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Goblin War! is the thirteenth episode of season three. When Hobgoblin obtains the Time Dilation Accelerator he approaches Kingpin and asks him to keep the device powered and offers another partnership. However, Norman Osborn once again turns into the Green Goblin to destroy all of his enemies. Meanwhile, Felicia Hardy discovers a dark secret about her fiancé, Jason Philips.


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Inside limbo the Time Dilation Accelerator uncontrollably creates time dilation portals. The Time Dilation Accelerator goes through one of the portals and lands in Fort Tryon Park where it is found by a man named Lenny Luntz who wants to pawn it for some cash. Meanwhile, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are walking through the park as well. Mary Jane tells Peter that she doesn't think it is safe for him to be around her and recalls the times that she attracted the attention of such supervillains as Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Venom, and Hydro-Man. However, Peter tells Mary Jane that things like that happen because they live in New York City. Peter tells Mary Jane not to worry and they walk off. Peter thinks to himself that as long as he is Spider-Man they can never truly be happy and briefly contemplates quitting being Spider-Man. However, Peter quickly realizes that his Spider-Man persona is not something he can give up so easily.

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Near by, at a pawn shop, Lenny tries to get some money for the Time Dilation Accelerator. Lenny lies and tells the owner of the pawn shop that the device makes coffee. Lenny accidentally activates the Accelerator and it creates a portal that starts to suck the building into it. Mary Jane and Peter see the portal. Peter tells Mary Jane that he has to get pictures for the Daily Bugle and runs off. However, Peter changes into his Spider-Man costume and is able to rescue Lenny and the pawn shop owner before they are sucked into the portal. Spider-Man then grabs the Time Dilation Accelerator and attempts to use it to close the portal. However, before Spider-Man is able to close the portal he is attacked by the Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin is able to steal the Time Dilation Accelerator and flies away on his glider. As Spider-Man enters the portal he is able to attach a web line to the glider and he gets pulled out before the portal closes. However, Hobgoblin cuts the web line with his razor bat and flies through a portal. As Spider-Man falls toward the water below he uses his Web-Shooters to create a parachute to slow his descent to the river.

IMG 3627.png

Early that evening Hobgoblin uses the Time Dilation Accelerator to break into a bank and rob it. As Hobgoblin goes through the portal back to his hideout the portal suddenly closes tearing off a piece of his cape. Hobgoblin realizes that the portal could have cut off one of his limbs and realizes that the Time Dilation Accelerator must be running out of power.

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That same day Hobgoblin goes to Crime Central and meets with his spy in Kingpin's organization. The man gets worried and says that if anyone sees them together Kingpin could find out that he is spying on Kingpin for Hobgoblin. However, Hobgoblin orders his spy to get him a power pack for the Time Dilation Accelerator. As the spy hands Hobgoblin the power pack he says that it is the last one because Kingpin ordered him to stop making them after he lost the Time Dilation Accelerator. However, Hobgoblin says that he has a plan for Kingpin to make more power packs for the Time Dilation Accelerator.

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A short while later Hobgoblin uses the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal to Kingpin's office and walks through it. Kingpin calls in his guards and he has them surround Hobgoblin and aim their guns at him. However, Kingpin has his men stand down when he sees that Hobgoblin has the Time Dilation Accelerator. Hobgoblin tells Kingpin that he needs a power pack for the Accelerator and then opens a time dilation portal and walks through it. Kingpin is furious that Hobgoblin has possession of the Accelerator. Herbert Landon mentions that if they knew who he really was they would be one step closer to killing Hobgoblin. Kingpin answers that he might be able to get that information from an "old friend".

