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Magneto, also known as the Master of Magnetism, is a mutant with the power to control magnetic fields and manipulate metal. He used to be friends with Charles Xavier but they ended up going down different paths. Magneto's main goal is to start a war between mutants and normal humans because he believes that if mutants do not rise up they will become slaves. He is often opposed by the X-Men. However, Magneto has also worked with the X-Men when their goals align.


Early life

Magnus as a child

In the 1940s Erik Magnus Lehnsheer was a young boy living in a small village in Europe. This village was invaded by Nazis who used tanks to demolish the small village. Magnus was unable to find his parents, possibly because they had been murdered by the Nazis. The Nazis then captured Magnus and put him in a concentration camp. It was here that Magnus saw the horrors of humanity.

In the 1960s during an unspecified war Erik Magnus Lehnsheer lost his wife, Magda, who was killed by his country's totalitarian military, or so he believed. This made him angry and began to hate normal humans even more. In reality Magda had witnessed Magnus use his powers to destroy a small village. Magda was horrified by what she saw and ran away. Magda was then found by a human/bull hybrid named Bova. Bova took Magda to a citadel belonging to the High Evolutionary. There Magda gave birth to twins which she named Wanda and Pietro. However, Magda ended up dying. Bova then left Wanda and Pietro in the care of the Maximoff family. Several years later Wanda and Pietro would grow up and become the super heroes, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.


Erik Magnus Lehnsherr later met Charles Xavier sometime after the end of the war. Both of them worked at a psychiatric hospital. While working together they became good friends. Magnus even assisted Xavier and together they helped patients rediscover the joy of life.


Remnants of the army that had occupied Magnus's country returned and attempted to retake the power from the current government. In the process the soldiers kidnapped several patients from the mental hospital Magnus and Xavier worked at. Magnus and Xavier worked together to save what patients they could. During this time Magnus and Xavier revealed to each other that they were mutants. While trying to save one of the patients Magnus became consumed by rage and attempted to murder the soldiers. However, Xavier was able to stop him. Xavier attempted to tell Magnus that violence wouldn't solve anything. However, Magnus's views on humanity had become jaded. Xavier and Magnus's different views on mutant/human relation drove a wedge between them and they became enemies.


Magnus then took the name Magneto and began to build an army of mutants that shared his beliefs. Magneto and his followers attacked power plants, factories, and government buildings in an effort to disrupt human society paving the way for mutant domination. However, Xavier was able to stop him.

At some point Magneto fought Xavier a second time. However, this time Magneto crippled Xavier.

Facing Iceman


Not much is known about Magneto's battle with Iceman. For some reason Iceman was the only X-Man fighting Magneto.

Savage Land

At some point in the past Magneto found the Savage Land, a tropical island hidden in Antarctica, which was home to several primitive humans and even dinosaurs. Magneto used his knowledge of genetics to scientifically transform the residents of the Savage Land into mutates.


RCO015 1583509149.jpg

Magneto once lead a version of the Brotherhood of Mutants that consisted of himself, Mystique, Pyro, Blob, Avalanche, and Juggernaut. Mystique was Magneto's second in command. Rogue also joined Magneto's Brotherhood so she could learn how to control her powers. Magneto and Mystique sent Rogue and the Brotherhood to an Air Force base to steal a jet. However, Rogue was opposed by Ms. Marvel. Rogue used her absorbing powers on Ms. Marvel which put her in a coma. Sometime after this Magneto quit this version of the Brotherhood. Mystique then became the teams new leader. However, Mystique was secretly taking orders from Apocalypse.

Later life

Jail break


In the early 1990s Magneto returned. When Magneto learned that Beast was in prison he attempted to break him out. However, Beast refused to leave because he wanted to get his day in court so he could prove his innocence. Magneto told Beast that it would not be a fair trial because normal humans hate mutants.

As guards shot at Beast's cell Magneto protected them with a magnetic force field. Magneto then used his powers to destroy their guns and tanks.

Attacking a missile base


A short while after trying to free Beast, Magneto attacked a missile base and the X-Men were alerted to this. Magneto used his powers to activate the missile launch countdown giving the missiles three minutes before they launched. Magneto intended to use the missiles to destroy the very base they were launched from.


