Dorian Harewood is an American actor. He is known for his roles in The Legend of Prince Valiant, 12 Angry Men, Gothika, and Full Metal Jacket.


Early life

William Dorian Harewood was born in Dayton, Ohio on August 6, 1950. He is the son of Emerson Macaulay (1915 - 1980) and Estelle Olivia Harewood (1924 - 1991). He has five siblings, Emerson M. Harewood, Jr. (deceased), Theolanda Harewood, Philip B. Harewood (deceased), Floranne E. Dunford and Lewanda G. Pitts. He graduated from the CCM at the University of Cincinnati in 1971.


Television and movies

Harewood first attracted attention for his portrayal of Simon Haley (father of author Alex Haley) in the ABC miniseries Roots: The Next Generations. He is known for his roles in Full Metal Jacket, for starring as Jesse Owens in The Jesse Owens Story, and for his co-starring role in the ABC television series Strike Force (starring Robert Stack). In 1994, he was awarded the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, Mini-Series or Television Movie, for his recurring role as jazz/blues saxophonist Clarence "Cool Papa" Charleston on the NBC drama series I'll Fly Away. In 2012, he was an announcer for NBC. He also played Dr. Julian Wilkes in the NBC (later syndicated) TV series Viper.


Dorian Harewood did public service announcements for DJ Ra's Hip-Hop Literacy campaign, encouraging reading of books by Alex Haley.


In the 1980's Harewood recorded the songs Show Me (One More Time) and Love Will Stop Calling.

Personal life

He is married to actress Nancy Harewood, with whom he has two children, Olivia Ruth and John Dorian.





  • Dorian Harewood voiced Dr. Bromwell in The Spectacular Spider-Man.
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