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Later that night Felicia Hardy and Jason Philips have their engagement party at Jason's mansion. Peter is there with Mary Jane. As Peter goes in to kiss Mary Jane, Harry Osborn walks up to them and blames Peter for stealing Mary Jane away from him. Harry angrily tells Peter that he can never forgive him and walks away. Mary Jane says that Harry has to accept the fact the she isn't his girlfriend anymore and goes to talk to him. As Mary Jane walks away Peter is approached by J. Jonah Jameson who asks him why he isn't developing the pictures he took of the portal in the sky. However, Felicia walks over and is able to drag Peter away from Jameson. As Peter talks to Jason his spider sense goes off. Wilson Fisk approaches Peter and Peter realizes he must have been the reason his spider sense went off. Fisk then apologizes for that mishap that put him in jail. Fisk then sees Norman Osborn and goes to talk to him. Peter knows that Fisk and Norman must be talking about something important and goes to spy on them.

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Norman and Fisk walk outside and Peter, now in his Spider-Man costume, sticks to the balcony above them and listens to what they are saying. Fisk tells Norman that he needs to know the true identity of the Hobgoblin with whom he is planning to rob New York City's gold repository. After hearing this Norman becomes frantic and says that he doesn't want to talk about any goblins. Norman starts to walk away from Fisk. However, Fisk threatens to harm Harry if he doesn't reveal to him Hobgoblin's true identity. Not wanting his son to be harmed Norman tells Fisk to meet him at OsCorp at 2:00 A.M. and he will tell him everything. As Spider-Man jumps down he thinks to himself that he will have to abandon Mary Jane again to stop the gold heist. Spider-Man is then approached by Felicia. Spider-Man gets a little jealous and asks Felicia if she really loves Jason. However, Spider-Man thinks to himself that he can't love one woman as Peter Parker and another woman as Spider-Man. Spider-Man then web swings away.

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As Norman arrives at OsCorp he has flash backs to the time he turned into the Green Goblin. Norman goes into the restroom and splashes his face with water. However, when Norman looks into the mirror he sees Green Goblin instead of his own reflection. Green Goblin tells Norman that he is his friend. However, Norman calls the Green Goblin a monster. However, Green Goblin replies that Kingpin, Hobgoblin, and Spider-Man are the monsters because they all want to hurt him. Green Goblin tells Norman to let him out so he can take care of his enemies. Norman attempts to resist but his Green Goblin personality is able to take over his body.

IMG 3638.png

Early the next morning at Crime Central, Hobgoblin uses the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal into the gold repository. Some of Kingpin's men jump through the portal and use knockout gas to subdue the guards. However, Spider-Man is waiting for the Kingpin's men and is able to subdue them. Much to Kingpin, Herbert Landon, and Hobgoblin's surprise Spider-Man jumps through the portal into Crime Central and is able to use the Time Dilation Accelerator to close the portal. Spider-Man is able to grab the Time Dilation Accelerator but drops it when he is attacked by Kingpin.

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Kingpin is able to grab Spider-Man and uses his strength to try and crush him. However, an explosion goes off which causes Kingpin to drop Spider-Man. The explosion was caused by Green Goblin who flies into Kingpin's office on his glider and attacks Hobgoblin. As Hobgoblin and Green Goblin fight each other Herbert Landon asks if they should do something. Kingpin orders Landon to stand down and tells him that with any luck Hobgoblin and Green Goblin will kill each other.

IMG 3640.png

As Green Goblin and Hobgoblin fight Hobgoblin realizes that Green Goblin is much more powerful then he is and flies away on his glider. However, Green Goblin flies after him. Spider-Man also goes after the two of them. However, Hobgoblin is able to use the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal and escape from Green Goblin. Spider-Man then arrives and attacks Green Goblin. However, Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man and the force of the explosion pushed Spider-Man into the river. As Green Goblin flies away on his glider Spider-Man emerges from the water.

