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The Octobot was a robot that was built by Doctor Octopus.


The Octobot, also called the Autonomous Telepathic Tentacles, was built by Doctor Octopus. He designed it with four mechanical arms similar to his own and laser guns mounted on the sides. It could be controlled telepathically with an electronic headset.

To hunt down Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus placed a Spider Seeker on the front of the Octobot.

Doctor Octopus had the Octobot capture Spider-Man and used it to steal the Argon Matrix Laser.

Later Spider-Man fought Doctor Octopus at his hideout. During the fight Maria Taina Elizando grabbed the headset and put it on. Taina then used the headset to control the Octobot and had it grab hold of Doctor Octopus. The police then arrived and arrested Doc Ock. It is unknown what happened to the Octobot after this.

In the comics

The Octobot first appeared in Spider-Man: The Animated Series but was later adapted into the comics in 2009.

There were a few different versions of the Octobot all of which were created by Doctor Octopus.

The first one was a small metal ball with eight legs.

The second one was much larger and could be used to attack large constructs.

It was revealed that a Golden Octobot was used by Doctor Octopus to transfer his brain pattern onto Peter Parker and vice versa, thus enabling Doc Ock to become the Superior Spider-Man.

Spider-Man refits all the Octobots confiscated from Doctor Octopus and kept in the New York Police Precinct to carry an antidote able to reverse the mutations turning all the New York population into Man-Spiders, he humorously renames them his own "Spider-Slayers."