When Wolverine, Storm, and Cyclops arrived at the missile base Magneto believed they were there to join him. However, Magneto soon discovered that they were there to oppose him. Magneto trapped the three X-Men in a magnetic force field and told them to tell Xavier that those who oppose him are traitors to mutant kind.


As the missile launched Storm was able to cause it to crash into the ocean. During this time Magneto was able to escape. As Magneto watched the X-Men fly off in the Blackbird he questioned why Xavier would turn against his own kind to protect normal humans, knowing that they would not do the same for mutants.

Metro Chemical

Shortly after Magneto's attack on the military base he decided to attack a chemical plant called Metro Chemical to draw Xavier to him. However, Storm, Cyclops, and Rogue arrived to fight him. Magneto managed to subdue the three X-Men and Professor X arrived at Metro Chemical to face Magneto himself.


Magneto offered Xavier a chance to join them. However, Xavier refused. Magneto called Xavier a fool but Xavier said he would not wage war on six billion humans after all the suffering he had seen.


Xavier then used his telepathic powers on Magneto and forced him to see his memories of World War II when he was in a concentration camp. Horrified by the images he saw Magneto fled Metro Chemical.

As Magneto looked over the city from the top of a mountain he swore that thousands of mutants would join his army and together they would destroy Xavier and his X-Men.


Around the same time that Magneto attacked Metro Chemicals, Sabretooth was being held at the Xavier Mansion where Professor X was trying to help Sabretooth calm his savage nature.

However, unknown to the X-Men, Sabretooth was really working for Magneto. Magneto had ordered Sabretooth to infiltrate the mansion and take control of it. While the X-Men were out fighting Magneto, Sabetooth attacked Jubilee.

However, Wolverine arrived and rescued Jubilee. Wolverine and Sabretooth then fought. However, Sabretooth was able to escape the mansion.


Witnessing a revolution

When Magneto learned of the Brotherhood's plan to assassinate Senator Kelly he flew to Washington D.C. to witness his demise. This would have ignited the war Magneto always wanted between mutants and humans. However, Gambit stopped Mystique from killing Senator Kelly.

Magneto then decided to take matters into his own hands and kidnapped Senator Kelly and took him to an abandoned, half sunken cargo ship. As Magneto was about to kill Senator Kelly a Sentinel tore a hole in the side of the ship.


Magneto attempted to use his powers on the Sentinels but learned that they were made of plastic, not metal. Despite this Magneto used his powers to manipulate metal objects in the ship and used them as projectiles against the Sentinels. One of the Sentinels grabbed Senator Kelly and flew off. Magneto tried to defend himself. However, there were too many Sentinels. One of the Sentinels pounded Magneto into the ground and left him for dead. However, the X-Men later found Magneto and brought him to the infirmary in the Xavier Mansion.

The enemy of my enemy


The X-Men later learned that the Sentinels planned on replacing Senator Kelly's brain with a computer and that they were going to do the same thing to every other world leader. When Magneto learned that the X-Men were going to save Senator Kelly he though that this was a suicide mission and they were throwing their lives away. However, the X-Men went to save Senator Kelly anyway.


While the X-Men fought the Sentinels, Professor X flew over them in the Blackbird. The Sentinels almost caused the Blackbird to crash. However, Magneto arrived just in time and used his powers to gently land the Blackbird on the ground.

Magneto then helped the X-Men fight the Sentinels. When Professor X got the Blackbird back in the sky he headed straight for Master Mold so he could crash the plane into him. As Master Mold fired a laser at the Blackbird, Magneto created magnetic force field around the jet to protect it. As Xavier ejected from the Blackbird, the Blackbird hit Master Mold and exploded and destroyed Master Mold in the process.


Magneto then approached Xavier and told him that they were even for now since the X-Men saved his life from the injuries sustained while fighting the Sentinels. However, Magneto swore that he would return. Magneto then flew off.

