The Metropolitan Museum (also known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Met) is the largest art museum in the United States and the most visited in the world.


When Mysterio decided to frame Spider-Man he disguised himself as Spidey and framed him by stealing jewels from the Metropolitan Museum's Egyptian exhibit.

The next day J. Jonah Jameson brought his J3 Communications news crew to the museum and did a televised report on how Spider-Man robbed the museum. While there Peter Parker found some webbing and gave it to Terri Lee telling her that if it really was Spider-Man's web it would have dissolved already.

A few moments later Mysterio appeared in the museum and told the press that he would capture Spider-Man. As Mysterio left the Museum he used one of his holocubes to make it look like the museume's roof was caving in. However, this was just a holographic illusion.

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