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Genevieve was Herbert Landon's assistant and a mutant.


When Genevieve learned she was a mutant, she discovered she had the power to move objects with her mind. Genevieve was ashamed by this and when she heard the Brand Corporation was searching for a cure for mutations she was hired as Herbert Landon's assistant.

However, Genevieve soon discovered that Herbert Landon was actually looking for a way to kill all mutants on Earth. Upon learning this, Genevieve actually thought that if mutants did not exist then they would not suffer, and she went along with Landon's mad plan.

While at a science conference where Landon revealed he discovered a cure for mutants, Hobgoblin arrived and attempted to kill Landon. Hobgoblin was stopped by Spider-Man, but used his pumpkin bombs to blow a hole in the ceiling, and he got away. The explosion also caused the ceiling to start to collapse. Spider-Man attempted to stop the ceiling from falling but it was no use. Genevieve then used her powers to hold up the ceiling long enough for Spider-Man to get away.

Herbert Landon later captured Beast and held him hostage. As Beast asked Genevieve why she was helping Landon, she replied that she believed that if mutants didn't exist then they would not be able to suffer.

When Herbert Landon fell into a vat of chemicalsafter a fight with Hobgoblin, Genevieve, Spider-Man, Beast, and Wolverine watched as Landon emerged from the chemicals and transformed into a giant mutant monster. Genevieve begged Beast to help him. However, Beast revealed that there was nothing he could do. Landon then grabbed Genevieve and escaped the Brand Corporation and made his way into New York City.

As the X-Men arrived to defeat Landon, Genevieve was saved by Gambit and got her to safety. After the X-Men defeated Landon, the Blackbird went out of control and almost crashed. However, Genevieve used her telekinetic powers to place the Blackbird on the ground gently. Genevieve then revealed to the X-Men that she was a mutant and that she went to work for Herbert Landon because she wanted to find a cure for her mutation. She also revealed that she thought of herself as a monster. However, Beast told Genevieve that she was not a monster and that he would introduce her to Professor X who could help her understand her powers and help her accept the fact that she was a mutant.


Genevieve is a telekinetic and has the power to move objects with her mind.