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Jason Macendale was a petty crook until he became the Hobgoblin. He was a thorn in both Spider-Man and Kingpin's side and constantly attempted to take over the criminal underworld.


Early life

Jason Philip Macendale started out as a petty crook that took the identity of the Hobgoblin. During this time, Macendale heard stories about the Kingpin of crime who was said to control most of the crime on the planet but, believed that the stories he heard were just myths created to entertain the gullible.

Macendale eventually became a very successful thief and got rich from his criminal ventures.

Macendale later encountered Norman Osborn who supplied him with weapons created at OsCorp.

Later life


Kingpin's attempted assassination


Sometime later, Norman Osborn hired Hobgoblin to assassinate Wilson Fisk. Macendale later donned his Hobgoblin costume in a warehouse and flew over Fisk's limo on his glider. Only minutes later, Fisk arrived at a dedication ceremony for the future site of Empire State University's new criminology school. Hobgoblin flew above head and took aim at Fisk. Before Hobgoblin could fire, Peter Parker's spider sense activated and he lunged at Fisk pushing him out of the way before Hobgoblin could fire his gun. Peter then changed into his Spider-Man costume and attacked Hobgoblin. However, Hobgoblin had the advantage because he could fly. Spider-Man then shot a web line at his glider which attached to it and Hobgoblin flew above the city in an effort to shake Spider-Man free. Hobgoblin attempted to use skyscrapers to get rid of Spider-Man but when that did not work Hobgoblin flew higher into the sky and began to fly toward an airliner. Not wanting to get hit by the airliner, Spider-Man let go of his web line and fell toward the ground. Hobgoblin then flew off.


Hobgoblin then met Norman at OsCorp where Norman scolded him for failing to kill the Kingpin. Hobgoblin claimed that the only reason he failed was because Norman failed to tell him that Spider-Man would get involved. Hobgoblin also said that his rate would go up. Osborn refused so, Hobgoblin pointed his gun at him. Hobgoblin told Norman that he could not talk to him like he was some punk but Norman reminded Hobgoblin that before he gave him his weapons that is exactly what he was. Upset, Hobgoblin left claiming the glider as his down payment.

Working for Kingpin


Hobgoblin later went to the Chrysler Building where Fisk was known to do business. He used his glider to burn a hole in a window and flew in. He began to look around hoping to find something valuable. Hobgoblin then found a secret elevator behind a painting of Fisk and a giant claw grabbed him and began to go up to a secret level. As the elevator stopped, Hobgoblin flew out and saw Fisk sitting behind a desk. He was soon surrounded by several guards. Fisk then threatened to have Hobgoblin killed if he attempted to escape. However, Hobgoblin just laughed. Hobgoblin then started to glide around and said that he thought Crime Central was just a myth like El Dorado or Shangri-La. Hobgoblin told Kingpin to remove his guards. As Kingpin asked why he should listen to him, Hobgoblin answered that he would tell Kingpin who it was that hired him. Hobgoblin then told Kingpin that he wanted money and that he wanted to become a crime lord with the same power as Fisk.


Kingpin later had Alistair Smythe supply Hobgoblin with new technology. As Smythe asked Hobgoblin why he dressed that way, Hobgoblin replied that for centuries the hobgoblin has been a symbol of irrational fear and terror and that he wanted his mask to be the last thing his enemies saw.


Hobgoblin then told Kingpin that it was Norman Osborn that had hired him to assassinate him. Upon hearing this, Kingpin said that he must teach Norman a lesson and sent Hobgoblin to kidnap Harry Osborn. Later, Hobgoblin went to the high-rise apartment of Harry, who just happened to be rooming with Peter Parker. Hobgoblin then threw a pumpkin bomb into the apartment and flew in with his glider and grabbed Harry and took him back to Crime Central. Hobgoblin then placed Harry in a cell and as Harry asked why he wanted him, Hobgoblin lied and said that it was because his father is rich. Kingpin then said that he was pleased with him and Hobgoblin replied that he also got to settle a score with Parker. Hobgoblin then asked about his pay but, Kingpin said that he would get it later. This upset Hobgoblin but continued to play along with Kingpin's rules.


Hobgoblin later watched as Kingpin called Norman Osborn and tell him that he had his son and would give him back if Norman gave him his inventions. Hobgoblin then told Osborn that he had a new job working for Kingpin and that he used Norman as a "reference."

