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Mister Sinister is a renegade geneticist that is obsessed with studying and controlling mutations for his own evil purposes.


Early life

Studying mutations

Nathaniel Essex before his mutation

In the year 1859, Nathaniel Essex was was fascinated with the theories of evolution that were presented by Charles Darwin. Essex spoke with Darwin and asks if he believed if humanity was ready for the next step in evolution. Darwin answered that man is in direct competition with his fellows. After a conference between several scientist in which Darwin talked about his theory of natural selection, Darwin was approached by Nathaniel Essex who wanted to talk to Darwin about his own research on mutated humans. Darwin warned him that given how people reacted to his theory on natural selection that they lived in a dangerous time for free thinkers. Essex then introduces Darwin to his friend, Dr. James Xavier (a distant ancestor of Charles Xavier). Darwin asks Xavier if he agrees with what he says about natural selection and Dr. Xavier answers that it denies God's hand in creating the all life.

Nathaniel and Rebecca Essex

Essex also had an ill wife named Rebecca Essex (a distant ancestor of Jean Grey whom he treated). Essex was the director of an asylum/infirmary and took in several mutants that he secretly experimented on. Essex also had various connections that helped him locate mutants all around the planet which were often found at carnivals as side show freaks. Essex would buy the mutants from the circus owners and bring them back to London and place them in the asylum.


One day Essex invited James Xavier and Charles Darwin to his home to see his scientific discovery. Essex then has two mutants demonstrate their powers but Darwin believed that they were being insulted by being shown simple parlor tricks. Essex told them that he had found a way to end all diseases through mutation and said that through his research men could become gods. Darwin believing Essex to be insane left his home. Essex then shouted that he would find proof to show them and the world that his theories were fact. After this Essex was expelled from the Royal Society.


After this Essex became even more obsessed with his research. However, all of his research only lead to failure after failure and over time he became more reclusive, eccentric, and a fanatic. Rumors about strange happenings at his asylum even began to circulate Parliament and made their way into the news papers. Essex and his father-in-law, Lord Grey (a distant ancestor of Jean Grey), became estranged. On top of all this Rebecca's condition got worse.

Sometime later after all his hard work Essex was able to manipulate and control mutations. However, centuries later Essex would claim that Apocalypse created him, meaning that sometime in the 19th century, Essex met Apocalypse, and Apocalypse gave him advanced knowledge on genetics. Essex was then able to create a formula that mutated his body by turning his skin white and his eyes red. Essex discovered that he also had healing powers. Essex was then able to cure Rebecca. However, Rebecca's father was unhappy at the fact that Essex was experimenting on his daughter and asked James Xavier to find out what Essex was giving to her.

Essex fighting with James Xavier

Sometime later James Xavier went to visit Essex at his asylum. Essex asked if they still talk about him at the Royal Society. Xavier answered that there were rumors going around about sinister happenings at his asylum. Essex then replied "Sinister? I must remember that for when Queen Victoria knights me." (This gives Essex the idea for his future identity, Mister Sinister). As Essex showed Xavier his asylum Xavier was appalled by how he is treating his patients. Xavier attempted to free the prisoners but was attacked by Essex. During their fight the prisoners manage to free themselves and escape.


The escaped mutants caused panic in the streets but meant no harm to anybody. As a mob attempted to kill them, James Xavier spoke out and said that they mean no harm to anyone and that the real monster is Nathaniel Essex. The mob then went after Essex. However, Essex shot energy blast from his hands (much to his surprise) and was able to run away from the mob. As Essex returned to his home he grabbed Rebecca and told her they must flee. Rebecca accidentally knocked Essex's sun glasses off his face to reveal that his eyes were red which terrified her. As Essex escaped the mob entered his laboratory and destroyed all of his research.

Jack the Ripper


After Essex's escape James Xavier began to travel the world searching for Essex. Decades later Xavier eventually caught up to Sinister who had returned to London. While in London, Sinister created a human from scratch that the news papers dubbed Jack the Ripper. Jack was tasked with collecting DNA samples for Essex and in the process he would kill his victims. James Xavier and the police were able to catch up with him but Essex (now calling himself Mister Sinister) was able to escape.

