sounded like Leonard Nimoy, Fredric March, and a non-comedic Leslie Nielsen.