Marla Rubinoff is an American actress known for her roles in Down to Earth, Stranger by Night, and The New WKRP in Cincinnati.


Marla Jeannette Rubinoff was born on February 8, 1967 in the Midwest and moved to California as a babyin the late 1960's. Her father, Dr. Malcolm Rubinoff, and her mother had three children. Marla has two sisters Tammy and Danita Rubinoff. Her parents divorced when she was eight years old and both remaried. Dr. Rubinoff married Ginny and had a son named Charles Rubinoff. Marla's great uncle is the famous violin player Dave Rubinoff. Further, Marla is the second cousin of Mike Fleiss, the creator of The Bachelor. Marla got her Bachelor of Arts (BA) from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and Masters of Arts (MA) from Pepperdine University. Marla loves to perform and had her first series by 1984 called Down to Earth. Her parents were happy for her but stressed the need for higher education. While she was starring on a David Lynch series called On the Air she was also signed to be co-star on The WKRP in Cincinnati (1991). At the same time, she continued on to Graduate School to complete her MA in Clinical Psychology and got her Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license in October 2002. Marla married Duane French on October 19, 2001 and had her first baby, Amber Skye French, in 2003. Marla had a second baby in 2006, Summer Rain French. Besides frequent radio appearances as a Marriage and Family therapist, she continues to pursue acting and plays.




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