Later life


When Scott Summers and Jean Grey were children Mister Sinister began to study them from afar. Sinister believed that through their DNA he would be able to control the future of all mutations on the planet. He would continue to watch them for several years until they entered their adult lives.

Reviving Morph

Sinister looming over Morph

After the X-Man known as Morph died at the hands of the Sentinels his body was found by Mister Sinister who took the body back to his lair and was able to bring him back to life. Even though Sinister was able to heal Morph's body his mind was beyond repair. Morph soon developed a split personality which hated the X-Men and wanted revenge for leaving him to die. Sinister was then able to manipulate Morhp's evil personality into serving him.

Watching from the shadows

After the X-Men saved the Earth from the Sentinels, Scott Summers asked Jean Grey to marry him which she accepted. Jean then said that not knowing what will happen is what gives hope to the future. Through unknown means Sinister was able to watch a live feed of them on a television screen in his headquarters. Sinister then said to himself that he knows what the future holds for them.

Master plan


After Scott Summers and Jean Grey got married Sinister had Morph shape shift into Magneto and send a fake distress call to Professor Xavier telling him that he was in Antarctica. Sinister then had Morph disguise himself as Wolverine and he infiltrated the Xavier Mansion in an attempt to divide the team. From his hide out Sinister was able to watch Morph as he carried out his revenge on the X-Men.


Later on while Jean and Scott were on their honeymoon they were attacked by a group of mutants called the Nasty Boys which were led by Mister Sinister. Jean and Scott were defeated by the Nasty Boys and Sinister had inhibitor collars placed around their neck which suppressed their mutant powers.


Wolverine later returned to the Xavier Mansion and used his super sense of smell to discover that Morph was posing as Professor Xavier. When Morph was discovered he fled the mansion. However, Morph was able to escape. Later, Sinister revealed to Scott and Jean that he has watched them their whole lives and that by using their DNA he will be able to control the future of all mutations on the planet and create a group of super mutants that are loyal to him.


Sometime later Morph went to Sinister's lair and revealed to Scott and Jean that he was posing as the priest that married them and that they were not really married. Morph then attempted to kill Scott and Jean but he was stopped by Mister Sinister who threatened to kill Morph if anything happened to Jean and Scott. The X-Men then burst into Sinister's lair and Sinister ordered the Nasty Boys to kill them. Sinister then attacked the X-Men himself and told them that they will not interfere with his greatest experiment. At that moment Cyclops was able to convince Morph that he was still a member of the X-Men and Morph went after Mister Sinister. However, Sinister was far more powerful than Morph and easily brushed off his attacks. Cyclops was able to free himself and then shot Sinister with his optic blast. To Sinister's surprise the optic blast was actually able to harm him even with his healing powers and he fled to safety.

Meeting with Mystique

Sinister later returned and secretly met with Mystique. Mystique was told that Sinister had a gift for her. Sinister then said that Professor Xavier is no longer with the X-Men and that Mystique had a chance to reclaim her adopted daughter, Rogue. Sinister continued to say that one day he would ask her for repayment.

The Savage Land


Professor Xavier and Magneto soon arrived at the Savage Land located in Antarctica. However, both of them realized that they were lured to the island by an unknown party (Mister Sinister) for unknown reasons. Back in America, Morph sent the X-Men a message saying that he needed their help. The X-Men soon arrived to aide Morph but they were ambushed by Mister Sinister and the Nasty Boys. Sinister and the Nasty Boys are able to defeat the X-Men and they take Jean Grey to the Savage Land and leave Wolverine and Cyclops behind.


Back in the Savage Land, Charles Xavier and Magneto were captured by mutants that serve Sinister and were taken to his lair. Sinister then revealed to Xavier and Magneto that the reason their powers did not work was because they were being blocked by a device he created. Morph once again attempted to kill Sinister but he was stopped by the Nasty Boys. Sinister then had a mutant named Sauron use his mind control abilities to force Xavier to telepathically call the X-Men to the Savage Land. Sinister then locked Xavier, Magneto, and Jean in a cell and revealed that his plan is the same as before, take DNA samples from the most powerful mutants on Earth and use it to create an army of super mutants to take over the world.

As the X-Men arrived at the Savage Land they learned that their powers had been negated but were unsure why. The X-Men were then attacked by the Nasty Boys (who still have their powers because Sinister found a way to keep his machine from affecting them). Without their powers the X-Men were easily defeated and taken to Mister Sinister except for Wolverine who managed to escape.