Return to the Savage Land


Sometime later the former X-Man known as Morph shapeshifted into Professor Xavier's form and sent a fake distress message to Magneto. When Magneto arrived in Antarctica he met with Professor X and saw that he was alright. That was when Magneto learned that Professor X had actually received a distress message from him. Professor X and Magneto then realized that something strange was going on. Just then an avalanche started on the mountain they were on and were forced over the side. Xavier and Magneto survived the avalanche and found themselves in a rain forest located in Antarctica. Magneto explained to Xavier that they were in a place called the Savage Land which was a jungle hidden in Antarctica that was populated by dinosaurs. Xavier and Magneto also learned that they no longer had their powers and some how Xavier was now able to walk. They were then attacked by residents of the Savage Land that were riding pterodactyls. Xavier and Magneto then fell over the side of the mountain and fell into the river below. However, Magneto and Professor X survived the fall and washed up on dry land.


Shortly after washing up on land Professor X and Magneto were attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex. As the t-rex chased Xavier and Magneto they ran to a geyser. Magneto even threw a rock at the t-rex so it would follow them. Magneto was able to keep the geyser between them and the t-rex. As the t-rex leaned over the geyser it spewed hot water in the t-rex's face. The water was so hot it caused the t-rex to pass out.


Vertigo, one of the mutates Magneto created, appeared to Magneto and Xavier. Vertigo told them to surrender so she could make their deaths as painless as possible. Xavier attempted to reason with Vertigo. However, Vertigo used her power to induce extreme vertigo in Magneto and Xavier. As they crossed a rope bridge Magneto nearly fell to his death because of the dizziness Vertigo was causing. However, Xavier was able to catch Magneto and they made it to safety.


Xavier and Magneto later came to a village that had been decimated. Magneto told Xavier that the last time he was in the Savage Land the Fall People who lived in the village were living in peace and wondered what happened. A Savage Land mutate named Barbarus then approached Xavier and Magneto. Magneto told Barbarus that he did not create him and the other mutates to cause unwanted destruction. However, Barbarus revealed to Magneto that he and the other mutates on the Savage Land were following a new master. Barbarus then tried to capture Magneto and Xavier. Barbarus nearly killed Magneto because he didn't have his powers. However, Xavier threw a spear into a bee hive and the bees went after Barbarus. Xavier and Magneto then ran away.


Magneto and Professor X were later captured by a Savage Land mutate named Amphibius. However, when Amphibius was attacked by a dinosaur, Magneto and Professor X were able to escape.


Magneto and Professor X later made it to Magneto's old citadel. Magneto and Xavier then heard a woman named Shanna scream. They saw that Shanna was being attacked by a humanoid pterodactyl named Sauron. Xavier tried to save Shanna but was stopped by Magneto. Magneto then told Xavier that Sauron was extremely powerful and that they would not be able to defeat them even if they still had their powers. All Xavier and Magneto could do was watch helplessly as Sauron picked up Shanna and flew away with her.


Eventually Magneto and Professor X made their way back to the mountain they originally met at when they first arrived at the Savage Land. Both of them then began to climb the mountain so they could get to Xavier's jet and leave the Savage Land. However, while climbing the mountain Magneto and Xavier were attacked by people riding pterodactyls called Sky Riders. Magneto and Xavier were able to defeat the Sky Riders. Magneto and Xavier eventually reached the top and found Xavier's jet. However, they found Magneto's mutates waiting for them. Xavier and Magneto fought the mutates but without their powers and they were easily captured.


As the mutates were taking Xavier and Magneto to their master, they were rescued by a Savage Land native named Ka-Zar. However, Ka-Zar attacked Magneto and said that if he hadn't created the mutates his wife would not be a prisoner and his people would not be slaves. Ka-Zar then attacked Magneto but was stopped by Xavier. Xavier told Ka-Zar that whatever Magneto did in the past he was not responsible for his current problems. Ka-Zar, Professor X, and Magneto then decided to raid the citadel and free the enslaved people of the Savage Land.