The new Kingpin


Hobgoblin later went to OsCorp to talk to Norman. As Hobgoblin entered his office, Norman held him at gunpoint for kidnapping his son. Hobgoblin then flew around the room on his glider and accused Kingpin of being a double-crossing snake and Norman called Hobgoblin a lying opportunist. Hobgoblin told Norman that he was correct about him being a liar but that he was telling the truth this time and wanted to work together to kill Fisk. Unknown to Hobgoblin or Norman, they were both being recorded by a Spider Seeker that was being controlled by Alistair Smythe. Hobgoblin then asked for a better weapon to use against Kingpin. Osborn told Hobgoblin that he already gave him everything he had. However, Hobgoblin knew that all genius' always make one thing but have a better model on the drawing board. Osborn then gave Hobgoblin a bigger glider that could go twice as high and four times as fast as his old gilder and it had smart bombs and a remote control. At that moment, Spider-Man arrived and attached a web line to the glider and Hobgoblin flew into New York City.


Hobgoblin then flew to the top of a skyscraper and circled around a pole at the tip of the building which was able to snap Spider-Man's web line. Hobgoblin then fired heat seeking missiles from his new glider which followed Spider-Man but he was able to dodge them. Hobgoblin then separated his old glider from his new one and "double teamed" Spider-Man. Hobgoblin controlled the large glider to shoot razor sharp discs at Spider-Man but he was able to dodge them. Hobgoblin continued to attack by throwing pumpkin bombs at Spider-Man. Hobgoblin's glider then rammed into Spider-Man and Hobgoblin flew him through the city. Spider-Man then jumped through a window on a building and Hobgoblin fired more missiles which followed Spider-Man through the window and exploded. However, Spider-Man was able to get out just in time before the missiles could explode. Hobgoblin saw that Spider-Man was still alive as Spider-Man crawled into a dumpster. Hobgoblin then dropped pumpkin bombs into the dumpster but Spider-Man was able to get out before the bombs hit the truck and exploded. Spider-Man then crawled under a van and Hobgoblin launched missiles at it. As the van exploded, Hobgoblin believed that Spider-Man was dead and flew away. Spider-Man actually was alive and survived the explosion by crawling into the sewer.


Hobgoblin later returned to Crime Central and realized that no one was in Kingpin's office. As Hobgoblin sat at Kingpin's desk, Kingpin arrived and stated that Hobgoblin liked the trappings of power. As Hobgoblin asked Kingpin about getting paid, Kingpin showed Hobgoblin the video Smythe recorded earlier of Hobgoblin telling Osborn that they could kill Kingpin together. Hobgoblin attempted to defend himself by saying that he only said that to manipulate Osborn into giving him what he wanted. However, Kingpin fired Hobgoblin and called in his guards. The guards formed a line between Kingpin and Hobgoblin expecting him to flee. However, Hobgoblin used his remote control to activate the larger glider and had it fly into Kingpin's office. The glider flew in low forcing the guards to duck to keep from getting hit. Hobgoblin then docked with the glider and began to throw pumpkin bombs into the room. As Hobgoblin continued to throw bombs, Smythe told Kingpin to run. At first, Kingpin believed that they could defeat Hobgoblin but both Kingpin and Smythe fled to keep from getting killed. Hobgoblin then released Harry from his cell so that he could have someone to share his joy with since he was now the new Kingpin. Harry asked if he was free to go, asking if his father paid the ransom. Hobgoblin responded that nothing was free with him and proceeded to show Harry a hologram of the Earth and said that he now controls most of the crime on the planet. He also noted that power and water companies were in his control. As Harry asked what he wanted with him, Hobgoblin answered that he wanted revenge on his father.


Hobgoblin then called Osborn who asked him what went wrong since he didn't come back straight away. Hobgoblin answered that nothing went wrong and his new glider worked perfectly and even helped him defeat the Kingpin. Hobgoblin then revealed that he now had control of of Kingpin's empire and that he wanted control of OsCorp. As Norman threatened to expose his true identity to the world, Hobgoblin revealed that he was also holding Harry hostage and then ended the video transmission.  



