J3 Communications was a news station owned by J. Jonah Jameson.


The studio for J3 Communications is located inside the Daily Bugle.

After Doctor Octopus kidnapped Felicia HardyJ. Jonah Jameson used J3 Communications to go on television and tell Doc Ock that Felicia's family wants her back. While on the air Doctor Octopus called the station and talked to Jameson. After making Doc Ock angry Doctor Octopus ordered Jameson to drop off the ransom money himself.

Sometime later Mysterio disguised himself as Spider-Man and robbed the Metropolitan Museum. The next morning J. Jonah Jameson did a news report for J3 Communications on how Spider-Man robbed the museume. Moments later Mysterio arrived and told Jameson that he would defeat Spider-Man. Unknown to Jameson, Mysterio was the one that robbed the museum.

J3 Communications was later present during Spider-Man's first battle with Scorpion.

After Jameson's son, John was abducted from the hospital by Shocker, J. Jonah Jameson used J3 Communications to ask Spider-Man for his help in rescuing his son.

Sometime later, Venom broke into J3 Communications and began tearing the place up.


  • J3 is an obvious reference to J. Jonah Jameson.
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