Later that night Magneto, Professor X, and Ka-Zar broke into the citadel. However, when they got into the citadel they discovered that the mutates were waiting for them. Ka-Zar managed to escape but Magneto and Professor X were captured. A short while later Mister Sinister revealed himself to Magneto and Professor X and they learned he was the master the Savage Land mutates always spoke of. Mister Sinister then revealed to Magneto and Professor X that the reason they could not use their powers was because a machine he created was blocking them, but an unforeseen side effect of the machine was that Professor X could now walk. Mister Sinister then had Sauron use his mind control powers to make Professor X telepathically contact the X-Men and have them come to the Savage Land.


Mister Sinister later locked Professor X, Jean Gery, and Magneto in a cell and revealed to them that he was planning on using their DNA to create an army of super mutants.


Wolverine and Ka-Zar were able to rescue the X-Men and Magneto and in the process destroyed the machine that was negating their mutant powers. With their powers returned the X-Men and Magneto attacked the Nasty Boys. Cyclops then fired his optic blast at Mister Sinister which shattered his body into several tiny pieces.


After Sinister was defeated Magneto told Professor X that it was good to fight alongside him once again. Professor X then asked Magneto to join the X-Men. However, Magneto refused sating that they were on different paths.

Asteroid M


Growing weary of the constant battle between mutants and humans, Magneto recruited several mutant scientist and had them build a space station on an asteroid which he called Asteroid M. Magneto later interrupted a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly and informed them that he had grown tired of humans constant persecution of mutant kind and had built Asteroid M as a safe haven for all mutants that wished to join him. Magneto also informed the general assembly that his mission was peaceful. However, he would turn hostile if threatened.


Magneto later went to Africa and and gathered several mutants that wanted to go with him to Asteroid M. Professor X, Gambit, and Beast also went with Magneto because Professor X wanted to tell Magneto that separating mutants from the rest of the populace wouldn't solve their problems.


After leaving Africa, Magneto took the mutants to Genosha. Magneto intended to free the mutant slaves of Genosha. However, Magneto was opposed by the Genoshian military. Despite this Magneto received help in defeating the Genoshian soldiers by a group of mutants called the Acolytes. Magneto was eventually attacked by the Sentinels which almost managed to kill him. However, Magneto was rescued by a man named Fabian Cortez who was the leader of a group of mutants called the Acolytes. Fabian Cortez then used his mutant power to enhance Magneto's powers. With this power boost Magneto was able to destroy all the Sentinels with a single magnetic pulse from his body. Magneto then took the freed slaves to Asteroid M.


After a short time on Asteroid M the U.S. government launched missiles at the asteroid. However, Magneto was able to use his magnetic powers to easily destroy the missiles. However, Magneto learned from Asteroid M's computers that the humans were only retaliating because a missile had been launched from Asteroid M without Magneto's order. It was really Fabian Cortez that had ordered the missile attack.


Magneto eventually learned that Cortez was responsible for launching the missiles and attacked him. However, Cortez took away the power he had given to Magneto. Magneto's life force was drained so much that he started to vanish. As Cortez left Magneto's quarters, he blasted Magneto's room, which was also designed as an escape pod, into the empty void of space. Cortez then blamed Magneto's death of Xavier, Gambit, and Beast.


Despite Magneto's apparent death he survived. As Magneto's chamber entered Earth's atmosphere, Magneto was healed by Earth's magnetic field. When Cortez launched Asteroid M's nuclear missiles at Earth, Magneto flew into space and used his magnetic powers to destroy the missiles.


Magneto then returned to Asteroid M to get revenge on Fabian Cortez. Magneto used his power to wrap metal restraints around Cortez and held him hostage on Asteroid M. However, Asteroid M began to break apart and fall into Earth's atmosphere. Professor X then telepathically communicated with Magneto telling him to come with the X-Men. However, Magneto replied that if his dream were to die he had to stay on Asteroid M to see it through to the end. However, Magneto assured Xavier that he would survive. Magneto then used his magnetic powers to make Asteroid M crash into one of Earth's oceans.

Working for Apocalypse

When Apocalypse began to abduct psychics he recruited several mutants to help him such as Mister Sinister, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Magneto. Apocalypse promised Magneto that if he helped him, he would resurrect his deceased wife, Magda Lehnsherr. Apocalypse also promised Magneto that he would create a future where mutants ruled Earth.


