England is a country on the continent of Europe. Its capitol is London.


In 1859, Nathaniel Essex and James Xavier, an ancestor of Charles Xavier, lived in England. Essex was fascinated with Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

The English army was part of the allied forces during World War II.

Justin Hammer built the Hammer Channel Tunnel in England.

Prince Charles later gave a speech in front of the Palace of Westminster and told the press that despite the rumors he was not dating Roseanne Barr. During this speech the Palace of Westminster fell to the center of the Earth due to the Mole Man. Prince Charles and the press then fled from a giant monster Mole Man sent to the surface.

The English royal family, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana visited New York City where the Crown Jewels were stolen by a Skrull posing as Invisible Woman

The X-Men fought Apocalypse at Stonehenge.

Psylocke and Captain Britain are from England.

Psylocke once broke into Warren Worthington's home in England to steal from him.

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