Farley Stillwell is a scientist that worked at Empire State University and was a pioneer in the field of Neogenics. Stillwell was responsible for using Neogenics to turn Mac Gargan into the Scorpion and was indirectly responsible for turning Peter Parker into Spider-Man


Early work

Farley Stillwell was a scientist that discovered Neogenics, which was a process that mutated human DNA to better the human condition. He even helped create the Neogenic Recombinator.

Creating a hero

Once Stillwell was demonstrating the Neogenic Recombinator at a science demonstration. Peter Parker was one of the students that attended the demonstration. When Stillwell activated the Recombinator a small spider got caught in the Recombinator's radioactive beam. The spider then became radioactive and bit Peter on the hand. The radiation from the spider bite caused Peter to gain spider like powers and he eventually became Spider-Man.

The warning

After Curt Connors was cured of being the Lizard he warned Stillwell about the dangers of Neogenics. However, Stillwell ignored his warnings and continued his research.

Creating the Scorpion

Sometime later J. Jonah Jameson contacted Stillwell and paid for him to use the Neogenic Recombinator to transform Mac Gargan into a being with hybird human/scorpion DNA which gave him enhanced strength. When Gargan (now calling himself Scorpion) began to hunt down Spider-Man he began to mutate even further and became mentally unstable and dangerous. Jameson then went to Stillwell to find a cure. However, Scorpion broke into his laboratory and kidnapped Jameson. Soon after Spider-Man was able to beat Scorpion.


After his encounter with Scorpion, Stillwell began suffering from schizophrenia and began seeing hallucinations of the Scorpion. However, the real Scorpion broke into the asylum and abducted Stillwell so that he could find a cure for him. Stillwell was later present when Spider-Man fought Scorpion and Vulture. Stillwell believed that Neogenics brought nothing but trouble and set the Neogenic Recombinator to self destruct. Connors told Stillwell that he needed the Recombinator to cure himself. As Stillwell asked what he needed to be cured of Connors began to transform into the Lizard which terrified Stillwell. The building later exploded and Spider-Man, Connors, now transformed back into a human, and Stillwell were able to escape. Connors told Stillwell that he still needed Neogenics to cure himself. However, Stillwell told Connors that Neogenics brought nothing but trouble and that Connors would have to recreate his Neogenic research without him. Stillwell then went into hiding never to be seen again.

In the comics

After the Scorpion went out of control Stillwell attempted to administer a serum that would reverse the transformation. However, he fell to his death during the process.

In video games

In the video game adaptation of Spider-Man 3, Dr. Stillwell was gender swapped to a woman.


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