Spider-Man later met up with Norman Osborn and realized that Hobgoblin had not returned his son like promised. Norman then showed Spider-Man a secret passage way into Crime Central unknown that Kingpin was using him to destroy his other enemy. When Spider-Man entered Crime Central, Hobgoblin was calling a Baron and told him that he could get rid of his extra land mines. However, he demanded half the profits. Just then, Spider-Man shot web at his glider and it fell over making a loud noise. Hobgoblin realized that Spider-Man was still alive. He looked around and didn't see him so he took a pumpkin bomb out of his sack and threw it out to the middle of the room where it exploded. Hobgoblin then rushed over to his glider and used one of his razor discs to cut it free from the webbing. Spider-Man then ran out and kicked Hobgoblin to the ground. Hobgoblin then threw a razor disc at Spider-Man but, it missed. One disc hit a holographic projector. This upset Hobgoblin because it further damaged his kingdom. During the fight, Hobgoblin accidentally damaged the equipment and blamed Spider-Man for ruining Crime Central. As Hobgoblin looked into his bag, he saw that he only had one razor disc left. Hobgoblin threw the razor disc into the air and it hit a rope that was suspending Harry's cell above the air. As the cell started to fall, Spider-Man caught it saving Harry which gave Hobgoblin enough time to escape.


Spider-Man then returned Harry to Norman at OsCorp. Only seconds later, Hobgoblin arrived on his glider and threw a pumpkin bomb into OsCorp and the explosion caused a steel beam to fall on top of Harry and Norman but Spider-Man is able to lift it up and save them. As Spider-Man went to OsCorp's roof, Hobgoblin saw him and was glad to get the chance to kill Spider-Man. Hobgoblin flew around while Spider-Man tried to swing up to him. Hobgoblin dropped more pumpkin bombs but Spider-Man dodged them. Spider-Man then climbed on top of a smoke stack. As Hobgoblin tried to ram Spider-Man, Spidey jumped down and Hobgoblin's glider hit the smoke stack causing Hobgoblin to lose control and crash into the river. Hobgoblin survived and promised never to forget Spider-Man.

Blackmailing Herbert Landon


Hobgoblin eventually returned and learned that Herbert Landon, C.E.O. of the Brand Corporation, had created a chemical which would kill all mutants on Earth. Once he discovered this, Hobgoblin began to blackmail Landon and in exchange for money, Hobgoblin would keep quiet about Landon's secret agenda. Landon later met Hobgoblin at an abandoned warehouse and gave him a briefcase filled with money. However, unknown to Hobgoblin there was a bomb inside the briefcase. As Landon got into his limo, he activated the explosive and destroyed the warehouse. However, Hobgoblin survived and swore to extort more money from Landon for trying to kill him.


The next day, Peter Parker went to a scientific conference where Landon revealed that the Brand Corporation had discovered a cure for mutants. As Peter listened to Landon's speech, his spider sense went off and Hobgoblin flies into the room. Hobgoblin held up his arms and a burst of electricity shot from his gloves. However, Herbert Landon was able to jump out of the way before the blast could hit him. Hobgoblin then flew to Landon and grabbed him although Spider-Man was able to get him away from Hobgoblin. After failing to kill Spider-Man, Hobgoblin threw his pumpkin bombs into the air and blew a hole in the ceiling and he flew away.


Spider-Man knew that Hobgoblin would attack Landon at the Brand Corporation and went there to keep an eye on him. Hobgoblin eventually comes to the Brand Corporation and Spider-Man confronted him. Spider-Man then asked Hobgoblin why he wants to kill Landon. However, Hobgoblin replies that he doesn't want to kill Landon because Herbert Landon is paying him to keep quiet. As Spider-Man asked Hobgoblin what he knew about Landon, Hobgoblin answered that Herbert Landon had a plan to kill all mutants. At that moment, Wolverine arrived and demanded Spider-Man tell him where Beast was. As Spider-Man and Wolverine began to fight, Hobgoblin got on his glider and flew above them. Hobgoblin then took a pumpkin bomb out of his pouch and threw it at them and flew off on his glider. However, both Spider-Man and Wolverine survived.


Hobgoblin then entered the Brand Corporation and found a computer that stored all of Herbert Landon's mutant research. As Hobgoblin went up to it he placed a disc into the computer and downloaded of the mutant research and then placed a virus on the computer which deleted all of Landon's files. As Spider-Man and Wolverine were attempting to free Beast, who was in the laboratory, Hobgoblin flew in and Landon attempted to kill him. However, Hobgoblin revealed that he had all his mutant research and he would return if paid enough money. To get his research back, Landon leaped into the air and grabbed Hobgoblin's glider. However, as Hobgoblin flew over a vat of chemicals Hobgoblin dropped the disc and Landon let go to grab it, but ended up falling into the pool of chemicals. Hobgoblin then attempted to kill Spider-Man but Genevieve began to shoot at Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin then realized that there was no longer any profit to be made from Herbert Landon and he flew away on his glider.

