Glory Grant is J. Jonah Jameson's secretary at Daily Bugle.


Glory Grant was hired as J. Jonah Jameson secretary at the Daily Bugle. She would often put up with Jameson's issues such as his hatred for Spider-Man.

The Chameleon once went to the Daily Bugle and posed as J. Jonah Jameson and asked Glory for security plans for the VIP party being held for two world leaders because he planned to assassinate him. As Glory went to get the security plans the real Jameson walked into his office and Chameleon used his Image Inducer to take the form of Joseph Robertson. As Glory walked back into Jameson's office she handed J. Jonah Jameson the file but reminded her that she gave him a copy of the plans earlier that morning. Glory walked out of the office frustrated sayin that she told him that she handed him the security file that morning. When Jameson saw that the file was gone he realised that Chameleon was posing as Joseph Robertson and stole the file and alerted the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the Daily Bugle.

In the comics

Glory Grant moved into the same apartment complex Peter Parker lived in and the two became friends.

Glory started out pursing a modeling career. However, she was unable to get work as a model and Peter took her to the Daily Bugle where she is hired as J. Jonah Jameson's secretary.

Grant falls in love with a gang boss named Eduardo Lobo. He and his brother Carlos wage war against the Kingpin, and he uses Glory to access the Daily Bugle's research files on the Kingpin. However, he falls in love with her, and Glory is conflicted over th romance. Peter suggests she follow her heart. When Eduardo ends up batteling Spider-Man, Glory shoots and kills Eduardo. Spider-Man thanks her but she reveals that she was aiming at Spider-Man, having followed her heart as Peter suggested.

Despite Glory harboring a deep resentment for Spider-Man he helps her and government agent Shotgun against the late voodoo witch Calypso, who spiritually possesses Grant long enough to engineer a scheme that brings Calypso fully back from the dead.

When Jameson becomes mayor of of New York City, Grant becomes one of his aides, appearing with him at the Raft (a prison for super criminals) on the day of Alistair Smythe's execution. However, she later quit his administration when she saw that Jameson would never end his personal vendetta against Spider-Man.

In television

In The Amazing Spider-Man she was renamed Rita Conway.


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