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Philip Watson is the father of Mary Jane Watson. He was verbally abusive and abandoned his family when Mary Jane was a child.



Philip Watson was verbally abusive to his wife, Madeline Watson, and his daughter, Mary Jane Watson. Philip eventually abandoned them.

When Mary Jane was a young adult she met a man named Baron Mordo who promised to reunite her with her father. However, Mordo lied. In reality Mordo used his magic to make it appear that she had been reunited with her father. Mordo did this as a way to free his master, Dormammu, from the Dark Dimension.

When Mary Jane was rescued by Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange used his magic to show Mary Jane that her father did not love her and he told Mary Jane that Mordo was able to manipulate her by exploiting her emotions for her father.

Mary Jane was then pulled into the Dark Dimension by Dormammu. Dormammu then took the appearance of Philip Watson and attempted to trick Mary Jane into inviting him to Earth. However, Mary Jane was able to see through Dormammu's trick and refused to invite him. This left Dormammu trapped in the Dark Dimension.

In the comics

Anna Watson is his sister. This was not specified in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Philip Watson married Madeline after college and they had two children, Mary Jane and Gayle.

Philip was a college professor but also wanted to be a writer. He never had the skill to be a writer and took out his rage on his wife and daughters.

Still verbally abusive to his family, Philip even went so fr as to smack Gayle in the face over the cost of her dancing lessons. This was the final straw for Madeline and she left him and took their daughters with her.

Many years later Philip got in touch with Gayle and asked her to steal a manuscript of a novel for him, but she was caught and arrested. When Mary Jane came to help, he asked her to do the same thing for him. She succeeded and got him the manuscript, and he told her about his part in Gayle's arrest, which was heard by a police detective and Philip was arrested.


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