Life outside the costume

IMG 1822.png

Outside of his criminal career, Jason Philip Macendale took the name Jason Philips and was a successful and rich businessman.

Jason first met Felicia Hardy while donating money to the Hardy Foundation. Jason was quick to ask Felicia to dinner which she accepted. This was the beginning of their relationship.

IMG 2640.png

On one of their dates, Jason Philips took Felicia to Coney Island. While there, Jason won a prize at one of the carnival games and it was a stuffed spider. Jason became upset and told Felicia that for one night he didn't want any spiders coming between them. Felicia replied that she couldn't help the way she felt about Spider-Man. However, Felicia decided to focus all of her attention of Jason Philips.

IMG 3670.png

After dating for some time, Jason Philips took Felicia to a jewelry store. As Felicia wondered why they were there, Jason purchased a ring and asked Felicia to marry him. Before Felicia could answer, Spot showed up and began to rob the place. As Spot tried to take Felicia's engagement ring. Jason threw a punch at Spot. However, Jason's fist went through a time dilation portal on Spot's chest. Just then, Spider-Man showed up and fought Spot. However, Spot was able to get away. Felicia then accepted Jason's proposal.

Time Dilation Accelerator


IMG 2708.png

Unknown to the Kingpin, Hobgoblin had placed a spy in Crime Central. The spy told Hobgoblin of a device called the Time Dilation Accelerator which was build by Jonathan Ohnn and was funded by Kingpin. The Time Dilation Accelerator was capable of creating time dilation portals.

However, the spy later contacted Hobgoblin and told him that the Time Dilation Accelerator had been lost. Despite this, Hobgoblin swore that the Time Dilation Accelerator would be his.

Crime spree

IMG 3671.png

The Time Dilation Accelerator eventually ended up trapped in limbo. However, the Time Dilation Accelerator went through a portal and ended up back in New York City. A man named Lenny Luntz found the Time Dilation Accelerator and took it to a pawn shop to try and get money for it. While at the pawn shop, Lenny accidentally activated the Time Dilation Accelerator and it created a portal. Peter Parker was nearby and changed into his Spider-Man costume and saved Lenny and the pawn shop owner. As Spider-Man tried to use the Time Dilation Accelerator to close the portal, Hobgoblin arrived and attacked Spider-Man. Spider-Man attempted to stop Hobgoblin but, failed.

Hobgoblin then started using the Time Dilation Accelerator to commit robberies all over New York City.

IMG 3627.png

In one of these crimes, Hobgoblin was stealing money from a bank. When Hobgoblin was finished he went through the portal. However, the portal closed too soon. Luckily, Hobgoblin was unharmed. However, when the portal closed prematurely, it cut off a piece of his cape. Hobgoblin realized that what happened to his cape could have happened to his arms or legs and realized that the Time Dilation Accelerator must have been running out of power.

Uneasy alliance

IMG 3674.png

To get more power for the Time Dilation Accelerator, Hobgoblin visited his spy at Crime Central. The spy gave Hobgoblin a power pack for the Time Dilation Accelerator. However, the spy told Hobgoblin it was the last power pack because the Kingpin ordered him to stop making power packs when he lost the Time Dilation Accelerator.

Because of this, Hobgoblin was backed into a corner and had no choice but to approach Kingpin and ask for his help.

IMG 3676.png

When Hobgoblin used the Time Dilation Accelerator to teleport into Crime Central, Kingpin ordered his men to kill him. However, Kingpin had his men stand down when he saw that Hobgoblin had the Time Dilation Accelerator. Hobgoblin revealed to Kingpin that he was planning on robbing New York City's gold repository but he needed a power pack for the Time Dilation Accelerator. Hobgoblin then opened another portal with the Time Dilation Accelerator and walked through it. Kingpin was furious that Hobgoblin had possession of the Time Dilation Accelerator and began planning a way to kill him.

In order to kill Hobgoblin, Kingpin knew that first he would need to know Hobgoblin's true identity. Kingpin attended Felicia Hardy and Jason Macendale's engagement part unaware that Philips was really the Hobgoblin. At the party, Kingpin approached Norman Osborn and told him that Hobgoblin was planning to rob the gold repository and asked him who the Hobgoblin really was. Norman told Kingpin to meet him at OsCorp at 2:00 A.M. and he would tell him everything he wanted to know. However, unknown to both Kingpin and Norman, Peter, who was a guest at Felicia's engagement party, was eavesdropping on their conversation and learned of Hobgoblin's plan to rob the gold repository.

