The Inter-Dimensional Probe was a device created by Stark Enterprises to open portals to other dimensions.


The Inter-Dimensional Probe was created by Stark Enterprises. The Inter-Dimensional Probe was created to open portals to other dimensions.

During a demonstration of the Inter-Dimensional Probe in New York City, Venom and Carnage broke into Stark Enterprises to steal it. Spider-Man and War Machine attempted to stop them but failed.

Venom and Carnage then took the Inter-Dimensional Probe to Baron Mordo so he could use it to free his master, Dormammu, from the Dark Dimension and bring him to Earth.

Even with the Inter-Dimensional Probe, Baron Mordo needed an equal amount of life force to go into the Dark Dimension to replace Dormammu. Because of this Mordo had Carnage go into New York City and steal peoples life forces.

As soon as Carnage stole enough life forces Mordo used the Inter-Dimensional Probe to open a portal to the Dark Dimension. Carnage then threw an urn containing the life forces into the portal. The life forces took Dormammu's place in the Dark Dimension which allowed Dormammu to come to Earth.

While Iron Man and Venom fought Dormammu, Spider-Man was able to reverse the polarity of the Inter-Dimensional Probe. Because the polarity of the portal was reversed it was able to suck Dormammu back through the portal and into his home dimension.

However, Spider-Man was unable to use the Inter-Dimensional Probe to close the portal. Spider-Man realized that Dormammu had created a link between Carnage and the portal meaning that the portal would only close if Carnage was sent through.

Venom fought Carnage and both of them ended up going through the portal. Spider-Man was then able to use the Inter-Dimensional Probe to close the portal. Iron Man then smashed the Inter-Dimensional Probe to make sure that no one else could use it to bring dangerous creatures to Earth.

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