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A short while later back at the mansion, Felicia Hardy is is looking for ways to expand the rooms to make it big enough for the both of them. While in Jason's study she knocks on the book case and hears an echo. Felicia then begins to think that the book case sounded hallow. After searching for a few seconds Felicia discovers a button and she presses it to reveal that there is a secret room behind the book case. As a secret door opens Felicia sees a Hobgoblin costume and as she goes into the secret room she sees a whole arsenal of weapons. Hobgoblin then teleports into the room by using the Time Dilation Accelerator. As Hobgoblin removes his mask he reveals himself to really be Jason Philips. Felicia is shocked to discover that her fiancé and asks him why he turned to life of crime because he was so rich. Jason revealed that being a criminal was the only reason he is rich. Jason also reveals to Felicia that his real name is Jason Philip Macendale. Felicia quickly realizes that she has made a terrible mistake and says that she cannot marry him. However, Jason threatens to kill Felicia if she doesn't agree to marry him. However, Green Goblin arrives and is able to subdue Jason and take the Time Dilation Accelerator from him. Green Goblin then uses the Accelerator to open a portal and he, Jason, and Felicia go through it, despite Jason's warnings that the Time Dilation Accelerator is too low on power and they could end up trapped in limbo.

IMG 3646.png

With no idea as to where either goblin could be Spider-Man decides to go to OsCorp to try an find a clue as to where Green Goblin or Hobgoblin could be.

IMG 3647.png

Little does Spider-Man know OsCorp is actually where Green Goblin took Jason and Felicia. Green Goblin then suspended the both of them above a vat of acid. Jason attempts to bribe Green Goblin with money so he will let them go. However, Green Goblin tells Jason that he doesn't want money, he just want's to kill Norman Osborn's enemies so he can make life easier for him. However, Spider-Man arrives and throws Green Goblin's glider into a vat of acid. Despite this Green Goblin uses the Time Dilation Accelerator to get away. Spider-Man shoots a web line up to Felicia and Jason to save then. However, Green Goblin opens a portal in the air and throws a razor bat and cuts it. Green Goblin then grabs Spider-Man's leg before he can fall into the acid saying that he wants to savor the moment. Spider-Man is able to tackle Green Goblin into the time dilation portal and is able to save Felicia and Jason mere seconds before they would have touched the acid.

IMG 3648.png

After saving Felicia and Jason, Spider-Man grabs Green Goblin's razor bat and throws it at the Time Dilation Accelerator which damages it. However, the Accelerator has enough power to open a portal. As Green Goblin heads toward the portal Spider-Man warns him that the Time Dilation Accelerator is too low on power and he could end up stuck in limbo. However, Green Goblin tells Spider-Man that he would rather be trapped in limbo then be captured by him. Green Goblin then walks through the portal and it vanishes.

IMG 3649.png

With Green Goblin gone Spider-Man checks on Felicia. Felicia asks Jason why he became a criminal. Jason answers that he started out as a very poor man and that everything he has he owes to his criminal career including Felicia. Felicia then asks Jason if he really ever loved her. Jason answers that he loves things about her such as her wealth and beauty. Felicia tells Jason that that is not love. Felicia then looks at Spider-Man and tells Jason that she has experienced true love already.

IMG 3650.png

A little while later the police arrive and arrest Jason Macendale. From the roof of OsCorp, Felicia and Spider-Man watch as Jason is taken away by the police. Felicia is saddened and tells Spider-Man that every time someone gets close to her disaster strikes. As Felicia cries Spider-Man tells her that he is sorry.

IMG 3652.png

The next day Green Goblin is able to use what little power the Time Dilation Accelerator has to teleport him back to OsCorp. Green Goblin then plans to make his own modifications to the Time Dilation Accelerator and plots to get revenge on Spider-Man.