Wolverine and Ka-Zar (a native to the Savage Land) then sneaked into Sinister's lair and attempt to free the X-Men. Wolverine succeeded in freeing them and Xavier and Morph destroyed the machine that was blocking their powers. The X-Men and Magneto then attacked the Nasty Boys and defeat them. Cyclops then shot Sinister with his optic blast but Sinister was able to activate Morph's mind control implant and had him attack the X-Men. However, Xavier telepathically communicated with Morph and told him that he will always be one of the X-Men. Morph then turned on Sinister and shot him in the chest. This gave Cyclops the opportunity to blast Sinister in the chest and when he did, Sinister shattered into several pieces. As Sinister's body began to reform Jean Grey used her telekinetic powers to send the pieces of Sinister's body into the atmosphere where Jean stated that "it will be a while before he gets back together."

The Axis of Time

Sometime later Mister Sinister was able to reform himself and he was then approached by the evil mutant, Apocalypse who recruited Sinister to help him abduct telepathic mutants and bring them to another dimension called the Axis of Time which is where all time, past, present, and future intersect.


Only seconds after Jean Grey and Scott Summers wedding they were attacked by the Nasty Boys. The two of them were over powered and the Nasty Boys threw Jean into a portal leading to the Axis of Time where she was placed in a prison by Apocalypse. When Professor Xavier learned of Jean's disappearance he attempted to use Cerebro to locate her. However, since she was taken to a different dimension Xavier was unable to find her. Xavier was then visited by Sinister in the Xavier Mansion. Jubilee attempted to stop him with her firework powers to no avail. Mister Sinister was able to open a portal to the Axis of Time. However, before he could bring Xavier through the portal he was rescued by Rogue. Although, Sinister still managed to escape.


Later on in the Axis of Time, Jean Grey was confronted by Mister Sinister and she asked him why he was helping Apocalypse. Sinister answered that Apocalypse could give him the chance to create a new breed of mutant. Jean continued to say that that could take decades and that he may not be alive to see his dreams come true. However, Sinister replied that when he starts an experiment he can use the Axis of Time to travel into the future to see how his experiments turn out. A short while later Professor Xavier and the X-Men discovered that Sinister was abducting people with telepathic powers and planned to search them out with Cerebro and use them as bait. Sinister later captured a telepathic mutant called the Gamesmaster and brought him to the Axis of Time.

Eventually Apocalypse was able to capture Professor Charles Xavier (the most powerful telepath of them all) and he stated that he was ready to put his plan into motion. As soon as all the telepaths were in place Apocalypse revealed that he planed to use the telepaths to create a backlash of psychic energy that would destroy the entire universe except that which is in the Axis of Time. Apocalypse would then recreate the universe in his image.


Magneto was an ally of Apocalypse but only so he could learn his true plan. As soon as Magneto discovered that Apocalypse was going to destroy all of time itself he betrayed him. Magneto was then confronted by Mister Sinister who told Magneto that he knew of Apocalypse's plan all along and that being part of recreating existence appealed to him. However, Apocalypse was not defeated as Magneto thought and he ordered Sinister to kill Magneto. Mister Sinister then gave the job of killing Magneto to a mutant named Vertigo. However, Magneto was able to escape and free Wolverine whom Apocalypse had captured.

Apocalypse then put his plan into motion and activated the telepath's energy which caused time itself to unravel into nothing. However, Bishop was able to free the telepaths putting an end to the psychic energy and time began to return to normal. However, he was only able to free a few telepaths and not all of them.


From afar Sinister was able to watch Bishop's pathetic attempt to free the telepaths. At that moment Sinister was attacked by Wolverine. During their battle Wolverine accidentally damaged a computer console that controlled the telepaths. Knowing that Apocalypse's plan was doomed Sinister and the Nasty Boys escaped through a portal. All of the escaped telepaths (lead by Xavier) then combined their psychic powers and defeated Apocalypse.

The Phalanx invasion

Sinister's distress call to Professor X

Sometime later while at the Xavier Mansion, Professor Xavier received a distress call from Mister Sinister. Sinister told him that something was attacking his base and that it has captured the Nasty Boys and that he needed the help of the X-Men. Sinister then told Xavier that the creature causes infection and that it can take on any form. Sinister then noticed that the creature was behind Xavier. Sinister attempted to warn him but Xavier ended up being captured by the creature.

