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Owl is a crime lord in New York City.


Not much is known about Owl's early life.

Owl was eventually able to move up in the criminal underworld and become a very powerful crime lord on par with Kingpin and Silvermane.

Wile attending a meeting of the Crime Cartel, Owl was sitting around a table with the other crime lords listening to Kingpin talk about how well the Cartel's operations were going. However, Silvermane told Kingpin that the Cartel was losing respect for him and pressed a button that surrounded Kingpin in restraints while in his chair. Both Owl and Hammerhead were shocked when Kingpin broke through his restraints and grabbed Silvermane. As Kingpin looked at the crime lords he asked who would dare lose respect for him and directly called out Owl and Hammerhead. Kingpin then told Owl and the Cartel that he had started an operation to finally kill Spider-Man.

In the comics

Leland "Owl" Owlsley was a ruthless financier, although he had a respectable image. An internal audit by the IRS discovered files relating Owlsley with different illegal business enterprises. Owlsley decided to get rid of his previous image, and began scheming to become a crime lord in New York City. He began by hiring thugs for the Owl's Gang and created a small crime empire. Somehow, "the Owl" managed to get a serum he supposedly used to glide and even fly for short distances.

The Owl fought Daredevil, who defeated him, although he managed to escape. A subsequent encounter led him to a jail, but only for a misdemeanor. The Owl left the jail soon after that, on parole, and immediately kidnapped the judge who had convicted him. Daredevil rescued the judge, but the Owl escaped.

Over the years Owl would clash with both Daredevil and Spider-Man.



  • There are some conflicting reports as to who voiced Owl. IMDB credits Michael Bell as the voice of Owl in the 1995 Spider-Man video game while his Wikipedia page and other websites do not list Owl as one of his credits.