The Goblin Glider is a small flying vehicle used by Hobgoblin and both Green Goblins (Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn).


The Goblin Glider was created by Norman Osborn using technology from OsCorp and given to the Hobgoblin. He would use it in several of his crimes. Later Norman gave Hobgoblin a bigger version of the glider that was faster and could fly higher then the original.

Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn would later use the glider when they both eventually became the Green Goblin.

When Norman Osborn, as Green Goblin, tried to escape OsCorp, Spider-Man shot a web line at the glider and pulled it into a vat of acid which melted it.


Small glider

The original, small glider could fly and fire a laser beam.

Large glider

The large glider had several different capabilities. The large glider could