Magneto then went to England to help Sabretooth and Mystique kidnap a telepath named Psylocke. However, Magneto was opposed by Wolverine and Shard. However, Magneto used his powers to lift up a giant ship and dropped it on Wolverine. Magneto and Mystique then went through the portal to the Axis of Time with Psylocke as their prisoner. However, Wolverine survived the ship being dropped on him.


Apocalypse later explained his plan to Magneto. Apocalypse told Magneto that the destruction of all the psychics he had captured, within the Axis of Time, would release all their psychic energy and would stop time. In the process all existence would end which would allow Apocalypse to recreate the universe in his own image. In this new universe Apocalypse would rule unchallenged. Apocalypse then ordered his Horseman, Death, to kill Magneto. However, Death attacked Apocalypse instead. Death actually turned out to be Mystique in disguise. Magneto and Mystique then fought Apocalypse. Magneto managed to escape and freed Wolverine, whom Apocalypse had also captured.


As Bishop freed the psychics the flow of psychic energy stopped and the universe returned to the way it was before. Magneto, Mystique, Cable, and Wolverine then worked together to fight Apocalypse. All the psychics, led by Xavier, then used their psychic powers to defeat Apocalypse.



Magnus later got a letter from his wife, Magda, who he believed for several years was dead. In the letter Magda told Magnus to meet her in Transia, a country in southeast Europe. However, Magnus realized that he had enemies and it could be a trap. So one night Magnus broke into the Xavier Mansion and asked Xavier to use Cerebro to see if there was any unusual mutant activity in the area. As Magnus left the mansion he told Xavier that if it was a trap not to interfere in any way. Despite this Xavier ordered Wolverine to follow Magneto.


When Magneto got to the small European country he went to Magda's grave. There he met up with a hooded woman who he believed was Magda. However, this hooded woman turned out to be a woman/goat hybrid known as bestial. The bestial called Magneto a fool and ran off. The bestial was working for a man known as the High Evolutionary and she was there to lure him into a trap. As the bestial ran off Magneto was attacked by two mutants named Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch had been informed by the High Evolutionary that Magneto was responsible for their mothers death and they wanted revenge. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch managed to subdue Magneto. As they were about to kill Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were captured by the High Evolutionary's bestials. Wolverine arrived and tried to rescue Magneto. However, while Wolverine fought the bestials, Magda's tombstone was accidentally destroyed. This made Magneto angry and he broke free from his restraints and helped Wolverine defeat the bestials. However, a sleeping gas was released into the cemetery which caused Magneto, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver to pass out.


Sometime later Magneto and Wolverine awoke in a laboratory and met the High Evolutionary. High Evolutionary then revealed his plan to Magneto. High Evolutionary said that by getting DNA samples from Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Magneto he would be able to perform his genetic experiments in a matter of minutes instead of decades. Scarlet Witch's control over probability would allow High Evolutionary to increase his chances of matching genetic code a thousand fold. Quicksilver's power would allow High Evolutionary to to complete a years worth of work in seconds. High Evolutionary wanted Magneto because High Evolutionary called him the most powerful mutant on Earth. After the High Evolutionary explained his plan he revealed to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch that Magneto was their father. However, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Magneto didn't believe him. However, all three of them realized that the High Evolutionary was telling the truth.


Magneto then used his powers to break himself, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver free from their restraints so they could fight the High Evolutionary. However, with his plans foiled the High Evolutionary ended up retreating. With the High Evolutionary defeated Magneto told Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver that he loved their mother very much and had he known they were alive he would have come for them. However, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were still angry at Magneto and left. Magneto then asked Xavier how they could ever forgive him. Xavier answered that they just needed some time. Magneto then flew away.

The Phalanx invasion

Sometime after the destruction of Asteroid M, Magneto became weary of the constant struggle between mutants and humans and hid away in a fortress he built in the Arctic Circle. Magneto's depression got so bad that he didn't care if he lived or died.


