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Edward Mulhare (April 8, 1923 - May 24, 1997) was an Irish actor whose career spanned five decades. He is best known for playing Captain Daniel Gregg in The Ghost & Mrs. Muir and Devon Miles on Knight Rider where he co-starred with David Hasselhoff.


Early life

Edward Mulhare was born on April 8, 1923 in County Cork, Ireland. As a child he recieved his education at St. Nessan's Christain Brothers School, and later North Monastery. Mulhare, as a young adult, began schooling at the National University of Ireland in medicine, but eventually decide upo a career in theater. After acting in various Irish venues including the Gate Theater in Dublin, he moved to London, where he worked with Orson Welles and John Gielgud.

His best known stage role was as Professor Higgins in the original Broadway production of My Fair Lady, having taken over the role from Rex Harrison (an actor he closely resembled) in 1957.


His first television appearance was in 1956 in a production of The Adventures of Robin Hood. He is best known for his roles in the television series The Ghost & Mrs. Muir and Knight Rider.

In the middle 1980's, Mulhare hosted the television series Secrets & Mysteries, also called Secrets of the Unknown, a magazine show that examined historical mysteries and the paranormal.

Later years

He starred in a number of films in his career including Megaforce and Out to Sea. His final role was on Baywatch Nights alongside former Knight Rider co-star David Hasselhoff.


Edward Mulhare died of lung cancer on May 24, 1997 of lung cancer, at age 74, inside his home in Van Nuys, California. He had been battling the cancer for five months prior to his death. Team Knight Rider (a sequel to the original series) dedicated the episode K.R.O. to Mulhare's memory.