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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Jack O' Lantern was an enemy of Spider-Man that appeared in the Spider-Man video game.


Early career

At some point Jack O'Lantern was captured by Spider-Man and sent to prison.

Escape from Ravencroft

Jack O'Lantern along with some of Spider-Man's other enemies escaped Ravencroft.


When Jack O'Lantern began to cause havoc in New York City, Spider-Man fought and defeated him and sent him back to prison.


Jack O'Lantern has no superhuman powers. He instead uses a variety of gadgets such as body armor, a hovercraft and several other weapons.

In the comics


Steven Levins became Jack O'Lantern after Jason Macendale (the first Jack O'Lantern) and partnered with another criminal named Blackwing.

Jack O'Lantern later started working for the Red Skull as a member of a gang of supervillains called the Skeleton Crew. While on the Skeleton Crew, Jack O'Lantern fought Captain America and Spider-Man.

He also worked as an enforcer of the gangster The Golem and in this capacity, fought the villain The Hood when he interfered in Golem's machinations.

Jack O'Lanter was killed by Punisher but was later resurrected when he was possessed by a fragment of Lucifer's soul. Jack O'Lantern was now able to detatch, levitate, and explode his head, among other powers. Gost Rider was able to eventually exorcise him by ripping his heart from his chest, causing it to explode inside.