The man, the myth

IMG 3637.PNG

The next day from Crime Central, Hobgoblin opened a portal with the Time Dilation Accelerator and Kingpin sent his men through it to rob the gold repository. However, Spider-Man was waiting for them and was able to subdue Kingpin's men. Spider-Man then jumped through the portal and went into Crime Central. As Spider-Man leaped into Crime Central, he went over to Hobgoblin's glider and grabbed the Time Dilation Accelerator. Hobgoblin nearly threw a a pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man warned Hobgoblin that if he was blown up the Time Dilation Accelerator would also be destroyed. Kingpin was able to get hold of Spider-Man and forced him to drop the Time Dilation Accelerator. When this happened, Hobgoblin flew by on his glider and grabbed the Accelerator off the ground.

Hobgoblin dodging the desk Green Goblin threw at him

Just as Kingpin was about to kill Spider-Man, Green Goblin blew a hole on the side of the building and flew into Kingpin's office. Green Goblin introduced himself and Hobgoblin exclaimed that he thought Green Goblin was just a myth. Green Goblin threatened Hobgoblin by saying that Hobgoblin would wish that he was just a myth. As Green Goblin attacked Hobgoblin, Green Goblin easily picked up Kingpin's desk and threw it at Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin was shocked by Green Goblin's incredible strength.

On the run

IMG 3678.png

While fighting the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin realized that Green Goblin was much stronger then him and fled Crime Central on his glider.

Green Goblin followed Hobgoblin and tried to shoot him out of the sky.

However, Hobgoblin was able to escape by using the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal and he went through it. Green Goblin was unable to follow because just as soon as Hobgoblin entered the portal, it closed.

Identity revealed

IMG 3679.png

Back at the home of Jason and Felicia, Felicia was searching Jason's office looking for a way to redecorate. While doing this, Felicia accidentally stumbled upon a hidden room housing Jason's Hobgoblin equipment. Just then, Felicia turned around to find the real Hobgoblin behind her.

IMG 3643.PNG

As Felicia questioned why Hobgoblin was at her home, Hobgoblin removed his mask revealing himself to be Jason Philips. However, Jason told Felicia that his real name was actually Jason Philip Macendale and that Jason Philips was just a pseudonym. Felicia was shocked to discover that her fiancé was a criminal.

Felicia told Jason that since he was a criminal she couldn't marry him. However, Jason threatened to kill Felicia unless they were to get married.

IMG 3680.png

As Jason was about to harm Felicia, Green Goblin blew a hole in the wall from the outside of the mansion and entered Jason's study. Jason was curious as to how Green Goblin knew who he really was, unaware that Green Goblin was really Norman Osborn. Jason attempted to shoot Green Goblin. However, Green Goblin was able to knock the gun out of Jason's hand. Green Goblin then took the Time Dilation Accelerator away from Jason Philips and used it to open a portal and ordered Jason and Felicia to enter it. Jason warned Green Goblin that the Accelerator was too low on power and they could end up trapped in limbo. However, Green Goblin ignored Jason's warnings and all three of them entered the portal.


IMG 3681.png

Green Goblin then took Jason and Felicia to OsCorp where he suspended them above a vat of acid. Jason attempted to bribe Green Goblin to let them go. However, Green Goblin told Jason that he didn't want his money. When Jason asked what he did want, Green Goblin revealed that he wanted to make life easier for Norman Osborn by killing all of his enemies.

Spider-Man was able to track them to OsCorp. When Spider-Man arrived he managed to save Jason and Felicia. However, Green Goblin was able to get away.

IMG 3682.png

With the two of them safe, Felicia asked Jason why he chose to become a criminal. Jason answered that the only reason he was rich was because of his criminal activities and that everything he owned was because of crime. Jason even said that it was the things he stole that drove Felicia to him. Felicia then asked Jason if he really ever loved her. Jason answered that he loved things about Felicia such as her wealth, beauty, and her refinement. Felicia replied that what he was feeling really wasn't love. Felicia then realized that Jason never loved her at all.

A short while later, the police arrived and arrested Jason.