Actor Role
Christopher Daniel Barnes Spider-Man / Peter Parker
Sara Ballantine Mary Jane Watson
Gary Imhoff Harry Osborn
Mark Hamill Hobgoblin / Jason Philip Macendale
Jennifer Hale Felicia Hardy
Neil Ross Green Goblin / Norman Osborn
Roscoe Lee Browne Kingpin / Wilson Fisk
Ed Asner J. Jonah Jameson
David Warner Herbert Landon
Carl Ballantine Lenny Luntz
Ed Gilbert Dormammu
Tony Jay Baron Mordo
Hank Azaria Venom / Eddie Brock
Rob Paulsen Hydro-Man / Morris Bench


  • Spot (Mentioned only)


  • Manhattan
  • OsCorp weapon testing site (Flashback)
  • Gold Repository
  • Upstate New York



  • There are several references to The Spot in this episode.
  • The Time Dilation Accelerator was last seen in The Spot. The Time Dilation Accelerator was trapped in limbo when Spot had to use the device to close one of his portals.
  • When Peter and Mary Jane see the time dilation portal above the pawn shop, Mary Jane recalls that the last time she saw one was at Coney Island.
  • At the end of The Spot, Hobgoblin was show plotting to obtain the Time Dilation Accelerator which happened in this episode.
  • It is stated the Kingpin stopped making power packs for the Time Dilation Accelerator after he lost it in The Spot.
  • Herbert Landon mentions that Jonathan Ohnn and the Time Dilation Accelerator were lost in the vortex.
  • When Mary Jane tells Peter that it isn't safe to be around her she recalls the times she attracted the attention of Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Hydro-Man, and Venom. This happened in the episodes Doctor Strange, Hydro-Man, and The Alien Costume, Part III.
  • When Hobgoblin enters Crime Central and meets with Kingpin, Hobgoblin mentions that he "redecorated" since his last visit. In The Hobgoblin, Part II, Hobgoblin was able to temporarily take control of Crime Central from Kingpin and when he fought Spider-Man he accidentally damaged parts of Kingpin's office in the process.
  • At the engagement party Felicia has Peter talk to Jason Philips. Felicia asks Jason if he remembers Peter to which he replies he does. Peter and Jason briefly met in the episode, Rocket Racer.
  • At the engagement party Wilson Fisk apologizes to Peter for the "mishap that put him in jail". This is a reference to the episodes Framed and The Man Without Fear in which Kingpin's son, Richard Fisk, framed Peter for treason and he was sent to prison.
  • Before turning into the Green Goblin again Norman Osborn has flashbacks to the events of Enter the Green Goblin.
  • At the end of the episode after learning that the Jason Philips was really the Hobgoblin, Felicia Hardy tells Spider-Man that every time she falls in love something bad happens. Aside from Jason Philips, Felicia is also talking about Michael Morbius. In season two Felicia fell in love with Michael Morbius. Morbius was later accidentally turned into a vampire in the episode Morbius and in the episode The Immortal Vampire, Morbius sacrifices himself to prevent Felicia from turning into a vampire. This caused Morbius to transform into a humanoid bat creature and go into hibernation.


  • This episode is loosely based on The Amazing Spider-Man #312 (1989) which was also titled "The Goblin War".
  • In the comic the Green Goblin was Harry Osborn instead of Norman Osborn like how it is in the episode.
  • He was only called Lenny in the episode. His full name was revealed in the end credits.
  • While remembering various supervillains she met Mary Jane talks about Venom and then says "and before that Hydro-Man." In the series Hydro-Man actually appeared after Venom. Mary Jane could just be remembering some events wrong.
  • The pawn shop, General George's, is named after the first president of the United States of America, George Washington.
  • This one of the few episodes where the word death is used. Words like die, death, and kill were usually forbade by the network censors from being said in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. While Jason Philips is talking to Peter Parker, Peter thinks to himself that he is in danger of being bored to death.
  • At the end of Enter the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn lost all memory of being the Green Goblin. However, in this episode Norman apparently remembers being the Green Goblin. That means Norman's memories of being the Green Goblin must have returned to him sometime between the events of Enter the Green Goblin and Goblin War!.
  • When Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin fight, Hobgoblin calls Green Goblin "mon frere". Mon frere is a French term that translates to "my brother".
  • As Spider-Man and Felicia Hardy watch the police arrest Jason Macendale, Felicia tells Spider-Man that she is like a black cat that brings bad luck to everyone around her. In the comics Felicia was a criminal turned hero that wore a cat suit and called herself Black Cat. It is possible that this line of dialog was foreshadowing her actually becoming the Black Cat which happened in the episode of the same name from season four.