The Xavier Mansion was attacked by the creature. Beast managed to get from the creature with help from an alien of the same species named Warlock. Warlock then revealed that he was part of an alien race called the Phalanx but managed to break free from its control. Warlock continued to say that whatever the Phalanx can not assimilated they destroy and that they are on Earth to do just that.


Several hours later Beast and Warlock met with the X-Force members Forge and Quicksilver and told them about what was going on. They were then attacked by the Phalanx but managed to escape. The Phalanx did manage to catch up to them but they were saved by Mister Sinister. They were then able to get away in Mister Sinister's air ship. Beast then deduced that the range of the Phalanx control was limited and that it needed a larger transmitter to extend it's range. They then came upon a large building that had been assimilated by the Phalanx and discovered that that must be how the Phalnx planned on extending its range. Warlock then revealed that the building was also a beacon for his people and that when the invasion begins Earth will be destroyed.

Mister Sinister, Beast, Forge and Warlock then traveled to Muir Island where Beast was able to create a virus that would hopefully destroy the Phalanx. However, they were discovered and attacked by the Phalanx. Beast, Forge, Sinister, and Amelia Voght (an old girlfriend of Charles Xavier's working on Muir Island for Moira MacTaggert) were able to escape. Amelia mentioned that she knew someone who could help them and then told Sinister to take them to the Arctic Circle. When they arrived at the Arctic Circle they found Magneto and told him of the events that had transpired and that his magnetic powers could be a great asset in defeating the Phalanx. Magneto then agreed to help them.

Beast, Forge, Warlock, Sinister, Magneto, and Amelia infiltrated the Phalanx base and were able to free the other X-Men who had been captured. As Warlock was captured by the Phalanx he released the virus and the Phalanx was destroyed. However, Warlock was not affected and survived. After the danger passed Sinister escaped and Warlock returned to his home planet.

Plotting against Apocalypse

Emperor Essex

In the future when Apocalypse returned he was able to conquer Earth. With his conquest of Earth complete Apocalypse traveled to other planets with the goal of conquering them as well. In his absence Apocalypse left Mister Sinister in charge of Earth. After centuries of service to Apocalypse, Mister Sinister longed for revenge. Because of this Sinister's first act as Emperor was to wipe out half of Earth's population. Jean and Scott's descendant, Rachel Summers, learned of Sinister's hatred for Apocalypse and came to him with a plan to kill his master.


Rachel later used the power of the Phoenix Force to bring Cyclops and Jean to the year 3999 A.D. Rachel told Cyclops and Jean about the genocide that Sinister caused and believed that Rachel had brought them to the future to kill Sinister.

RCO016 1469629483.jpg

Cyclops, Jean, Rachel, and Blaquesmith made their way to Citadel Sinister in the Savage Land. As the four of them entered Citadel Sinister, they were confronted by Sinister himself. Sinister revealed that he needed Cyclops and Jean's DNA to finish creating a biological being that could fight Apocalypse. Cyclops and Jean refused to give Sinister what he wanted. However, Mister Sinister revealed to Cyclops and Jean that from the instant they entered his citadel nanobots were collecting their DNA. Sinister also told Cyclops and Jean that he and Rachel were working together.


After Sinister was done collecting Cyclops and Jean's DNA, Sinister used the DNA to complete his genetic creation to fight Apocalypse. As an incubator opened out fell a child with a metal arm. Sinister gave him the name Nathan. However, Cyclops and Jean realized that Nathan was actually a young Cable, and in turn learned that Cable was their genetic son.

RCO019 1469629483.jpg

As Rachel was about to take Nathan with her, she was stopped my Sinister. Mister Sinister knew that Rachel was dying and said that Nathan would be better off staying with him so that he could mold Nathan into the enemy of Apocalypse that he was meant to be. However, Rachel refused to let Nathan be raised by Sinister. Rachel then used the power of the Phoenix to disintegrate Sinister's body. However, this last act drained Rachel of the Phoenix Force and killed her in the process. Without the Phoenix Force anchoring them in that time period, Cyclops and Jean faded away. With both Sinister and Rachel now dead, a friend of Rachel's named Blaquesmith decided to raise Nathan himself.

