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Norman Osborn was the C.E.O. of OsCorp and the villain known as the Green Goblin.


Early life

As a younger man, Norman Osborn founded the company OsCorp and had a son named Harry Osborn.

Later life

Unscrupulous businessman

The Black Widow


Norman Osborn secretly on orders from the crime lord Kingpin funded Spencer Smythe's building of the Black Widow Spider Slayer. Osborn was in debt to Kingpin and the two of them made a deal. The deal was that the Black Widow would kill Spider-Man or else Kingpin would take control of OsCorp. However, Spider-Man was able to defeat the Black Widow which caused an explosion that destroyed OsCorp.


Several months later Alistair Smythe rebuilt the Black Widow and sent it to kill Norman whom he held responsible for his father's disappearance. The Black Widow first attacked him at OsCorp. However, Norman was able to get away in his car and drove to the George Washington Bridge. The Spider Slayer was able to catch up to him and while on the bridge Norman crashed his car and was knocked out. Spider-Man was then able to get Norman to a safe place before he defeated the Black Widow.

Kingpin's attempted assassination


Norman later hired the Hobgoblin to kill Kingpin at the dedication ceremony for Empire State University's new criminology building. As Hobgoblin flew overhead he took aim at Kingpin but Peter Parker's spider sense went off and he rushed at Fisk and pushed him out of the way before Hobgoblin could shoot him. Hobgoblin later met with Norman at OsCorp where Norman scolded Hobgoblin for failing to kill Kingpin. Hobgoblin threatened to kill Norman. However, Osborn told Hobgoblin that if he killed him Hobgoblin's true identity would be revealed to the world. Norman then fired Hobgoblin who stole the technology Norman gave him.


Hobgoblin then went to Kingpin and told him that Norman was the one that hired him to assassinate him. Kingpin then hired Hobgoblin to work for him and sent him to kidnap Harry. Kingpin later called Norman and told him that if he wanted his son back he would give him all his inventions. Norman knew that if he were to give Kingpin all of his inventions it would ruin his company but if he didn't his son would die. Spider-Man eventually learned of this and went to OsCorp where he learned that Norman made a deal with Hobgoblin to get his son back at midnight. Spider-Man then told Norman that he would come back at 12:01 A.M. to make sure that Hobgoblin kept his promise. However, Hobgoblin betrayed Kingpin and decided to keep Harry to get revenge on Norman. Norman was later visited by Kingpin and Alistair Smythe and Kingpin revealed that there was a secret tunnel under Crime Central that they used to escape and that they could use it to get back inside and defeat Hobgoblin. Kingpin suggested that Norman give them a weapon to defeat Hobgoblin but instead Norman decided to contact Spider-Man and use him to defeat Hobgoblin. When Norman met up with Spider-Man he told him about the secret tunnel under Crime Central and Spider-Man used it to get inside. Spider-Man was able to save Harry and bring him to Norman at OsCorp where they were attacked by Hobgoblin. As Hobgoblin threw a pumpkin bomb into the room it exploded causing a metal beam to fall on top of Harry and Norman threw himself on top of his son to save him. As it fell on them Spider-Man was able to use his strength to lift it up and they were able to get out from underneath it.

Hostile takeover


Osborn was later able to convince the board of directors of Toomes Aerodynamics to allow him to buy the company and fold it into OsCorp. Osborn was able to convince the board that their current C.E.O, Adrian Toomes, was wasting company money on anti-gravity and age reversing technology. Toomes was enraged by this and used his technology to become the Vulture and terrorize Norman. As Vulture, Toomes attempted to kill Osborn but he was saved by Spider-Man. Vulture later attempted to get back at Norman by kidnapping Harry. However, Spider-Man was able to save Harry as well.


Vulture then attacked Norman while he was flying in his helicopter and abducted him. After Vulture flew Norman underneath a bridge Vulture revealed to him that he was really Adrian Toomes. Norman was shocked to discover that the young man standing in front of him was Adrian Toomes. Vulture attempted to Norman. However, Vulture began to mutate into a spider creature. Fearing for his life Norman ran way and was able to get to safety.

Chemical weapons

Norman Osborn later was forced by Kingpin to develop chemical weapons for him. J. Jonah Jameson eventually learned of this and printed the story in the Daily Bugle. This caused bad press for OsCorp. As soon as the board of directors learned of this they were determined to force Norman out of OsCorp.

Gas explosion


Despite the pressure that was on Norman, Kingpin still wanted the gas and forced Norman to continue working on it by threatening to kill Harry.

As Norman continued to work on the gas he forgot to secure the airlocks on a chamber that the gas was in and because of this the gas exploded. Spider-Man was nearby and arrived. Spider-Man saved the scientist that was working with Norman. However, Norman Osborn apparently died in the explosion.