Episode review

A review by Amazing Spidey from Marvel Animation Age

This episode saw not one, but two great villains return in style. Since their debut, the goblins have been some of Spider-Man's most popular villains, and it was great seeing them animated together. They weren't simply thrown together for the hell of it, as it was Norman who created the Hobgoblin, so it was awesome to see it all coming back to haunt him. It also seems Norman was the only person alive who knew who the Hobgoblin was. I've always thought the Hobgoblin was at his best when no one knew who he was. This series did a great job of building up the mystery. I'd have preferred it if they hadn't introduced Macendale at all beforehand, or better yet, introduced him and have Hobgoblin be someone completely different.

Neil Ross was once again great as the Green Goblin. The scene with the mirror was so cool. He had quite clearly been fighting the Green Goblin since he last changed, and with the Hobgoblin and Kingpin once again coming back to haunt him. I thought we never saw enough of the Goblin in this show, so many stories, so little episodes! I think this version of the Goblin is arguably one of the best we've ever seen. They got just about everything right with this version. Introducing Norman first may have been one of the smartest decisions the writing crew ever did. It's unfortunate that their version of Harry as the Green Goblin didn't come anywhere near living up to this version.

While it was a little disappointing that the moment the Hobgoblin was unmasked, the Hobgoblin became nothing but a little wimp. I realize they were paving the way for the Green Goblin to be the main villain, but it was too much of a 180. For such a great character, he received a dismal send off. I'm pretty sure that Hobgoblin didn't have any of Norman's enhanced strength and such, but still, as soon as Green Goblin appeared, Hobby was beaten like a child. Animation wise, the episode ranged from consistent to very good. There was always a little more effort put into the Green Goblin episodes, visually. The storyboarding was fine, the use of repeated animation wasn't too bad and the music was very good. Voices were once again brilliant. Barnes, Hamill and Ross were delivering throughout. I can't recall a single poor performance from any of them throughout the series. This was such a good arc. I think Hobgoblin is the coolest villain in the show, so it was pretty disappointing how he ended up here. But, it did a great job of building up to the series best, Turning Point.


"Tiger, I do worry. I love you, and now that we're together I'm really happy. Then when I think back on Dormammu, and that cult, and Eddie Brock and Venom. And before that Hydro-Man. Tiger, I don't think it's safe to be near me."

"Mary Jane, these things happen. It's New York."

"Sometimes I feel like you and I attract trouble."

"Listen. This is all that matters."

(Peter kisses Mary Jane.)

"I guess you're right."

"Good. Now stop worrying. She's right about one thing. As long as I'm Spider-Man our happiness will be compromised. Maybe it's time for me to give up web slinging. Who am I kidding? It's not something I can part with that easily."

-Mary Jane Watson & Peter Parker

"Isn't that one of those things we saw at the fair?"

"whatever it is it's big news and. . ."

"I know, I know. You've got to cover it. But be careful."

-Mary Jane Watson & Peter Parker

"Hold on there old timer!"


"Now if my guess is correct. Yes! It is the Time Dilation Accelerator! I just hope there's enough power left in this thing to seal up that portal."


(Spider-Man tries to stick to the ground but starts to get pulled into the time dilation portal.)

"What's the matter Spider-Man? Loosing your grip on reality?"


"Can't I ever be rid of you!"


"Sorry that I can't stick around but I've got things to steal."


(Spider-Man is falling to the ground.)

"No buildings around! Experiment time!"

(Spider-Man uses his webbing to create a parachute.)

