Vulture's flight harness was his main weapon. It allowed him to fly through the air and he could use the gauntlets on the suit to drain a person's youth and make himself younger.


Adrian Toomes used his company, Toomes Aerodynamics, to research anti-gravity technology.

Because of his research Toomes was able to create a pair of artificial wings. The artificial wings allowed Toomes to soar through the air. The metallic wings were also razor sharp and could slice through solid objects.

At one point Adrian Toomes obtained the Tablet of Time and studied it. Toomes studied the Tablet of Time and found a way to duplicate it abilities to return a person's youth. Toomes created a pair of gauntlets that could drain a person's youth and make himself younger. However, the transformation was not permanent and Toomes had to regularly absorb the youth from other people.

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