However, Norman did survive the explosion and learned that the gas gave him super strength. The gas also drove him insane. As Norman was trying to escape OsCorp which had caught on fire from the explosion, he discovered the Hobgoblin's costume and weapons there and took them for himself. Norman then modified the costume to look different. The gas caused Norman to develop a split personality which called itself the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin then planned to get revenge on the OsCorp board for running him out of his company.


Green Goblin then started to get revenge on the board members by kidnapping them. Green Goblin intended to put the board members through a kangaroo trial because he believed they were responsible for ruining Norman Osborn's life. Despite Spider-Man's best efforts Green Goblin managed to abduct J. Jonah Jameson, Anastasia Hardy, and Wilson Fisk.


Spider-Man was able to track Green Goblin to his hideout and interrupted his kangaroo trial. Spider-Man was able to free all of Green Goblin's hostages and then fought Green Goblin. During their fight some debris accidentally fell on top of Green Goblin and pinned him to the ground. As Spider-Man took off Green Goblin's mask he was surprised to see that Green Goblin was Norman Osborn who was believed to have died weeks earlier in the explosion at OsCorp. Norman used his super strength to lift the debris and continued to fight Spider-Man. However, during their fight a statue fell on top of Norman and he was unable to lift it because the effects of the gas was wearing off. Spider-Man was then able to get himself and Norman out of there with the help of Harry.

After the effects of the gas wore off Norman lost all memory of ever being the Green Goblin.

Norman later publicly announced that OsCorp would stop the manufacture of chemical weapons and the board of directors allowed him to stay on as the company's C.E.O.


IMG 2468.png

When Alistair Smythe was turned into a cyborg by Kingpin he went after Norman Osborn whom he blamed for his father's death. However, some of Kingpin's men arrived at OsCorp Towers and managed to subdue Alistair and they brought Alistair and Norman to Crime Central. Norman then berated Kingpin and said that Alistair should be going after him because it was his men that caused the explosion at OsCorp that killed Spencer Smythe. However, Kingpin revealed to Norman that Spencer Smythe was still alive and was being held in cryogenic suspension inside Crime Central. Shortly afterwards Spider-Man arrived and fought Alistair. However, Spider-Man was able to rescue Norman and Kingpin's other hostages, Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn.

Return of the Green Goblin

IMG 0066.png

Both Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk attended Felicia Hardy and Jason Philips' engagement party. While at the party Fisk spoke to Osborn in private. However, Peter Parker was secretly eavesdropping on their conversation.

Fisk revealed to Norman that Hobgoblin was once again working for him. However, Kingpin did not trust Hobgoblin and wanted to know his true identity. After hearing the word "goblin" Norman became frantic and tried to run away but was stopped by Fisk. Fisk then threatened to harm Harry if Norman did not cooperate with him.

IMG 3636.png

A short while later Norman returned to OsCorp. As Osborn went into the restroom he rensed his face off with water. However, as Norman looked into the mirror he saw that his reflection turned into the Green Goblin. Green Goblin told Norman that he was his friend and that Spider-Man, Hobgoblin, and Kingpin were his enemies. Green Goblin also told Norman that if he gave him control of his body he could take care of his enemies for him. Norman attempted to resist Green Goblin but failed. The Green Goblin then once again took control of Norman Osborn.

Goblin war
Attacking Hobgoblin

Later on Hobgoblin robbed the Federal Gold Repository in New York City by using the Time Dilation Accelerator. However, Spider-Man was waiting for Hobgoblin and followed back through the portal to Crime Central.


As Spider-Man fought both Hobgoblin and Kingpin, Green Goblin entered Crime Central and declared himself the "real goblin". Green Goblin then attacked Hobgoblin. However, Hobgoblin realized he was no match for Green Goblin so he got on his glider and flew off. However, Green Goblin followed Hobgoblin on his own glider.

IMG 3640.png

Green Goblin attempted to capture Hobgoblin. However, Hobgoblin used the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal and get away. Only seconds after Hobgoblin's escape Spider-Man leaped onto Green Goblin while he was flying his glider. However, Green Goblin was able to get Spider-Man off his back and he flew away on his glider.

Capturing Hobgoblin


Minutes later at the Macendale Estate, Felicia discovered a hidden room containing goblin weapons. As Felicia turned around she saw Hobgoblin standing there. When Hobgoblin removed his mask she discovered that he was really her fiancé, Jason Philips. As Jason was about to harm Felicia, Green Goblin burst into the mansion and was able to subdue Jason and he took both him and Felicia hostage. Green Goblin then took the time Dilation Accelerator from Jason and used it to open a portal. Green Goblin then took Jason and Felicia hostage and had them step through the portal and Green Goblin followed behind them.

