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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Mad Thinker was a villain that fought Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.



Brilliant criminal mind. Created a way to project his mind into an android body to continue criminal activities in his absence.

In the comics

Much of the Mad Thinker's past remains unknown. He has battled several superheroes, mainly the Fantastic Four. One of his many inventions includes a robotic servant called Awesome Adroid. The Thinker took over gangs from New York to help him defeat the Fantastic Four. However, this was just a cover for his true plan to steal Mr. Fantastic's inventions. Mad Thinker was defeated and sent to prison. Mad Thinker would later team up with the Puppet Master and take over the minds of the X-Men and had them fight the Fantastic Four.  This plan was also stopped. Mad Thinker would later invent a living computer called Quasimodo and revive the original android Human Torch and use him to battle the present day Human Torch (Johnny Storm).