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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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This version of Harry Osborn is from another dimension. He lived during the 19th century and co-owned a carnival with that reality's Mysterio.


This version of Harry Osborn was from an alternate reality and lived during the 19th century.

Harry started a traveling carnival with that realities Quentin Beck. Harry then created a goblin costume that he would wear during shows and took the stage name, Green Goblin.

Madame Web then took Spider-Man to this dimension to search for Mary Jane Watson who had been transported there after falling into a time dilation portal.

Shortly after arriving in that reality's 19th century London, Spider-Man saw the Green Goblin. Spider-Man believed that it was the Green Goblin from his reality and attacked him. However, Spider-Man quickly learned that this Green Goblin was actually a Harry Osborn that was native to that dimension. Spider-Man also learned that that reality's Harry Osborn co-owned a carnival with that realities Mysterio.

Harry and Beck then offered Spider-Man a place to sleep and some food while they repaired his Web-Shooters. In exchange, Harry would help Spider-Man stop Jack the Ripper who was really Carnage. Harry wanted to help Spider-Man because he knew that if people learned that he helped stop Jack the Ripper it would gain a lot of business for his carnival.

Harry then took Spider-Man to see H.G. Wells. Wells was able to fix Spider-Man's Web-Shooters.

Carnage later took Mary Jane to the Tower Bridge and intended to kill her by throwing her over the side. However, when Carnage did throw Mary Jane off the bridge, she was saved by Green Goblin. Green Goblin then attacked Carnage with his pumpkin bombs. Spider-Man then defeated Carnage.


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