"Hey, it worked!"


(Hobgoblin looks at his torn cape and sees that it got torn because the time dilation portal closed too soon.)

"Blasted machine. This could have been my arm or leg. You must be running out of power. But I know where there's more."


"Are you nuts? The Kingpin 'ill find out I'm spying for you."

"Get me a power pack for the Time Dilation Accelerator! And we won't need fear the Kingpin ever again."

"This is the last one. Kingpin ordered us to stop making 'em when he last the Accelerator."

"The last one? I don't think so."

-Spy & Hobgoblin

"Just meet me here at midnight. Be there or be square! In your case it'd be easier to just be there."


"My Time Dilation Accelerator in the hands of that indulgent lowlife."

"If only we knew who he was we'd be one step closer to destroying him."

"Perhaps that information is accessible from an old friend."

-Kingpin & Herbert Landon


"So you do remember my name."

"That's silly Harry. You're my friend."

"If you look up friend in the dictionary it says nothing about stealing away girlfriends."

"Listen. I didn't steal. . ."

". . .But you did! And for that I can never forgive you! Ever! Thanks a lot friend!"

-Peter Parker & Harry Osborn

"Peter Parker, it is so good to see you looking so healthy."

"Hello Mr. Fisk. The Kingpin, he must've set my spider sense off."

"I really must apologize again for that little mishap that put you in jail my boy. You have no idea how deeply I regret it. If you will excuse me. Oh Osborn!"

-Wilson Fisk & Peter Parker

(Jason Philips starts babbling and making small talk with Peter Parker.)

"My spider sense was right about the danger. I'm in danger of being bored to death. But I'll bet Fisk and Osborn's conversation just might be a bit more enlightening then this dribble."

-Peter Parker

"Let me get this straight. The mighty Kingpin asks my help?"

"Demands! I need to know the identity of a new associate of mine. One with whom I am going to rob the federal reserve gold repository."

"How would I know?"

"Because you created him. He's the Hobgoblin."

"Hobgoblin? I don't want to talk about him. I don't want to talk about any goblins! I need to go!"

"Go you shall. Once you have told me who the Hobgoblin is."

"Leave me alone!"

"As you wish. But I cannot make the same promise about your son."

"Meet me at OsCorp at 2:00 A.M. I'll tell you everything."

-Norman Osborn & Kingpin

"Do you really love this Jason Philips guy?"

"And why should you care about that? Unless you got a better offer."

"This is crazy. I can't love one woman as Peter Parker and another as Spider-Man. No I don't. I just want you to be happy."

"So do I."

-Spider-Man & Felicia Hardy

"Norman don't you understand. I'm your friend."

"No! Not again!"

"I'm your friend Norman."

"Your not my friend! Your some monster!"

"No! The others their the monsters. Kingpin, the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man. They're all trying to hurt you, squeeze you, crush you."

"Yes. That;s exactly what they're doing to me."

"And that's why you should let me stop them."

"It would be wrong!"

"Wrong is what they're doing to you! And what they want to do to Harry."

"I can't!"

"You can! You must! Let me out Norman. Let me out now!"

-Green Goblin & Norman Osborn

"Sorry. Your boys are a little tied up. But make that webbed up right now. But I'm sure the police will find them a nice new home."


"Careful Hobby! If I go kaboom your toy goes up too!"

"The only one who will go kaboom is you! I am going to break you in two."

-Spider-Man & Kingpin

"Stand back for the real goblin! the Green Goblin!"

"I thought you were just a rumor!"

"You're going to wish I was!"

-Green Goblin & Hobgoblin

(Green Goblin picks up a desk and throws it across the room.)

"How did you lift that?"

"Because I'm the real deal you cheap imitation!"

-Hobgoblin & Green Goblin

"I must've gotten hit hard. I'm seeing double."


"Sorry. But there's no profit to be made in my own annihilation!"


