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This page is about the armor that Iron Man used in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Iron Man's armor is the technological means Tony Stark uses to fight crime as the hero, Iron Man.


When Tony Stark was kidnapped by the Mandarin he was forced to build him an invincible suit of armor which Mandarin could use to take over the world. However, Stark and Mandarin's other captive, Wellington Yinsen, built a suit of armor for Tony to wear so he could escape. While the armor was powering up the Mandarin attempted to kill Iron Man for taking his armor. However, Yinsen jumped in front of the beam coming from Mandarin's ring to sacrifice himself to give the armor enough time to power up. When the armor was fully powered Tony used it to escape the Mandarin's lair.

Over the years Tony Stark would build several other types of armor for various purposes.

The armor that Iron Man wore to help Spider-Man fight Carnage and in the Secret Wars was the fourth version of Iron Man's main armors.


The Iron Man armor's two main features are it's repulsor beams and it's jet boots.

The repulsor beam is a high density muon beam which can be fired as a powerful blast of concussive energy. The main purpose of the repulsor beam is defense. The repulsor beams can be fired from the palm of the gloves of the armor.

The jets are located on the soles of the armors boots. These jets allow Iron Man to fly through the air.

In the comics

The armor used by Iron Man in Spider-Man: The Animated Series appears to be based on the Mark 12 armor from the comics.

The Mark 12 armor could be telepathically controlled by an electronic head-set. Tony Stark built the Mark 12 armor after he got severe nerve damage and was unable to continue wearing his Iron Man armors.

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