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The Hardy Foundation funds scientific research. It is run by Anastasia Hardy and Felicia Hardy.


The Hardy Foundation was started by Anastasia Hardy. Years ago Anastasia was approached by Dr. Otto Octavius and Anastasia gave him a grant to build a cold fusion battery. However, Octavius did not make as much progress as Anastasia wanted so she cut off the grant and quit funding Octavius' research.

Several years later Felicia Hardy held a charity ball that was hosted by the Hardy Foundation. During the ball it was attacked by the Black Widow Spider Slayer. Felicia was almost killed by the Black Widow but was saved by Spider-Man.

Mariah Crawford was later employed at the Hardy Foundation as a scientist where she used their facilities to try and find a cure for Sergei Kravinoff. Peter Parker went to an interview to try and get a job as her research assistant but apparently didn't get the job. However, Peter did end up volunteering at the Hardy Foundation Science Center as a teacher.