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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Lady Spider is an alternate reality version of May Parker that became a superhero.


Early life

May Reilly's father kept numerous animals in his study, one of them was a spider. One day, May opened the spider's cage so it could get comfort, as she believed it to be upset from its captivity. May then tried to pet the spider, and as soon as her hand got near, the spider bit her. According to May, the spider taught her an important lesson, not to let anyone cage you.

After her father died, May used spare parts in his garage to create a suit with four mechanical arms which enabled her to climb walls. She also created mechanical Web-Shooters.

During a ball May was attending, Electro took the mayor hostage. May used this as an opportunity to debut as the Lady Spider. She confronted Electro, and webbed him up. However, soon the rest of the Six Men of Sinestry arrived. After taking some plans the mayor had hidden in his tuxedo, the six villains were forced to retreat due to the opposition Lady Spider posed to them. Believing she would miss the ball, May left the scene to return there.

Later life

After Spider-Man found Mary Jane Watson in 19th century London, Madame Web took Spider-Man to No Place and showed him various Spider-Men from other dimensions. Lady Spider was one of these heroes.


Lady Spider created Web-Shooters which fire artificial webbing.

May also created four mechanical spider legs that are attached to the back of her costume. These arms allow May to climb up walls or she could use them to fight her enemies.


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