When techo-organic alien race known as the Phalanx attempted to assimilate the population of Earth, Beast, Forge, Mister Sinister, Amelia Voght, and Warlock traveled to the arctic to ask Magneto for his help. However, Magneto refused because of the depression he had fallen into. However, Beast informed Magneto that the Phalanx had captured his son, Quicksilver. Magneto then agreed to help the others so that he could rescue his son.


Magneto managed to get a sample of the Phalanx so Beast could test his virus on it. During this time they learned that Cameron Hodge, former ambassador of Genosha had been assimilated by the Phalanx and was working for them. Magneto then exposed Hodge to the virus and it worked in destroying him. However, this was not the real Cameron Hodge but a copy created by the Phalanx. Beast then realized that they had to expose the Phalanx core to the virus for it to work. The core was located inside of the Empire State Building.


When they arrived at the Empire State Building, Forge, Amelia, and Mister Sinister freed the captured mutants while Beast, Magneto, and Warlock made their way to the Phalanx core to implant the virus. They were successful in exposing the Phalanx core to the virus which was able to destroy the Phalanx and returned all assimilated humans to normal. With the Phalanx defeated Professor X told his X-Men and Magneto that he was glad to see them working together. However, Magneto told Professor X that he only helped Beast because the planet was in danger and he was trying to save himself. However, Professor X told Magneto that even if he had given up hope for himself that there are reasons to work for a better future. Quicksilver then walked up to Magneto and hugged him.

War & Peace

Magneto was later able to gather an army of mutants and was finally going to start the war between mutants and humans as he always wanted. Magneto's followers were even more anxious to start the war after learning that a normal human had attacked Xavier and he was now in critical condition.


Sometime later Magneto addressed his followers. Magneto told his army that for too long mutants had been oppressed by by normal humans and that now was the time to strike them. After hearing Magneto's speech his followers cheered for him.

Jean Grey later used Cerebro and learned that thousands of mutants were going to the island of Genosha. The X-Men deduced that it was Magneto building his mutant army. The X-Men planned on attacking Magneto in the hopes that after seeing their leader defeated, the mutants would abandon Magneto.


Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean then went to Genosha. Magneto was quickly able to spot the Blackbird and used his magnetic powers to destroy it. However, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean were able to escape just in time. While sneaking onto Genosha the X-Men were quickly spotted. Magneto then once again addressed his army and told them that the rime to strike was now. This distracted Magneto's followers long enough for the X-Men to get away and search for a way inside Magneto's fortress.


After getting inside the fortress, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean made their way to Magneto. The X-Men then attacked Magneto. During their fight Magneto asked the X-Men why they still wanted to fight him after what the humans did to Xavier. Wolverine answered that they were still fighting him because Xavier would want them to. During their fight Magneto hit Jean with a magnetic plus which somehow amplified her powers. Cyclops then told Magneto that Xavier was dying. Magneto became saddened by this news because he still thought of Xavier as his friend. Magneto then told the X-Men that out of respect for Xavier he would let them live.


Jean Grey then realized that Magneto's powers had amplified her telepathic abilities and realized that Magneto could help them. Jean asked Magneto if he loved Xavier and would do anything to help him. Magneto replied that Xavier was his equal and he owed Xavier his life. Jean then told Magneto that he might be able to use his magnetic powers to super charge Xavier's brain waves so he could send a message to Lilandra. Magneto wanted to help Xavier but told the X-Men that he was on the verge of starting the war he always wanted. With a saddened voice Cyclops told Magneto that Xavier would help him if their situations were reversed.


Magneto then went with the X-Men back to the mansion. Magneto placed his hands on Xavier's head which increased Xavier's power so much that he was able to telepathically send a message to Lilandra. Xavier then woke up and said his goodbyes to his X-Men and Magneto. Afterward Lilandra teleported into Xavier's room. Lilandra told the X-Men that Xavier would survive but only under the care of the Shi'ar on her home world. Lilandra then took Xavier onto her star ship and flew off to the Shi'ar home world as the X-Men and Magneto watched.

Everyone's favorite version of the X-Men from the '90s is back!

The information in the following section or sections was not present in X-Men: The Animated Series. However, it was part of the canonical comic book series X-Men '92.