IMG 0070.png

The portal took the three of them to OsCorp where Green Goblin suspended Jason and Felicia above a vat of acid. Jason attempted to buy his freedom. However, Green Goblin told Jason that he didn't want his money and that he was going to kill Jason, Kingpin, and Spider-Man to make life easier for his creator, Norman Osborn.

IMG 3647.png

Spider-Man was quickly able to track them to OsCorp where Spider-Man attacked Green Goblin. Spider-Man was even able to damage Green Goblin's glider so he couldn't fly away. Green Goblin nearly succeeded in killing Spider-Man by dropping him into a vat of acid. However, Spider-Man gained the upper hand and was able to rescue Felicia and Jason only seconds before they hit the acid.

IMG 3648.png

Spider-Man then damaged the Time Dilation Accelerator so Green Goblin or anyone else wouldn't be able to use it. Despite this Green Goblin still used the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal. However, because the Accelerator was damaged the portal it created was unstable. Spider-Man attempted to warn Green Goblin not to enter the portal. However, Green Goblin replied that he would rather be stuck in limbo than be sent to prison. Green Goblin then entered the unstable portal and it closed behind him.

IMG 3652.png

Unknown to Spider-Man, there was enough power left in the Time Dilation Accelerator to get Green Goblin back to New York City. Green Goblin then swore to get revenge on Spider-Man and all of Norman Osborn's enemies.



Green Goblin later went to OsCorp and used his company's technology to make modifications to the Time Dilation Accelerator. The modifications Green Goblin made to the Accelerator allowed him to strap it to his chest.

Norman warned his Green Goblin personality about the potential dangers of using the Time Dilation Accelerator. However, Green Goblin ignored Norman's warnings. Green Goblin then swore that all of his enemies such as Spider-Man and Kingpin would pay.

Secrets revealed


Green Goblin later robbed an armored van to get Spider-Man's attention. After a brief fight Green Goblin flew away on his glider. However, the armored truck heist was just a ploy to lure Spider-Man into the open.

Green Goblin then decided to follow Spider-Man until he learned his secret identity. However, Spider-Man was unable to see Green Goblin because as he would turn around Green Goblin would use the Time Dilation Accelerator to vanish.

This made Spider-Man's spider sense tingle. However, Spider-Man believed that his mutation disease was returning. Spider-Man then went into an alley and removed his mask while Green Goblin was secretly watching him from a rooftop. Green Goblin was shocked to discover that his greatest enemy was just a teenager. Green Goblin was then able to convince Norman that Peter was only friends with Harry so he could get close to Norman and harm him.

Dinner party


Peter and Mary Jane later went to Harry's birthday dinner party at his mansion. As they arrived at the party Norman acted extremely friendly toward Peter. Because of this Peter believed that Norman might have returned to normal.

IMG 1187.PNG

Despite this during dinner Norman hinted several times that he knew Peter was really Spider-Man. He also came very close to telling everyone at the party Peter's secret. However, Peter was able to excuse himself from the table and went into another room where he set the chemicals in his web cartridges on fire and created a smoke screen. Everyone believed the mansion had caught on fire and ran outside. Peter went back inside to confront Norman who had changed into his Green Goblin costume.

IMG 0203.png

Peter and Green Goblin then began to fight. Their fight led to the backyard of the mansion. Green Goblin then got onto his glider and flew above Peter and began to drop pumpkin bombs on him. The explosions from the pumpkin bombs disoriented Peter and Green Goblin was able to trap Peter in a titanium cable that was attached to his glider and flew to the George Washington Bridge.

Tormenting Peter

IMG 1188.PNG

As they arrived at the George Washington Bridge, Peter was able to break free from the cable and change into his Spider-Man costume. Spider-Man and Green Goblin then briefly fought. Green Goblin then told Spider-Man that he hadn't made him suffer enough and said he was going to his home.

IMG 1193.PNG

Spider-Man managed to make it to his home before Green Goblin and saw that May Parker was alright. However, Green Goblin opened a time dilation portal and flew on his glider into May's room. However, Green Goblin decided to leave her be and instead pay a visit to another one of Peter's "co-conspirators".

Spider-Man realized the "co-conspirator" Green Goblin was talking about was Mary Jane and quickly hurried to her house. Despite this Spider-Man arrived only seconds too late and Green Goblin was able to abduct Mary Jane.

Green Goblin's last stand

IMG 0235.png

Spider-Man was able to follow Green Goblin to the George Washington Bridge. As Spider-Man arrived he saw Mary Jane lying at Green Goblin's feet. Spider-Man and Green Goblin then fought and Spider-Man attempted to save Mary Jane.

During their fight Mary Jane accidentally fell off the bridge and the Time Dilation Accelerator opened a portal and she fell through it trapping her in limbo.

