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The bright red chromosome indicates mutant DNA

Mutants are human beings that are born with a genetic anomaly that grants them super human powers. Those who are mutants often face ridicule and hatred from normal humans. 



The oldest known mutant in history is Apocalypse. He was born in ancient Egypt several thousands of years ago.

In the present mutants became much more common with many of them forming teams such as the X-Men, X-Factor, Alpha Flight, and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Mutations are mostly visible when a person becomes a teenager. However, in some rare cases a mutation can be visible at the moment of birth. While most mutants look normal some mutants are severely deformed.

Several normal humans feared mutants for no other reason then they are different. There was a group of human mutant hunters called the Friends of Humanity and an army of robots designed to hunt down mutants called Sentinels.

While Professor X believed that peace between humans and mutants could be achieved, Magneto believed that the humans fear of mutants would lead to their imprisonment. Because of this Magneto intended to start a war between humans and mutants in which he planned to lead the mutants to victory. To combat Magneto and protect humanity Professor X formed the X-Men.

Senator Robert Kelly was initially anti-mutant. However, when his life was saved by the X-Men he became pro-mutant.

Herbert Landon once attempted to kill all mutants on Earth but was stopped by the X-Men and Spider-Man.


While mutants naturally became mutants, mutates gained their powers through radiation or some other kind of scientific process. Some mutates include Spider-Man, HulkLizard, the Fantastic Four, and several others.

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