Westchester Wars


Magneto was eventually successful in starting a war between humans and mutants. This war became known as the Westchester Wars.


The X-Men sided with the human army and helped them fight Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. Cyclops ended up being promoted to the rank of captain in the human army.

The U.S. government created new Sentinels to fight against Magneto and his army.

During the Westchester Wars, Magneto constructed a new Asteroid M and used it as his base.

RCO011 1475123613.jpg

During the Westchester Wars, Magneto once again allied himself with Fabian Cortez so that Cortez could increase Magneto's powers. However, Cortez once again betrayed Magneto and planned to take his place as leader of the mutant army. However, Cortez was apparently stopped.

The Westcheater Wars lasted for five years. The Westchester Wars ended with the death of Magneto. With the Westchester Wars over the public began to see the X-Men as heroes instead of freaks.

Sometime after the Westchester Wars ended, Asteroid M crashed into Earth and was turned into a museum that datailed the history of the Westchester Wars and the X-Men's battle against Magneto.

Alternate timeline

Age of Apocalypse

In the year 2055 A.D., Master Mold was rebuilt. Master Mold then had a mutant criminal named Fitzroy travel back in time to the year 1955 to assassinate a young Charles Xavier. Fitzroy was able to accomplish this and because Xavier was killed at such a young age he was never able to form the X-Men.


Because the X-Men were never formed in this new timeline, mutants and humans were at war with each other. This war devastated the entire planet. In this timeline, Magneto lead the mutant resistance against the human army, which also included meta-humans.

Magneto was nearly killed in one battle by giant robots called Land Crabs. The resistance rushed to help Magneto because they knew that if their general was killed they would lose the war.

The timeline was later restored to normal when Wolverine, Storm, Bishop, and Shard traveled back in time to 1959 and prevented Fitzroy from killing Xavier.


Magneto has the mutant power to generate and manipulate magnetic fields. He can bend metal into various shapes and move metal objects that weigh several tons. Magneto can also protect himself with a force field made out of magnetic energy. Magneto can also use his control over magnetism to fly through the sky.

In the comics

Originally Magneto's real name was Erik Magnus Lehnsherr. This was later retconned in the 2008 mini-series Magneto Testament where it was revealed that his name was Max Eisenhardt and that Erik Magnus Lehnsherr was just an alias.

During World War II the Nazis captured Max Eisenhardt and he was sent to a concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland. While there Max reunited with a Romani girl named Magda, who he had fallen in love with years earlier. Max and Magda escaped Auschwitz during the Birkenau revolt of October 7, 1944.

Max Eisenhardt and Magda then moved to the Ukraine where they had a daughter named Anya. Around this time Max began using the alias Erik Magnus Lehnsherr. An angry mob burnt down their home and Anya died in the fire. Magnus' magnetic powers then manifested and he used them to kill the mob. Magda then left Eric horrified by what she saw.

Magnus then took the identity of Magneto and attempted to destroy or enslave the human race. However, Magneto was opposed by his former friend, Charles Xavier and the X-Men.

In more recent years it has been revealed that Magneto actually isn't Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's father.


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  • Bryan Singer offered Hemblen the role of Magneto in the first X-Men movie but had to turn down the role because of scheduling conflicts with the television series, Earth: Final Conflict. The part of Magneto ended up going to Sir Ian McKellen.
  • When casting Magneto for X-Men: The Animated Series the creators of the series had in mind a voice that sounded like John Vernon and an evil version of Charlton Heston.
  • On X-Men: The Animated Series the sound effect for Magneto's magnetic powers was the same sound effect used for the Klingon's cloaking device on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
  • Unlike the comics, in X-Men: The Animated Series, Magneto's helmet could not protect his mind from Professor Xavier's telepathic powers.
  • According to the High Evolutionary in the episode, Family Ties from X-Men: The Animated Series, Magneto is the most powerful mutant on Earth.
  • Magneto was originally going to be the main villain in the fourth part of the Secret Wars episode [1] [2] [3]. Magneto was then written out of the episode and replaced with Mister Sinister. Eventually the Secret Wars was shortened to three episodes and neither Magneto or Mister Sinister appeared.