IMG 0239.png

Spider-Man was unable to find Mary Jane and believed she had fallen to her death. Enraged at the Green Goblin, Spider-Man furiously attacked him.

Green Goblin attempted to get away by using the Time Dilation Accelerator. However, the Time Dilation Accelerator was damaged. Green Goblin landed his glider to fix the Accelerator. However, something went wrong and the time dilation portal began to randomly suck in nearby objects including Green Goblin. Spider-Man attempted to save Green Goblin. However, Green Goblin used a remote control to try and ram his glider into Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man was able to jump out of the way just in time and the glider instead hit Green Goblin, forcing him into the time dilation portal. The portal then closed, trapping Green Goblin in limbo forever.

Passing the torch

Powers and equipment


The goblin formula gave Norman Osborn superhuman strength. Green Goblin was able to lift Kingpin's giant wooden desk above his head and throw it with relative ease. Green Goblin was also able to crush Spider-Man's Web-Shooters simply by squeezing his wrists. Once Norman Osborn shook Peter Parker's hand and Peter thought to himself that Norman would have broken his hand if he didn't have his spider strength.


  • Goblin Glider: Green Goblin's main mode of transportation was his Goblin Glider. The glider could fly through the air and fire a laser beam. Norman Osborn later build a larger glider for Hobgoblin which he later used when he became the Green Goblin. This large glider could be controlled remotely. This larger glider could also fire heat seeking missiles, drop pumpkin bombs, shoot razor discs, and had a flame thrower built into it.
  • Pumpkin bombs: One of Green Goblin's main weapons were his pumpkin bombs. These were explosive devices designed to look like pumpkins. There are three different kinds of pumpkin bombs.
  • Gas: Releases a cloud of gas that can knock a person out or be used to block sight.
  • Concussion: To cause damage by shock alone.
  • Fragmentation: Sends out small pieces of shrapnel to destroy a certain radius around the device.
  • Goblin armor: Green Goblin's suit was designed to increase his own strength. This suit combined with the super strength he gained from the goblin formula made him incredibly strong.
  • Shock gloves: Green Goblin's shock gloves could fire a small but powerful beam of electricity from the tip of the index finger.
  • Razor bat: The razor bat is a sharp object shaped like a bat that Green Goblin can throw at his enemies to cut them.
  • Titanium cable: Green Goblin would often use a titanium cable to trap his enemies. The cable was so strong that not even Spider-Man or Kingpin could break free from it.
  • Time Dilation Accelerator: The Time Dilation Accelerator allows Green Goblin to create time dilation portals. These portals allow Green Goblin to travel great distances in a matter of seconds.

In the comics

Much of Norman Osborn's early comic book history remained the same in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

He was abusive towards his son, Harry, through pushing him very hard, often coming across as cruel.

Norman Osborn had a secret affair with Gwen Stacy and had two children with her named Gabriel Stacy and Sarah Stacy.

To torture Spider-Man, Green Goblin kidnapped Gwen Stacy and threw her off a bridge. As Spider-Man dived for Gwen he shot a web line at her. The web line stopped Gwen Stacy from falling. However, the sudden stop applied 1,100 pounds of force which was equal to her hitting the ground. This killed Gwen Stacy. After this Spider-Man nearly killed Green Goblin but came to his senses. Green Goblin then used a remote control to use his Goblin Glider to impale Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man jumped out of the way and the glider impaled Green Goblin and apparently killed him.

However, the Goblin Formula gave Norman regenerative powers and he returned.

Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot

Norman Osborn donned the original Iron Patriot armor during the Dark Reign storyline to exert his authority as commander of H.A.M.M.E.R. and Dark Avengers.

During his invasion of Thor's Asgarg on the "claim" of a national security threat, Iron Patriot fought with Captain America. But in the middle of Iron Patriot's fight with Rogers, Tony Stark dismantles the Iron Patriot armor remotely, revealing Osborn's Green Goblin-like facepaint as he tells them they are all dead as the Sentry is released. When Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor transfer him to the Raft penitentiary, Osborn blames his Goblin alter-ego for ruining his chance to protect the world as Iron Patriot.


As Norman Osborn

As Norman Osborn & Green Goblin


  • John Semper Jr. wanted to use the Green Goblin first like in the comics. However, Martin Pasko, who was the story editor that was hired before Semper, changed the order that Green Goblin and Hobgoblin appeared. John Semper Jr. wanted to change the order the Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin appeared. However, Semper was overruled by Avi Arad because his company, Toy Biz, had already created a Hobgoblin action figure.
  • Green Goblin became John Semper's favorite Spider-Man villain.
  • Had a sixth season been produced Norman Osborn would have returned from limbo and would have taken back the mantle of the Green Goblin from Harry. Norman would have then once again fought Spider-Man.