"Who are you? Where did you get all of those weapons? I thought Osborn gave me his best stuff!"

"Osborn's got a new best friend. Me!"

-Hobgoblin & Green Goblin

"Get off me you meddling insect!"

-Green Goblin

"Listen up Osborn! I know it's you under that mask so lets touch down and talk this over spider to goblin!"

"Norman Osborn is gone you fool. You're dealing with the Green Goblin now! And I play for keeps."

-Spider-Man & Green Goblin

"Now I must rid Norman Osborn's world of that other goblin imposter. So many enemies and so good times."

-Green Goblin

"Now you've done it."


"For once in my life I had everything. Everything! And then you had to find this room."

"Why are you here?"

"Can't you guess?"

(Hobgoblin removes his mask and reveals himself to be Jason Philips.)


"Jason Philip Macendale to be precise. Former petty crook, ex-hired thug, and now your husband to be."

"You're a criminal? No! No I can't believe that!"

"Oh, I'm afraid it's true my dear. This house, my money, everything that drew you to me, it all came from crime."

"What have I done? I can't marry you!"

"Oh, but now that you know who I am you must. Or else I can't let you live."

"What are you saying!"

-Jason Macendale & Felicia Hardy

"You, here? How did you know who I am?"

"I know all your secrets. I even know that it was Norman Osborn who created you. And now I will undo his mistake! I am reclaiming everything that fell into your misbegotten hands!"

-Jason Macendale & Green Goblin

(Green Goblin uses the Time Dilation Accelerator to open a portal.)

"Get in. Both of you."

"No! it's too low on power! We could be trapped in limbo!"

"Think of it as your big chance to get away from it all!"

-Green Goblin & Jason Macendale

"Look whatever Osborn's paying you I'll double it, triple it!"

"You think I'm in this for money?"

"Well. What then?"

"To make life easier for my creator, Norman Osborn. Once I've eliminated all his enemies then he won't have to suffer anymore."

-Jason Macendale & Green Goblin

"Jason Philips was the Hobgoblin. Poor Felicia. She sure knows how to pick 'em."


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

(Spider-Man webs up Green Goblin's mouth.)

"You know, that laugh is getting on my nerves."

(Green Goblin removes the webbing from his mouth.)

"It's you. Still alive?"

"Alive and sticking."

-Green Goblin & Spider-Man

"Who needs a glider when I can simply leap through other dimensions."

-Green Goblin

(Green Goblin grabs Spider-Man's leg and is about to drop him into a vat of acid.)

"I must savor this moment since I hate you most of all. It's hard for me to believe it but at last I will be rid of you!"

"Two can play at this game."

-Green Goblin & Spider-Man

"Forget it Gobby. Now that Accelerators useless to everybody. I've destroyed it for good."

(Green Goblin starts to walk into a portal created by the Time Dilation Accelerator.)

"Don't go in! It's too low on power! You'll be trapped!"

"I'd rather take my chances in limbo than to be defeated by you!"

-Spider-Man & Green Goblin

"Why Jason? Why be a criminal?"

"Because I had nothing to begin with! Everything I have I owe to crime! Including you. So you see my precious darling I had no choice!"

"I have to know. Did you ever love me, really?"

"I don't know. I love things about you. Your wealth, your beauty, your refinement."

"That's not love! I've experienced true love and it's nothing like that."

-Felicia Hardy & Jason Macendale

"Every time I lose my heart to someone disaster strikes! I'm like a black cat bringing bad luck into everyone's path. Including my own."

"I am sorry Felicia. Truly and deeply sorry."

-Felicia Hardy & Spider-Man

"Well, well. There was just enough residual charge to get me back here. And that's bad news indeed for all of Osborn's enemies. The Kingpin, the Hobgoblin, and especially Spider-Man. Because once I complete my own modifications on this Time Dilation Accelerator they'll see what a real goblin can do!"

-Green Goblin