Alternate timeline

Age of Apocalypse


When a time traveling criminal from the future named Fitzroy traveled to the year 1955 he assassinated Charles Xavier. This caused the future to be changed. Because Xavier was no longer alive he did not form the X-Men and they were not able to prevent a war between humans and mutants from starting. Mister Sinister was a part of the mutant resistance which was lead by Magneto. After Bishop was able to stop Xavier's assassination the time line was restored to normal.

Non-canon history

Mister Sinister appeared in The Adventures of the X-Men #3 and Adventures of Spider-Man #3.

When Mister Sinister learned that the X-Men and Spider-Man had taken a young mutant named Adam to see Dr. Curt Connors, he contacted Dr. Connors posing as a scientist from Eastern Europe. Mister Sinister, shape-shifted into a normal looking human, went to Empire State University and helped Dr. Connors run tests on Adam.

After running a few tests on Adam, Dr. Essex was starting to push Adam's powers to their limits. Dr. Connors tried to stop Essex but Essex knocked him to the ground. Dr. Essex then revealed himself to be Mister Sinister. Only seconds later Spider-Man arrived at ESU and began to fight Mister Sinister. However, Sinister was easily able to defeat Spider-Man. Mister Sinister then took Adam and Spider-Man to his laboratory.

At his laboratory, Mister Sinister took DNA samples from Adam that he intended to use to create an army of unstoppable mutants. However, Gambit and Beast were able to locate Mister Sinister's laboratory and broke in and started to fight him. Spider-Man quickly joined the fight. However, after a brief fight Mister Sinister's machines finished collecting DNA samples from Adam and he took the samples and fled.

Powers and weaknesses


Mister Sinister is capable of regenerating parts of his body (such as when Cyclops used his optic blast to to shoot a hole straight through him) and fire energy blasts from his hands.

He also ages much slower than a normal human and is over 100 years old but still looks and acts like a young man.

Sinister is also a scientific genius that specializes in the field of genetic mutation.

Mister Sinister could also shape shift but this power was used only once during all his appearances in X-Men: The Animated Series.


Mister Sinister possesses an extraordinary healing factor. However, for unknown reasons he is not able to instantly heal from blast from Cyclops's optic beams.


X-Men: The Animated Series

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  • Till Death Do Us Part, Part I
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X-Men '92


  • Mister Sinister was voiced by Christopher Britton in X-Men: The Animated Series.
  • Mister Sinister was going to appear in the Secret Wars episodes [1] [2] [3]. His appearance was canceled due to the decision to pull the X-Men cast (except for Storm) from the story.
  • In the sixth season of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Spider-Man and Madame Web would have traveled to Victorian England and find Mary Jane who was lost in time. During his time there Spider-Man would have fought Carnage who was revealed to be Jack the Ripper. This would have caused a continuity error between both shows Spider-Man: The Animated Series and the show X-Men: The Animated Series because in X-Men: TAS it was revealed that Mister Sinister created Jack the Ripper. However, since in real life Jack the Ripper's identity still remains a mystery it is possible that within the Marvel Animated Universe there could have been more than one person to use the name Jack the Ripper. This means that both Mister Sinister's creation and Carnage could have been Jack the Ripper at the same time.
  • In the comic books Mister Sinister has much more power than what was shown in the cartoon. In the comics aside from regeneration and energy blasts he was also telepathic, could teleport, and could shape-shift.
  • Mister Sinister appeared in an issue three of Adventures of Spider-Man comic series but not Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • In the comic books six of Spider-Man's worst enemies joined forces and became the Sinister Six. However, when the team was introduced in Spider-Man: The Animated Series the network censors thought the the word sinister sounded to frightening so John Semper Jr. was forced to change the name to the Insidious Six. This seems odd because X-Men: The Animated Series was airing at the same time as Spider-Man: The Animated Series and both were on Fox Kids. For some reason X-Men: The Animated Series was allowed to use the word sinister as the name for Nathaniel Essex.
  • Mister Sinister was going to appear in a second season episode of Avengers: United They Stand called X-Treme. In that episode the Avengers would have teamed up with the X-Men to fight Mister Sinister. However, Avengers: United They Stand was cancelled after its first season.