Limbo is a void of nothingness located between time dilation portals.


If people are unable to find a time dilation portal to exit to go back to Earth that person will be trapped in limbo.

Spot and Sylvia Lopez ended up trapped in limbo after they entered a portal to close it so they could save the world.

While Spider-Man and Green Goblin fought each other on the George Washington Bridge, Mary Jane Watson accidentally fell off the bridge and into a time dilation portal. This caused Mary Jane to be trapped in limbo.

Green Goblin also ended up trapped in limbo during his final battle with Spider-Man.

In the comics

Limbo from Spider-Man: The Animated Series appears to be a combination of two different dimensions from the comics, limbo, also known as the Realm Between, and the spotted dimension.

There are several different places in Comics known as limbo. One of these versions of limbo, also known as Otherplace, was a magical dimension filled with demons. This version of limbo appears in an issue of X-Men '92 which takes place in the same reality as X-Men and Spider-Man. In X-Men '92, Apocalypse went to limbo to get its ruler, Lord N'astirh, to join his mutant army.

In the comics Immortus ruled a pocket universe known as limbo. This version of limbo was used in the four part episode, Beyond Good and Evil, from X-Men: The Animated Series. However, in Beyond Good and Evil, limbo was renamed the Axis of Time and allowed people to travel through time.

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