The John Jameson Probe (also known as the John Jameson Space Probe) is a robotic shuttle sent to explore outer space. It is named after John Jameson.


This space shuttle was named after John Jameson because of his heroic act of landed his shuttle safely on the George Washington Bridge.

John Jameson and J. Jonah Jameson were present at the launching of the probe.

As the probe took off Spider-Man used the roar of the rocket to separate the symbiote from Eddie Brock. Spider-Man then used his webbing to attach the symbiote to the probe. The probe then launched into space along with the symbiote.

when Dormammu learned that the Venom symbiote was about to reproduce he had Baron Mordo sneak into Stark Enterprises and use their computers to control the John Jameson Probe to come back to Earth. When the symbiotes returned to Earth one symbiote re-bonded to Eddie Brock once again turning him into Venom and the other symbiote bonded to Cletus Kasady turning him into Carnage.


  • Since Baron Mordo was able to use a computer at Stark Enterprises to bring the John Jameson Space Probe back into Earth's atmosphere it could be assumed that the John Jameson Space Probe was built by Stark Enterprises.
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