Non-cannon history

In the story book Spider-Man: Caught in the Web, Hobgoblin teams up with Scorpion to steal the Neogenic Recombinator. However, they are both quickly defeated by Spider-Man.

In the story book Spider-Man: Ghosts, Ghouls and the Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin almost tricks Spider-Man into revealing his secret identity. However, Spider-Man manages to stop Hobgoblin.

In the comic book Totally Kids, Hobgoblin teamed up with several of Spider-Man's enemies to defeat Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man was able to get away.


  • Goblin Glider: Hobgoblin's main mode of transportation was his Goblin Glider. The glider could fly through the air and fire a laser beam. Norman Osborn later build a larger glider for Hobgoblin. This large glider could be controlled remotely. This larger glider could also fire heat seeking missiles, drop pumpkin bombs, shoot razor discs, and had a flame thrower built into it.
  • Pumpkin bombs: One of Hobgoblin's main weapons were his pumpkin bombs. These were explosive devices designed to look like pumpkins. There are three different kinds of pumpkin bombs.
  • Gas: Releases a cloud of gas that can knock a person out or be used to block sight.
  • Concussion: To cause damage by shock alone.
  • Fragmentation: Sends out small pieces of shrapnel to destroy a certain radius around the device.
  • Laser gun: Hobgoblin often uses a gun that can fire a laser beam.
  • Razor discs: Hobgoblin uses razor sharp discs that he can throw at his enemies to cut them. These discs are shaped like circular saw blades.
  • Razor bat: The razor bat serves a similar function as the razor disc except it is shaped like a bat.
  • Shock gloves: The shock gloves can produce a very powerful burst of energy which can be released from the palms of the gloves.
  • Time Dilation Accelerator: The Time Dilation Accelerator allows Hobgoblin to create time dilation portals. These portals allow Hobgoblin to travel great distances in a matter of seconds.

In the comics

Jason Philip Macendale was recruited out of college to be an agent for the C.I.A. Macendale proved to be a liability to the C.I.A., due to his violent nature and amoral personality. The rejection turned Macendale to become a mercenary and ultimately a costumed terrorist, as he adopted the costumed alter ego of Jack O'Lantern.

Jack O'Lantern became a regular nemesis of Spider-Man, meeting him in battle for the first time in Spectacular Spider-Man #56. He was later hired to retrieve the Hobogblin's lost battle van and despite the ultimely appearance of Spider-Man, pulled off the mission successfully.

Wishing to increase his underworld status, Macendale formed an alliance with the Hobgoblin, who at this time was using brainwashed journalist Ned Leeds as a proxy. The brainwashing treatments used on Ned Leeds to make him the Hobgoblin began to affect his sanity, ultimately leading to him doublecrossing Macendale when the two were fleeing a horde of police officers. Macendale vowed revenge against Ned Leeds, ultimately hiring the Foreigner to have him killed. Upon killing Leeds, all known copies of the Hobgoblin's weapons and costumes were handed over to Macendale, who took over the identity within the supervillain community.

Macendale's scheme was foiled; he was exposed as the new Hobgoblin, and lost a battle against Spider-Man which was meant to prove his ability. Deciding he needed the original Hobgoblin's powers if he was to match his reputation, Macendale attempted to steal the Green Goblin's secret formula for superhuman strength, resulting in a confrontation between himself and Harry Osborn, the second Green Goblin. Green Goblin overcame the Hobgoblin.

Jason Macendale was actually the fourth person to take on the identity of the Hobgoblin. The first three were Roderick Kingsley, Arnold "Lefty" Donovan, and Ned Leeds (who at the time had been brainwashed by Kingsley).


As Hobgoblin

As Jason Philips

As Hobgoblin & Jason Philip Macendale


  • Frank Gorshin (who was best known for playing Riddler in the 1960s Batman series) auditioned for Hobgoblin before the role went to Mark Hamill.
  • Neil Ross also auditioned for the role of Hobgoblin, but ended up playing Norman Osborn instead.
  • Hobgoblin's characterization was widely lauded as being one of the best villains in the series, and Hamill's performance was highly praised. However, Jason Macendale was criticized, especially after his identity was revealed, as being too whiny.
  • John Semper Jr. wanted to use the Green Goblin first like in the comics. However, Martin Pasko, who was the story editor before Semper, had changed the order. John Semper Jr. wanted to change the order the Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin appeared. However, Semper was overruled by Avi Arad because his company, Toy Biz, had already created a Hobgoblin action figure.